He is not a vegetable!
Dawn of Lighten

Finger tips gained much weight,
As it slumbers in stagnant pulse.

Eyes no longer can blink to close the sorrow of empty solace,
While caretakers play the same video for the last decade of existences.

Like an empty glass of wine,
Does he reflect nothing to anyone.

Just a lifeless shell,
They do not see him!

A void without a soul,
and living without a life.

Don't give up on him,
He is aware of people's view of the vegetation.

Consciousness still lurk around the body,
He is not a vegetable!

A remarkable story about a boy who was diagnosed by Doctors as a Cryptococci Meningitis, but little did anyone know he heard everyone during his "vegetable state!"

This story must be reached, and encourage people not to give up on life, so they may come back to our world anew!

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Kiernan Michau
Feb 10, 2010

Maybe I’m not ready-
Not as ripe, not as fresh-
It might take me longer to grow,
To develop,
But I am just as sweet
Just as beautiful
Just as delightful
As someone else.
I’m slower than you-
I need more care
More water
More love;
Not less.
You can’t understand.
You are ripe.
You are ready.

You see me sitting there, oblivious to what is surrounding me.
And I appear normal and good to you so you decide I'm the one you want.
You're excited that you found me and how perfect I seem.
Once we get home you start to explore me, only to be shocked.
One the inside I am not the quality you saw on the outside.
Silly human, only the strong and good ones make it through what we experience.
Imagine being ripped away from your home, going to unknown places alone, heard words of different tones.
Being put into a crate with no way to escape.
I'm sorry I'm not who you expected me to be, I'm not one of the strong or good ones you see.

paralysed, a vegetable as they say
Jul 21, 2014

As i lay asleep last night
my mind wondered through the window and out of sight
catching a ride on a passing crow
it went places i’ll never go

Gliding it passed over palms and rivers
swooping under waterfalls left me with shivers
rising on a warm sea breeze high
it watched the golden sun set and with a sigh

Returned begrudgingly to where bedridden i lay
paralysed, a vegetable as they say

#sad   #nature  
The vegetable medley
Petal pie
Petal pie
Mar 15, 2014

There was never before heard
Such a cacophony
As the day I witnessed
The vegetable medley

'Since you've bean gone'
They blasted out
The runners and broads joined in song
They could have rocked it all night long

But it was Taters turn
They  rocked  the stage
The veggies went wild
The 'monster mash' was all the rage

Then was petit pois chance to shine
He wowed them with a dance
Then made the broccoli sway and weep
With 'Give peas a chance'

Apr 29, 2013

A bite of meat
I dare not eat.
I'll have some fruit instead.

No milk for me
Why, can't you see?
I'd rather have some bread.

Faces haunting
Proteins taunting..
I don't want it if it's meaty.

You like to eat entrails
and brains,
A bit like zombies--beastly!

Hormone laden,
to make the thing called "Veal".

I can't believe what you go through
for your tasty high priced meal.

Sep 17, 2014      Sep 17, 2014

you hated poems so much that you
became one, sweetheart
(tell me, does this suit your tastes?have i gone too far?)
i tried to write a love poem and it turned into a suicide note that doesnt belong to me
i guess you didnt find it romantic when i called you carrotseed,
when i pined so much that i turned my love into a grove of trees
you make comparisons between me and natural disasters like it's a habit you can't get rid of
but there's nothing natural about the way my heart beats when i see you
baby, your eyes have never looked better

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Gary L Misch
Gary L Misch
Jan 10, 2012

We grow with passion,
Our only cash crop is rocks,
Want peas? import soil.

Beets are Greatly Misunderstood
They Make sugar from them...
Because they're Sweet
All kinds of Treats

Candy, Cookies and Ice cream
Doughnuts, Cake and Pralines
Girl Scout Cookies and Frosty Shakes
You should Salute the Beet for all it Makes

I hope I opened your eyes to
All the things that Beets can do

LOL in a Humorous mood I guess
Aug 8, 2013

I usually just twist my confessions into metaphors,
so instead of having to hear it you just see me shutting a door.

and behind there I'm climbing the walls, painting my naked body
with symbols of solace. Breaking out of windows and falling off the trellis.

My back always breaks in the garden below.

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