ema m
ema m
Dec 1, 2014

my vision blurs
as my palms grow sweaty
i struggle to breathe in air
and as the room caves in
i grow to hate the way
i still think of you
despite the mess you made


#love   #hate   #sweat   #betrayal   #thoughts   #struggle  
Your sweat reminded me of rainbows in petrol
R K Hodge

There was a time when you and I had not seen ourselves in mirrors
Before we knew what we looked like
Before we knew how we feel at all
A time before I knew how my body would work
Most months rusty water drains
A packet of small white circular tablets coated in sugar is responsible for my happiness
I imagine my uterus is the colour of a faded flannel cloth
Red used to be my favourite colour
On many occasions My body has felt like a new years resolution.

Your sweat reminded me of rainbows in petrol
It tasted like the sea.

#sadness   #sweat   #salt   #pill   #mirrors   #resolution   #uterus  
your cool sweat
Sep 2, 2014

your cool sweat
is beautiful
as it rolls down your face
i feel it on my skin
it feels like love
like hope
like happiness

Unexpected moment with a friend that just felt...
like something.
#girl   #desire   #sweat   #boy   #friend   #connection   #heat   #kay   #justfriends   #unexpected  
Even the leaves sweat, marigold dew
Jul 1

Even the leaves sweat, marigold dew
dripping like a tap that won't properly shut-
Slow, with sophistication, but
constant, insistent as the sun itself.

Vanessa Gatley
Vanessa Gatley
Jul 21, 2014

I am sweating
when I don't want to
  what kind of guy wants
That ?

Sweat drips down a glass
Jan 14

Sweat drips down a glass
The cold water evaporating before me
Once a dry surface
Now a wet ring shaped puddle
Time goes on never stopping
Moments lost forever
Never able to be repeated
Lost in a lifetime
WE are constantly changing
Tick Tick Tick
Every move of the hand louder
Eventually all you hear is the sound
Like the beating of your heart
A constant pulsating rhythm
The sun Rises
The sun Sets
Night falls
The moon comes out
Tick Tick Tick
We are born
We live
We die
Our time is up
For the first time we are silent
But time goes on
Louder and louder
A constant pulsating rhythm
Sweat drips down a glass

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