Jul 17, 2014

you gave my heart
a speeding ticket,
for beating too fast.

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Speed enthralls us all sometimes,
Damo P
Apr 17, 2015

Speed enthralls us all sometimes,
Enjoying the risk whilst we risk our lives,
Faster and faster down the road we go,
Not worrying about getting home,
On our bikes, in our cars,
Pressing the accelerator so we can go fast,
Not wondering about using the brake,
Who cares about the risk we take,
It happens to us once in our lives,
Speed enthralls us all sometimes.

Mike Essig
Mike Essig
Apr 7, 2015

~ for W L Winters

Never piss off
a buffalo,
a grizzly,
a moose,
or an

If you do,
as fast and far
as you


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Llibekarb R Semaj
Llibekarb R Semaj
Dec 22, 2014

A hundred miles an hour races my mind
Three thoughts
Two songs
One picture
All at the same time

Its enough to drive anyone insane
But insane you
Must be to
This speeding thoughtful train

The speed thrills     &n
Dark soul
Dark soul
Apr 7, 2015

Lemme go as fast as I can
All the winds hurting my skin    
Forcing it ..pulling it back
The speed thrills      
Adrenaline reveals
No such ecstasy
Like such it feels
Going faster
growing fearful
That undying and
about to die feeling
The risk being so sweet
You crave for that
sugar coated thing more and more
All so euphoric
All such momentum
Being so moment full
After a certain point
Being in no control
Such rejoice full
After a certain time
The speed addiction
Controls you
Instead going the other way around
Imbibed so deep into brain
Ever hungry for it      
If ever speed kills me
Don't mourn
Because I would be smiling.

The last three lines are a paul walker tribute ...
even if he is dead , he still lives in our hearts . May be legend rest in peace .
Aug 25, 2014

I just want to go 200 on the interstate
and see if the world still wants me

My skill is wasted on slowness
Underappreciated and mistaken for arrogance

Behind the wheel I am confirmed
Decisions here are not the customs of monotony

But a nuanced puzzle of physics
I am a navigator in an ocean of outcomes

The engine is roaring with me
We were made for exploding

Spinning up in semi speed
A C Leuavacant
A C Leuavacant
Jul 12, 2014

Alone in spinning hyperspace
Nauseating corner
Men in yellow Hazmat suits
Not a trick or tare to warn her
Spinning up in semi speed  
Down through the darkened air
Sick scarlet style leather gloves
Eyes rolling past her hair
Kind words through the ear
Crushing her last soft sense
Siren's song and burnt tongue tea
Hands shaking in suspense

Still alone, the world had stopped  
They carried on fast in this demise
For they knew that  
Pay checks come, what a surprise
Her with no tears, but dusty eyes
A streamline made for extra time
She watched it slow in semi speed
As love was blood that had been mine

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Emily Budrow
Emily Budrow
May 16, 2015

Ten miles per hour, with smiles smeared onto our sweaty faces, we drive in silence, thinking.


Speeding through a yellow light, at twenty miles per hour, you turn the music up loud and glance at me. Wind whipping through the cars windows, tossing my hair every which way. Nothing else exists, just you and I in this timeless moment.

Thirty miles per hour. Screams of laughter and song lyrics spew out of the windows and into the night. Our singing voices bellowing through the warm Spring air. This very moment, I love you platonically. My heart bleeds emotion for you alone, I grip the steering wheel, and you grab my face and pull me in for a kiss.

At forty miles per hour,
we are in love.

For Anthony
#love   #in   #of   #romance   #falling   #anthony   #speeds  
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