Zairylle Garay
Zairylle Garay
3 days ago

I was walking through the new life
Waiting for something extraordinary to happen
Thinking of a million whys and hows
It was a new beginning for me

I was late, I was about to become a college freshman
I just got injured the week before
Celebrated my 16th birthday four days after that day
I was newly enrolled two days after turning 16.

The day I met you was the birthday of your favorite singer
Everyone was in the amphitheater
I knew no one but myself that day
Everyone went to a room

I cannot forget that day
Nobody new anybody except for a couple of people
It was quiet and no one really did talk
Girls and boys were shy enough to go on

We ate snack before going inside
I saw you take your food
I turned my head left for a glimpse
To see what you look like

I was strucked and thought that cupid did it
I looked again at you for the second time
You looked back at me,
And I looked again for one last time

107th room of the hall, we had this little game
I only thought of what if I fall for you when I took a glimpse
You were number one and I was number two
It saddened me at first

I realized that it was a chance to meet you,
I hoped the circle would let me so,
Because there was a pretty low chance
But in God's favor, I did.

I met you, I only thought of what if I liked you
Then I suddenly did, in a matter of second
I just couldn't talk to you
I thought there was not a chance to talk to you

I was wrong, the heavens gave me chance
I couldn't mess up that time
So I took the chance
And that day became history to me

We both spoke at the same time
I let you take your moment
Because I was constructing the words to say
I paid attention to everything you said

There was not a single information that I missed
And until today I still remember everything you said
Just like the fact that you played guitar
And before you even said things about yourself

You smiled widely at me
I just couldn't look at you
Because I could have fallen harder for you instantly
We shook hands and you just won't let my hand go immediately

Then you talked about who you were and what your name was
It was my turn because you said everything you wanted to
Everyone was noisy and you couldn't hear what I was saying
So I just shove my hair away from my name tag

Right then at that moment you knew my name
I started talking about my secret fandom on how I loved bands
And you said that you love them too
And that you liked music as well as I do

I could have fallen harder if you sung a line in a song
We kept on talking and time was running out
You said you played the guitar
And I said I do too

But what strucked me the most was when I said I play the piano
And you said that you wanted to learn
But before I could say that I would teach you
The bell rang and it was time to face a new face

I just liked you from then on
My heartbeat went faster after talking to you
You weren't just another random boy I met
But in some ways I felt like you were

I just felt something extra different with you
Something that I can't explain with words
Only by how I felt
I just liked you a lot

But I already prepared myself for what may come
That you could have a girlfriend already
Or there was someone waiting for you
And besides I'm not that kind of girl

There were too many good things that happened to me
I just couldn't write them all down
But if we were meant to be together
I'd write every single one of them down for you

I won't be closing my doors but I can't wait forever
So if ever that you'll come, please come early
There's a long line at the end of road
But I made a space for you already.

My first free verse poem.
Jun 8      Jun 8

I'm trembling, but who's to blame:
the dealer
the drug?
And, at this point, what's the difference?
I like the way the dealer warms me up, but I like the way the drug cools me down. I like the way they both make me crazy, but I love how they keep me sane. I love the way they whisper everything, but at night, they scream my name. I like the way the drug kisses my insides, and the dealer covers my skin. I love the way the drug feels like a virtue, and the dealer is nothing more than a sin.
I like the way this addiction is going, but I hate it all the same.
I wouldn't mind the dealer, if he wasn't the same place from which the drug came.

love poem
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Speed is a unique American value unknown to t
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

Speed is a unique American value unknown to third-world mentalities.


It broke the Guinness speed record.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

I shot a cheetah in the ass with a starting pistol.
It broke the Guinness speed record.

Boy, do I love smashing records.
Spinning up in semi speed
Max Goldman
Max Goldman
Jul 12      Jul 13

Alone in spinning hyperspace
Nauseating corner
Men in yellow Hazmat suits
Not a trick or tare to warn her
Spinning up in semi speed  
Down through the darkened air
Sick scarlet style leather gloves
Eyes rolling past her hair
Kind words through the ear
Crushing her last soft sense
Siren's song and burnt tongue tea
Hands shaking in suspense

Still alone, the world had stopped  
They carried on fast in this demise
For they knew that  
Pay checks come, what a surprise
Her with no tears, but dusty eyes
A streamline made for extra time
She watched it slow in semi speed
As love was blood that had been mine

#love   #sad   #life   #end   #loss   #thoughts   #accident   #speed  
lines of speed;
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia
Sep 27, 2013

lines of speed;
bleed through what we
desire and need.
Take one more,
make it four;
forget what made you
crawl and plead.

Apr 23      Apr 25

knot-minded race-thinker
driving your life.
lie-winder eye-blinker
striving through strife.

fight me hide me, change your route
ride through lights, lane cut truth.
fuck the pain
art on fire.
drunk on flames
stark desire.


jump-start my heart when
my eyes are dead.


but speed along, sweetie, speed along.
May 13

15 MPH
caution, the kids are at play
embracing the youth they will
one day lose
just like you have

50 MPH
you get where you're going
but on the highway there are hazards
if you don't watch where you're going
or look through the dark
you'll wind up turned over

70 MPH
you're making time
straight forward shot
but you can not see the scenery
and the music is too upbeat
but speed along, sweetie, speed along.

100 MPH
only on the track are you really safe
you're passing strangers
you're losing control
but you can't slam the breaks
you can never stop

280 MPH—

Get it?
#love   #metaphor   #sad   #life   #hate   #sadness   #death   #die   #down   #live   #fast   #fly   #high   #upset   #car   #crash   #speed   #fatal   #drive   #auto   #steer  
Jun 15, 2013

you are the sun
and i am dust from a distant

i want to chase you but
each time i get closer
you travel away from me

making it impossible to
hold you in my


Aug 19

The ball was kicked
As fast as the wind
Almost like a bullet being shot out of a gun

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