Take down the names of the unwanted
Ivy Haegan

Take down the names of the unwanted
Make sure that I'm on the list
As rain pours down their faces
Remember that we exist

The sound of the marching footsteps
The death of an innocent man
Remembrance of what it once was
The times when it began

#death   #rain   #march   #innocent   #unwanted  

I offer myself to you.
Bare and naked.
I rip my heart out for you.
Cold but still beating.
I work my fingers to the bone for you.
Nothing but scraps of what they used to be.
But you can't see what you don't want.
And you don't want what you can't see.
So you throw me away, bare and naked.
You step on my heart, cold - no longer beating.
You push my bloodied hands away from you in disgust.
You don't see how hard I've tried.
You ignore the tears I've cried.
I guess this is all I'll ever be.
I love you anyway mommy.

#pain   #mom   #mother   #sorry   #disgust   #unwanted  
May 7


Jun 6, 2013

I'll do whatever you want me to do
I'll be whatever you want me to be
because after all this time
it seems like
isn't what you want

I do not oppose will
nor bend away
when challenged or tied

but to deny me
a true torture
though I will not fight
nor wish for a difference
or an attitude
because objectively
rejection is easy

Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf
Nov 20, 2013

A single teardrop rolls down my cheek
My heart has been broken for so long, it is now turned to stone
I'm no longer alive, a wilted rose dropped carelessly to die
I cannot live without you

You feel like a faked orgasm, unwanted.
Kathy Byers
Kathy Byers
Jan 25, 2010

Ribbons in you hair.
Diamonds in your ears.

Magazine clippings line the floor.
Pictures clutter the desk.
Friends, lovers, family.

You feel like a faked orgasm, unwanted.
Clinging to what you know is right
and bordering what you know is wrong.

Playing Russian roulette with fate.
Rolling the dice and raising the stakes.
Neither will save you now.

But don't forget to smile and
Bat your lashes.
For when we leave you to rest in peace.

the *broken*, *useless*, *unwanted* girl
May 29, 2013

it all started with hi
just one word, two letters
i never, in that moment, thought you'd mean this much to me
but, surprises are always falling from the sky
i fell for you
and still to this day, i regret it
regret falling in love with you
but, silly me
how i turned out like this
the broken, useless, unwanted girl
but you never knew
because i wasn't important to you, she was
you basically showed me
that someone like I, cannot be loved


Micheal Wolf
Micheal Wolf
Mar 6, 2013

I shall be frank
I abhor your presence
I look at you and think
Why do you exist
You have no purpose
You are an abomination
A pariah
And yet my little friend
You are here
But not to stay
As soon as I can be rid
You shall be gone!!!!
My pounch

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