**Oh Ginger Boy**
3 days ago

Oh Ginger Boy
Your skin so pale and smooth
Your hair so red and bright
I often wonder
Do you know you keep me awake at night

Is Ginger Boy aware of his apperance
Does he know he's beautiful
Oh Ginger Boy what are you doing to me
Your lips so kissable
Red circles under your eyes
Freckles cover up your boyish body
I wish I could touch you tonight
Oh Ginger Boy
What made you so beautiful, tell me, please tell me
It drives me insane
Oh Ginger Boy

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missing you missing you
i miss you

i missed you

i kinda forgot about you
but now you're online again
back down from the mountains
back down from your disappearance

missing you missing you
all over

and also i'm sorry

#love   #you   #miss   #sorry   #ginger  
Ginger's just a spicy bitch.
Jacob Marley
Jacob Marley
Jul 19, 2012

Ginger's just a spicy bitch.
You pay her no mind.

Her food stamps
speak, louder than her fake earrings.

Poorly cloaked poverty.
Cash talks, fake chains
scream stupidity.

She's livin'
White Trash Dream.

Known to his friends as Ginger
Paul F Clayton
Paul F Clayton
Jul 31, 2012

Born in nineteen thirty five
To reside at "Tick Tock park"
A whole life marred by damaged lungs
Yet, gracious was his heart

Known to his friends as Ginger
This man of arduous health
He possessed an ever-cheery smile
Wit and intellect his wealth

Passionate was he for art
Racehorses, jazz, the Goons
And chrysanthemum had more value
Than mankind racing for the moon

With his water colour paintings
He tried to leave his mark
But alas his dreams were halted
For no mercy has the dark

Of the protagonist of this ode
I shall say only this
My father was a brilliant man
Who I shall always miss

Hannah Sislo

To me,
Angel kisses.
To you,
Stolen souls.
Pale skin?
To me,
To you,
Red hair?
To me,
To you,
Heated temper.
You say I have no soul.
I stand up to you and say:
Red hair,
Don’t care!

RJ Deephouse
Jun 20, 2013

a large black and white beast lays on the floor beside me.
in this room
at this moment
no real danger is present

re black, gay, dwarfs ?as well as being ginger.
ioan pearce
Feb 27, 2010

white paloured skinfreckled facesturning pinkin sunny places blaze of red upon their headno right to be a whingerwhat if they were black, gay, dwarfs ?as well as being ginger.

Emily Larrabee

They say
I have
that's quite
you think
making someone
else feel
the color
of their
I try to let it
slip my mind
forget it ever happened
but whenever I see them
in my head
I hear them
criticizing my hair
and my freckles
I can not change
I was born this
No one can make me different
I gave a homeless man half
of my sandwich
and five dollars
I'm soulless
I gave a soldier I didn't even know
a hug and a thank you
yet I have no heart
Well you know what
I am a proud ass

Nov 6, 2012

Did you know,
They told you
That people were made of star-dust?

You reminded them you knew the composition
Of your molecules
Your carbon sitting in your bones like blue marrow

They reminded you of lotus moths
And bioluminescence
And the horseshoe crabs you found on your birthday

Cause you're the East Coast baby
With your West Coast dreams
And she's on the TV

Your China queen.

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