He is not a vegetable!
Dawn of Lighten
Dawn of Lighten
Jan 15, 2015

Finger tips gained much weight,
As it slumbers in stagnant pulse.

Eyes no longer can blink to close the sorrow of empty solace,
While caretakers play the same video for the last decade of existences.

Like an empty glass of wine,
Does he reflect nothing to anyone.

Just a lifeless shell,
They do not see him!

A void without a soul,
and living without a life.

Don't give up on him,
He is aware of people's view of the vegetation.

Consciousness still lurk around the body,
He is not a vegetable!

A remarkable story about a boy who was diagnosed by Doctors as a Cryptococci Meningitis, but little did anyone know he heard everyone during his "vegetable state!"

This story must be reached, and encourage people not to give up on life, so they may come back to our world anew!

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enjoyable golden orange vegetable
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Sep 23, 2016

satisfying, slightly sweet
an orange spindle shape
something enjoyable to eat  
very good for your health
crunchy in every bite
yet full of robust wealth
to improve your eyesight
with a hard and rough texture
it's green bloomed leafy top
helps balance out its flavor
such a great nutrient to savor
diced, grated, wild or raw
shredded even sliced when fresh
in any cookbook there are so may
ways to prepare this delicious and
enjoyable golden orange vegetable

#green   #delicious   #orange   #carrot   #cook   #vegetable  
Rip Lazybones
Rip Lazybones
Jun 3, 2015

Small and full of taste
Something I advise that you not waste
They come in many colours
Green, red, black, brown, white, yellow
There's a type for any guy or fellow
Some taste better and some are better for you
Some are bigger and some are small
Genetics is not fair after all
It isn't about making them all the same
But to appreciate each as they came
Mix with vegetables or eat them plain
Just savour them at a pace that is slow
Because they take a while to grow
Don't ya know

Jun 9, 2013

You push me away
A child pushing his plate full of veggies
as far from him as he can
there may be carrots in a carrot cake
but it still tastes sweet
I wish
you could accept the fact
that vegetables are good for you
and so too
am I
maybe you could even
learn to like them
maybe you could even
learn to love them

Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Oct 6, 2014

Today. I enjoyed a vegan meal--
sautéed cabbage,
roasted tomatoes,
and a Caesar salad,
with a side of veal.


Oh, never mind.

#funny   #humor   #vegan   #fail   #meat   #carnivore   #vegetable  
The vegetable vendors
Raghu Menon
Raghu Menon
Oct 29, 2015

The Flower Sellers
Rushing with their bundles

The Milk Vendors
Cycling with their milk cans

The Newspaper boys
Sorting out their packets

The Morning walkers
Warming up and stretching

The Chai-walas
Pouring out their teas

The scarfed mill workers
Speeding for their shifts

The vegetable vendors
Carrying their head loads

The Suprabhatham
Flowing from a distant house

The night shift workers
Returning home.

The Municipality workers
Cleaning the streets..

The city is waking up
Or did it ever sleep?

Chai- Tea, Suprabhatham - Hindu religious hymn sung in morning
The vegetable medley
Petal pie
Petal pie
Mar 15, 2014

There was never before heard
Such a cacophony
As the day I witnessed
The vegetable medley

'Since you've bean gone'
They blasted out
The runners and broads joined in song
They could have rocked it all night long

But it was Taters turn
They  rocked  the stage
The veggies went wild
The 'monster mash' was all the rage

Then was petit pois chance to shine
He wowed them with a dance
Then made the broccoli sway and weep
With 'Give peas a chance'

paralysed, a vegetable as they say
Jul 21, 2014

As i lay asleep last night
my mind wondered through the window and out of sight
catching a ride on a passing crow
it went places i’ll never go

Gliding it passed over palms and rivers
swooping under waterfalls left me with shivers
rising on a warm sea breeze high
it watched the golden sun set and with a sigh

Returned begrudgingly to where bedridden i lay
paralysed, a vegetable as they say

#sad   #nature  
Sep 25, 2014

They talk, don't listen
Don't listen, for what they say isn't true
Their heartlessness can't break us
It's not your fault
They don't see
What I see in you

Set petty judgments aside
Your value is insurpassable,

Your tenderness against my tongue
Tender, but never too sweet,
Almost bitter.
No sugar coated lies
Just fresh and raw.
Honest and genuine,
You provide what I need.

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