of  juxtaposition...
Thinking Out Loud

Her mind
was a universe
of  juxtaposition...
love  hate               heaven  hell
peace    war
  passion  apathy       beauty  ugliness          
fantasty reality
happiness        melancholy
freedom captivity     strength weakness
innocence and guilt

It travelled back and forth
her albatross was a
perpetual quest for balance
other times she was certain
she wouldn't want it
any other way.

I need to find the thoughts which lie
                    My throat
Yet behind <My eyes>

In the juxtaposition
Feb 21, 2015

Is the purgatory
In the juxtaposition
Of doing
And not

in juxtaposition to
Krystelle Bissonnette

is more cruel
in juxtaposition to
than Sorrow

Copyright Krystelle Bissonnette
the juxtaposition of communication
Jun 26, 2015

trip me up
get my attention
and I will take you
where you would rather not go
the juxtaposition of communication
a looters charter of the innocent mind

into perfect juxtaposition.
Walter James Little V

Resting side-by-side,
our minds slip gently
into perfect juxtaposition.
Our desire and imagination
bestow upon our eyes
visions of wonder
amid the moonlight hours.
We surf on the swells
of soft cotton clouds,
sending ripples through the cosmos
as we swim among the stars.

Daniel Kareski
Daniel Kareski
Jul 25, 2015

Two cats
in a hazardous starring contest,
the first that blinks - CONCEDES!

May 31, 2016

It is the last day of May,
Summer's now in full swing
and I've come to realize many things.

I think, for once, I'd rather leave them
unwritten. There's little I can say
now that'll reconcile memory.

Poetry is freedom in expression, a lack of which is in-keeping with the mood I am. What's this then? Where silence says more than a poem.

Refusing to lend oneself to expression instead affirms an equal and opposite impression. Oh memory, once again, playing games with me.

Being, in
Nico Reznick
Nico Reznick
Mar 22, 2016

"Compassionate Conservatism"
"friendly fire":
Euphemistic oxymorons
capable of
destroying hospitals.

Gioia Rizzo
Gioia Rizzo
Jul 17, 2011

Baby soft scruff

Eyes, pacific and sultry

Sly yet honest

Childlike and sensual

Witty and innocent

Bring forth the animal

The infectious mischief

The lusty rhythms in darkened rooms

The stolen moments in Lower West Side alleyways

Long, piercing looks over a bottle of Dal Forno Amarone

Savage concupiscence

Your eyes suggesting the next move

Bodies entwined in the back of a cab

At the bridge and we walk across

And I indulge in your juxtapositions

All the way to Brooklyn

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