Jun 8      Jun 8

I'm trembling, but who's to blame:
the dealer
the drug?
And, at this point, what's the difference?
I like the way the dealer warms me up, but I like the way the drug cools me down. I like the way they both make me crazy, but I love how they keep me sane. I love the way they whisper everything, but at night, they scream my name. I like the way the drug kisses my insides, and the dealer covers my skin. I love the way the drug feels like a virtue, and the dealer is nothing more than a sin.
I like the way this addiction is going, but I hate it all the same.
I wouldn't mind the dealer, if he wasn't the same place from which the drug came.

love poem
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It broke the Guinness speed record.
ᏰέƦẙḽ Dṏሁ

I shot a cheetah in the ass with a starting pistol.
It broke the Guinness speed record.

Boy, do I love smashing records.
Spinning up in semi speed
Max Goldman
Max Goldman
Jul 12      Jul 13

Alone in spinning hyperspace
Nauseating corner
Men in yellow Hazmat suits
Not a trick or tare to warn her
Spinning up in semi speed  
Down through the darkened air
Sick scarlet style leather gloves
Eyes rolling past her hair
Kind words through the ear
Crushing her last soft sense
Siren's song and burnt tongue tea
Hands shaking in suspense

Still alone, the world had stopped  
They carried on fast in this demise
For they knew that  
Pay checks come, what a surprise
Her with no tears, but dusty eyes
A streamline made for extra time
She watched it slow in semi speed
As love was blood that had been mine

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but speed along, sweetie, speed along.
May 13

15 MPH
caution, the kids are at play
embracing the youth they will
one day lose
just like you have

50 MPH
you get where you're going
but on the highway there are hazards
if you don't watch where you're going
or look through the dark
you'll wind up turned over

70 MPH
you're making time
straight forward shot
but you can not see the scenery
and the music is too upbeat
but speed along, sweetie, speed along.

100 MPH
only on the track are you really safe
you're passing strangers
you're losing control
but you can't slam the breaks
you can never stop

280 MPH—

Get it?
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lines of speed;
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia
Sep 27, 2013

lines of speed;
bleed through what we
desire and need.
Take one more,
make it four;
forget what made you
crawl and plead.

Apr 23      Apr 25

knot-minded race-thinker
driving your life.
lie-winder eye-blinker
striving through strife.

fight me hide me, change your route
ride through lights, lane cut truth.
fuck the pain
art on fire.
drunk on flames
stark desire.


jump-start my heart when
my eyes are dead.


Jun 15, 2013

you are the sun
and i am dust from a distant

i want to chase you but
each time i get closer
you travel away from me

making it impossible to
hold you in my


Sep 14, 2010

My shallow breaths
Not in enough, not out enough
Drown me in oxygen, not h20.
Forgetting what "slow down" means
Is a dangerous thing.

And my hammering heart
Too fast, too hard
Pounding out an imprint on my shirt
An engraved bloated pear, for all to see.
Does it starve when not in love?

And you, there.
Slowed down, not as time
As an individual. A marker of time.
A maker of metaphor.
Remind me to breathe
Remind me to
s l o w d o w n.

And me, here.
Too fast, too slow.
A potato imprint
Of changing, of change.
A penny for a thought
A nickel for a word
A quarter for a second
Stolen from my mind.

Stacey Dougal
Stacey Dougal
Feb 21, 2013

Not that I've calculated, but we are approximately
3447 miles apart from each other, give or take. Okay,
I calculated it a little. Just a little bit. Okay, maybe a lot.
I wanted, and in a way needed, to know how far you are
From my physical presence, or rather how far I am from yours.
As the Plain White T's once sang we have trains and planes and
Cars, but as much as I wish I could I can't walk to you.
I sure could try but 3447 miles  is pretty far and
While we have trains and planes and cars,
The ocean is a pretty unforgiving place for a walk.
So as much as I wish I could I can't walk to you tonight.
Or tomorrow, or next week for that matter, which makes me sad.
I think it's worth noting, though, that given my plans
I will be with you one day I am hopeful of it, in less than 90 days.

Talking of days, it has been a glorious 173 days since we "met".
I say  "met" because we knew of each other before then but
My fear of approaching others held me back far longer than it should've.
No matter, we know each other now and I must say I like you.
If you're less in to days then what about 5 months and 20 days?
That makes it seem like we've known each other less longer
Even though it's the same damn time-frame as 173 days.
Specifically, give or take the minutes and the seconds since I calculated
Or the minutes and the seconds and the hours yet to exist,
We have known each other for 14,947,200 seconds
Or 249,120 minutes
Or 4152 hours
Or 24 weeks rounded down.
At which point did any of that seem incredibly creepy?

I like things fast.
I move fast, smoke fast, drink fast, and drive fast.
I dont fall often but when I do i fall fast and hard.
now the only question is will the victim be me or you?

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