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Dec 1

my vision blurs
as my palms grow sweaty
i struggle to breathe in air
and as the room caves in
i grow to hate the way
i still think of you
despite the mess you made


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your cool sweat

your cool sweat
is beautiful
as it rolls down your face
i feel it on my skin
it feels like love
like hope
like happiness

Unexpected moment with a friend that just felt...
like something.
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I am sweating
when I don't want to
  what kind of guy wants
That ?

Licking sweat- salty human essence.
Ryan James Webb

Licking sweat- salty human essence.
Stinging; the drought consumes the lips,
The tongue, the throat.

The mind is invigorated by the burn.
Saliva coat consumed by the elements-
Grain sand, now salt.

Summer Novak
Summer Novak
Jul 15, 2012

Little beads of perspiration began to form all over his skin, tanned by the sun's fury.

Jonah stared up at the sky and uttered a sigh of relief when a gentle breeze interrupted the unrelenting heat of the day.

Though the views were nice and he was never at risk of not having something to record or take note of in his water color-stained journal, Jonah knew he was a prisoner on the ship…

one beaded drop of sweat, traverses the canyons

one beaded drop of sweat, traverses the canyons
and ridges of his,
finely muscled back
slow ..quick.. slow
in rhythm with his .....
scintillating movement
i am transfixed,
by the little bead's progress
hesitant to portend
it's destination,
as it wends it's way downward.
i want to halt...
the glistening jewel's journey with the tip of my tongue.....cat-like,
lapping at smooth milk
but that would be.....

........a bit weird.....
i expect the young god cycling, before me in
the spin class may think me odd
if i leapt forward and licked his salty back....

...but an old girl can dream!

make my chest feel
my legs feel
make my mind wander
as much as I'd
like your hands to.

Zulu Samperfas
Zulu Samperfas
Mar 31, 2012

On my chest
the small of my back
a place where my husband said
no other man should touch

Other places
more intimate

It shows the animal
that is me

Why do you ask why?

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