of  juxtaposition...
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud
Dec 6, 2014      Dec 8, 2014

Her mind
was a universe
of  juxtaposition...
love  hate               heaven  hell
peace    war
  passion  apathy       beauty  ugliness          
fantasty reality
happiness        melancholy
freedom captivity     strength weakness
innocence and guilt

It travelled back and forth
her albatross was a
perpetual quest for balance
other times she was certain
she wouldn't want it
any other way.

Liis Belle
Liis Belle
Jun 22      Jun 22

Where evil lives, goodness thrives
If there’s no dead, there’s none alive
Angels come because demons kill
Peace exists because blood was spilled
If there’s no hate, then there’s no love
If there’s no hell, there’s no heaven above
The same pattern seen repeated here
Do you get it yet? It’s all so clear
That if there’s no you, then there’s no me
So stay, don’t go, for this I plea
Take one step, and I’ll be no more –
Don’t come back, you were so sure
And don’t regret, cause you chose this
You’re not someone I’m going to miss
Oh, that’s a lie, but I don’t care
It was just a silly love affair
But if there’s no pain, then there’s no gain
I’ve walked all year through the pouring rain
Finally now, I see the sun
Back then I lost, but now I’ve won

Sep 11, 2014

never cling to anything like your life depended on it;
the complete opposite is true.

Feb 21, 2014      Feb 21, 2014

You may
Whisper lies
The truth
Shines along
Colour changing
Of your
For me
To see.
Observing you
Observing me.

Jan 3, 2011

Next to the iPad,
horn rim readers,
a book of postage stamps,
and a rubber eraser.

All rights reserved by the author

A bad poem is a bush some fear might harbor thorns
A good one is chicken and readers chew even the bones

Alex Brown
Alex Brown
Oct 22, 2010

So siplme and sewet
yet so nescesray  
our letters juxtaposed
to make words non-imaginary

we read and define
strive to find the line
Where words stop being words
a literary crime

Our slang, out of control
tongues tangled, terrible truth
Txt spk bcmes natrl
It feels so uncouth

but what’s important is the form
of communication we seek
face to face, heart to heart,
a poem so meek
as to lighten the soul
and give hope to the lost
a poem is best

Been a year.. still cant finish this peom.. what do poems do? anyone?
Nov 17, 2014      Nov 19, 2014

Why don't people write poetry
when they are happy?
Because you don't need to digest happiness,
you just let it wash over you.

What would happen if, instead,
we digested
happiness through words
and poured struggle and sorrow
onto our heads
so it dripped down our chins
and leaked in our minds
and slid down our shoulders
and backs
and legs
and made a puddle of tears at our feet?

Our books would be filled with joy
that generations could read
for years to come.
And they wouldn't think us a boring lot,
but find smiles
in our words,
and fondness
in our memories.
So the ground would be covered sadness...
it would water the plants,
and strengthen our souls,
and nourish our minds,
and that wouldn't be so bad
would it?

Because when it's all said and done...
you can step out of a puddle.
But if a pen is a sword
and the words are it's ink
I'd much prefer those words
to be loved.

#love   #poetry   #thoughts  
La Mer
La Mer
May 27

I am numb and gushing.

I am gushing with numb -- herbs-- sex-- heaven.

There is no Heaven in this hole of Hell,
only souls oozing, under life's spell.

my heaven and herbs are bland,
I cannot be saved on this forsaken land.

#soul   #sex   #numb   #spell   #herbs  
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