Hannah Sislo

To me,
Angel kisses.
To you,
Stolen souls.
Pale skin?
To me,
To you,
Red hair?
To me,
To you,
Heated temper.
You say I have no soul.
I stand up to you and say:
Red hair,
Don’t care!

RJ Deephouse
Jun 20, 2013

a large black and white beast lays on the floor beside me.
in this room
at this moment
no real danger is present

Ginger's just a spicy bitch.
Jacob Marley
Jacob Marley
Jul 19, 2012

Ginger's just a spicy bitch.
You pay her no mind.

Her food stamps
speak, louder than her fake earrings.

Poorly cloaked poverty.
Cash talks, fake chains
scream stupidity.

She's livin'
White Trash Dream.

Known to his friends as Ginger
Paul F Clayton
Paul F Clayton
Jul 31, 2012

Born in nineteen thirty five
To reside at "Tick Tock park"
A whole life marred by damaged lungs
Yet, gracious was his heart

Known to his friends as Ginger
This man of arduous health
He possessed an ever-cheery smile
Wit and intellect his wealth

Passionate was he for art
Racehorses, jazz, the Goons
And chrysanthemum had more value
Than mankind racing for the moon

With his water colour paintings
He tried to leave his mark
But alas his dreams were halted
For no mercy has the dark

Of the protagonist of this ode
I shall say only this
My father was a brilliant man
Who I shall always miss

re black, gay, dwarfs ?as well as being ginger.
ioan pearce
Feb 27, 2010

white paloured skinfreckled facesturning pinkin sunny places blaze of red upon their headno right to be a whingerwhat if they were black, gay, dwarfs ?as well as being ginger.

Nov 6, 2012

Did you know,
They told you
That people were made of star-dust?

You reminded them you knew the composition
Of your molecules
Your carbon sitting in your bones like blue marrow

They reminded you of lotus moths
And bioluminescence
And the horseshoe crabs you found on your birthday

Cause you're the East Coast baby
With your West Coast dreams
And she's on the TV

Your China queen.

Ginger bread boys
Briar Thornly

Ginger bread boys
in a prison come alive.
Tease my taste buds.

The crispy ginger bread
Sharina Saad
Sharina Saad
Jul 8, 2013

The crispy ginger bread
for tea.... has gone.
Impatient Hansel turns around
yelling, shouting, screaming...
Oh no! Not my door again!
What a new fresh ginger fragrance!

I just love being Ginger.
Rusty Bernard
Rusty Bernard
Oct 15, 2011

I just love being Ginger.
I’m special.
I’m unique.
The boys at school, they shouted,
“Hey darlin', geez a peek!”

I wondered what they wanted,
A sneak , a glimpse.
Of what?
They must have meant my tiny ears.
At least that’s what I thought.


Come trues
Come through’s
With the same question
Sleeping in the harbor

Thorough affairs
Right beside you
For everyone
Besides you

Ridiculous findings
Of subliminals
In the subconscious

Exhaustion slams on the breaks

Running on fumes
Check gas gauges
Blow past the yellow lights
But there’s not too much distance

Veering into your shoulder
Your’re off your head
Funny interpretations

The prime meridian
And the equator

Follow your fancies
Holding the final sum for ransom

Pudding skins
Melon balls
Berries muffins

We’re shivering around two candles
I hate this on street parking curfew
I keep getting up to check
To see that some quota filling officer of the law gives me a bogus ticket

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