Scorching heat, sweat pours
GitacharYa VedaLa
GitacharYa VedaLa
Mar 15, 2016

Scorching heat, sweat pours
Vicious winds, couldn't tame it
Sweat river. It's summer. Whoa!

Old poem, but now, it's summer here
#sweat   #summer   #hot   #heat   #unbearable   #already  
your cool sweat
Sep 2, 2014

your cool sweat
is beautiful
as it rolls down your face
i feel it on my skin
it feels like love
like hope
like happiness

Unexpected moment with a friend that just felt...
like something.
#girl   #desire   #sweat   #boy   #friend   #connection   #heat   #kay   #justfriends   #unexpected  
ema m
ema m
Dec 1, 2014

my vision blurs
as my palms grow sweaty
i struggle to breathe in air
and as the room caves in
i grow to hate the way
i still think of you
despite the mess you made


#love   #hate   #sweat   #betrayal   #thoughts   #struggle  
Rather than the salt of her sweat.
Daniel Steven Moskowitz

I wanted to make love with her,
But she was inaccessible to me.
So, my only option
Was to write about her instead.
I wanted to lick the perfect mounds of her breasts,
But I could only Taste the salt
Of my own Imagination
Rather than the salt of her sweat.

May 21, 2016

The skies are so beautiful tonight
They wait for our founded love
Under the moonlight
The fullness of it's sheen
Where we surrender our best
In the sweet sweats of our dreams
The whine and the punts
In the sweet sweats of our dreams

The clouds are still grey tonight
They await for our sacrifice
Our touch, the sighs, the bangs
The trueness of their sight
Where our eyes steals our hearts  
In the sweet sweats of our dreams
The whine and the punts
In the sweet sweats of our dreams

Missing you!
#sweet   #sweats   #love-jim  
as I'm pouring out sweat
Colten Sorrells
Colten Sorrells
Apr 26, 2016

in the air
as I'm pouring out sweat
from a good days work
trying to find the strength
to carry on
a cool breeze
catches me off my guard,
followed by a warm shower
and lifts my spirits
in a way I have long since forgotten
was even possible

#life   #sun   #sweat   #rain   #spring   #breeze   #heat  
Your sweat reminded me of rainbows in petrol
R K Hodge
R K Hodge
Feb 7, 2015

There was a time when you and I had not seen ourselves in mirrors
Before we knew what we looked like
Before we knew how we feel at all
A time before I knew how my body would work
Most months rusty water drains
A packet of small white circular tablets coated in sugar is responsible for my happiness
I imagine my uterus is the colour of a faded flannel cloth
Red used to be my favourite colour
On many occasions My body has felt like a new years resolution.

Your sweat reminded me of rainbows in petrol
It tasted like the sea.

#sadness   #sweat   #salt   #pill   #mirrors   #resolution   #uterus  
Jordan Fischer
Jordan Fischer
Jan 25, 2016

I wake up in cold sweats more than I wake up
Dreams of flying and floating have turned to
Finding and fear
Bodies of new and friends forgotten
My skin may bear what once was there
But forget not I will, the friends of young thrill

You still haunt and frequent my dreams
Tearing apart my sanity at all of its seams
Happy and somber, I remember it all
Liquor brings it out most of all
But it also calms that calls

Whatever liquor makes seem true
I can question without fighting
Because liquor is my choice and the
Lack thereof makes others king

#happy   #remember   #flying   #cold   #somber   #haunt   #sweats   #flostjng  
Sweat is good,
Feb 9

Blood is good on muddy hands,
Worn from work,
While calluses harden.

Blood is not good,
On the blades,
That litter your dresser drawer,

In the middle of the night.

Sweat is good,
When coming off your shoulders,
From running,
In warm air,
Through your yard,
With friends around you,
Laughing at your races,
While sipping lemonade,
Under the stars.

Sweat is not good,
When its on your palms,
And the back of your neck,
And drips from your forhead,
From shaking,
And breathing to fast,
From rocking back and forth,
On the floor,
Because your brain,
Is bleeding out of your ears.

Tears are good,
On lover's shoulders,
With your hand on their stomach,

Tears are not good,
On phones,
Over messages,
You screenshotted from 2 years ago,
Because you just want to feel something again,
Even heartbreak


#love   #cutting   #metaphor   #sad   #life   #depressed   #sweat   #tear   #blood   #baby  
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