lines of speed;
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia
Sep 27, 2013

lines of speed;
bleed through what we
desire and need.
Take one more,
make it four;
forget what made you
crawl and plead.

Jun 15, 2013

you are the sun
and i am dust from a distant

i want to chase you but
each time i get closer
you travel away from me

making it impossible to
hold you in my


I like things fast.
I move fast, smoke fast, drink fast, and drive fast.
I dont fall often but when I do i fall fast and hard.
now the only question is will the victim be me or you?

Sep 14, 2010

My shallow breaths
Not in enough, not out enough
Drown me in oxygen, not h20.
Forgetting what "slow down" means
Is a dangerous thing.

And my hammering heart
Too fast, too hard
Pounding out an imprint on my shirt
An engraved bloated pear, for all to see.
Does it starve when not in love?

And you, there.
Slowed down, not as time
As an individual. A marker of time.
A maker of metaphor.
Remind me to breathe
Remind me to
s l o w d o w n.

And me, here.
Too fast, too slow.
A potato imprint
Of changing, of change.
A penny for a thought
A nickel for a word
A quarter for a second
Stolen from my mind.

sinking drowning dying [spinning] throwing going


around inside my head it unfurls

the fire unleased and spent and taken

by surprise I’m falling spiralling twisting-

turning and dizzied by the lack of breathing

Picked UP and lost in the hustle of going

going being seeing buying lying through the

truth becoming clearer by nights of   w a r p e d

mirrors and powdered lines in scheming minds

of the bad choiced losers of our time.

Shaking hands and sleeping bands the drum

pounds a beat in my head that I can hear as

I leap from incandescent memory to horror

film in one swift turn of phrase.

Goodnight and goodbye stars and constellations

That once played an intricate role.

you have been most helpful –

Feb 21, 2013

Not that I've calculated, but we are approximately
3447 miles apart from each other, give or take. Okay,
I calculated it a little. Just a little bit. Okay, maybe a lot.
I wanted, and in a way needed, to know how far you are
From my physical presence, or rather how far I am from yours.
As the Plain White T's once sang we have trains and planes and
Cars, but as much as I wish I could I can't walk to you.
I sure could try but 3447 miles  is pretty far and
While we have trains and planes and cars,
The ocean is a pretty unforgiving place for a walk.
So as much as I wish I could I can't walk to you tonight.
Or tomorrow, or next week for that matter, which makes me sad.
I think it's worth noting, though, that given my plans
I will be with you one day I am hopeful of it, in less than 90 days.

Talking of days, it has been a glorious 173 days since we "met".
I say  "met" because we knew of each other before then but
My fear of approaching others held me back far longer than it should've.
No matter, we know each other now and I must say I like you.
If you're less in to days then what about 5 months and 20 days?
That makes it seem like we've known each other less longer
Even though it's the same damn time-frame as 173 days.
Specifically, give or take the minutes and the seconds since I calculated
Or the minutes and the seconds and the hours yet to exist,
We have known each other for 14,947,200 seconds
Or 249,120 minutes
Or 4152 hours
Or 24 weeks rounded down.
At which point did any of that seem incredibly creepy?

Hurtling at warp speed,
Soolveig Hanson
Soolveig Hanson
Oct 10, 2013

Hurtling at warp speed,
We are all immersed
In humanity...
Whatever that may be.

Traveling at demon speed
richie dagger
richie dagger
Dec 1, 2010

What's left to do? What's left to say
When I've got a barrel in my mouth?
Just look me in the eye with a smirk
Please just take me out

Lay waste to this body, feed it to vultures
I don't need a grave
The angels will fly over
and see there's nothing to save

Put an end to this charade
My blood won't rain on your parade
Ease the tension and unleash the beast
It's a 6 chamber, 6 bullet, 6 shot release

My life flashes before me
Traveling at demon speed
My blood will fly
And will wash me clean

to Gary Speed there on the pitch.
John F McCullagh
John F McCullagh
Dec 16, 2011

Glory came early as did fame,
to Gary Speed there on the pitch.
Cheers he heard from adoring crowds
among the elite he found his niche.
With time’s passage he lost a step
even if he felt the same
but as he ran he thought he saw
an old man’s shadow
in a young man’s game.

He coached to stay around the game.
After the cheers for him had faded
A friendly face, a familiar name
but as he coached he thought he saw
an old man’s shadow
in a young man’s game.

For many, Gary was an icon,
a living legend of the game.
They failed to see the mortal man
with silence weighting on his frame
As he tied the rope he thought he saw
an old man’s shadow
in a young man’s gam

Gary Speed, footballer, dead by suicide, age 42
Speed demon, that’s me,
Simon Clark
Simon Clark
Aug 28, 2012

(Song title from Michael Jacksons’ catalogue, by Michael Jackson)

Left behind cocaine,
It drove me insane,
Sent electricity to my brain,
Gave up heroin,
Left me looking thin,
Couldn’t remember where I had been,
Speed demon, that’s me,
Helps me become free,
Where I become what I want to be.

written in 2010
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