ema m
ema m
Dec 1, 2014

my vision blurs
as my palms grow sweaty
i struggle to breathe in air
and as the room caves in
i grow to hate the way
i still think of you
despite the mess you made


#love   #hate   #sweat   #betrayal   #thoughts   #struggle  
Your sweat reminded me of rainbows in petrol
R K Hodge

There was a time when you and I had not seen ourselves in mirrors
Before we knew what we looked like
Before we knew how we feel at all
A time before I knew how my body would work
Most months rusty water drains
A packet of small white circular tablets coated in sugar is responsible for my happiness
I imagine my uterus is the colour of a faded flannel cloth
Red used to be my favourite colour
On many occasions My body has felt like a new years resolution.

Your sweat reminded me of rainbows in petrol
It tasted like the sea.

#sadness   #sweat   #salt   #pill   #mirrors   #resolution   #uterus  
your cool sweat
Sep 2, 2014

your cool sweat
is beautiful
as it rolls down your face
i feel it on my skin
it feels like love
like hope
like happiness

Unexpected moment with a friend that just felt...
like something.
#girl   #desire   #sweat   #boy   #friend   #connection   #heat   #kay   #justfriends   #unexpected  
Even the leaves sweat, marigold dew
Jul 1

Even the leaves sweat, marigold dew
dripping like a tap that won't properly shut-
Slow, with sophistication, but
constant, insistent as the sun itself.

Vanessa Gatley
Vanessa Gatley
Jul 21, 2014

I am sweating
when I don't want to
  what kind of guy wants
That ?

Oblivious sweat
Sep 3      Sep 3

Evening wind storm
Hushed screams
Oblivious sweat
Tasting destiny unknown


~ naǧí
© Copyright 2015 naǧí

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