as we eat dinner under the mustard sun,
La Mer
La Mer
Sep 25, 2014

Creaming leaves, dripping
off her spiderweb branches
as we eat dinner under the mustard sun,
I feel her nervous as I eat slowly, she glances
at my spiderweb branches and grabs my web.
She spins her prey in my web and moves it slowly
down, among her roots, where I feel gnarled and leafless.
My autumn colors have vanished in her winter
frozen stems, frozen in time, I stare into her
mustard reflected eyes.

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There's so much about the way leaves look.
Under light.
Wet with rain.
I seize up.
Of service.
Rush into.
My safe space.
For all I've hardened is just a front.

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and i said mustard
AF Moment
AF Moment
Mar 17

they asked
and i was silent

they enquired
and i kept closed

he asked
and i said mustard

and i said no

swallowed alive ere the seed becomes mustard.
Mucro Pondera Divinus
Mucro Pondera Divinus
Nov 27, 2013      Nov 28, 2013

אל disinherits His kin, and hides the Crown.
אלהים discards His creations, and curses the Snake.
אהיה dispatches His laws, to punish our Power.
יהוה‎ disavows His cruelty, and blames Sin.
אדני disowns His sin, and scapegoats Man.

The Father denies his failure; it is the Child who suffers,
swallowed alive ere the seed becomes mustard.

Semitic/Hebraic names of God are used here to symbolize a patriarchal legacy of buck-passing fascist government, institutional mind control, and mindless, desperate consumerism.

I mean no disrespect to Jews, however disinclined they may be to humor Thelema. I don't suppose I get any brownie points for siding with Babylon. ;)

אל - EL (alef lamed) - ancient Semitic word for God (31)
אלהים - ALHIM (alef lamed heh yod mem) - God or Gods (646)
אהיה - AHIH (alef heh yod heh) - "I AM" (21)
יהוה - IHVH (yod heh vav heh) - "Yahweh" - Tetragrammaton (26)
אדני - ADNI (alef bet nun yod) - Adonai - The Lord or "My Master" (65)
D Wesley A
D Wesley A
Oct 5, 2014

somewhere in your
unkempt hair there is a tingling
a notion that erupts
across your spine and
touching the tips
of your fingers
and lips
along your nerve
dangerously fast
it makes you want
and want
like an instinct
to kill
to cannibalize
a starving mindset
hey you
it says
come on
fuck me nice
twisted with a little spice

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Mustard gas flutters past
Jacob Sykes
Jacob Sykes
Feb 18, 2013

Mustard gas flutters past
Unseen but effect are felt
Lungs collapse
Crushed with guilt
Or gas
That flutters past
Unseen but effects are felt

of mustard water
Jul 31, 2013

I drank
two cups
of mustard water

they say
that it will
make me
throw up.

It didn't work.

Darn it! I really don't want to do the finger thing
In January’s mustard field
Pradip Chattopadhyay

Maybe so I willed
In half sleep’s ethereal stream
In January’s mustard field
She hugged me in liplocked dream!

What now she said eye on eye
I’m come past all fear
So our lips never go dry
Nothing stops us from here!

I put my tongue on hers
Rolled in her saliva filled
Her eyes blinked million stars
Traveling time in the mustard field!

Bloomed yellows thunderous bright
Rained sky a sweet redress
Dream came at end of night
Wept wet in her embrace!

I tiptoed on her bedside
Her lips quivered moist filled

Maybe so she willed

Same dream in the mustard field!

Larry I Jones
Larry I Jones
Aug 11, 2014      Aug 12, 2014

Let's just face it: hai-
kus were invented in Ja-
pan and don't always...


#haiku   #funny   #humor  
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