But I've never met a ginger I liked until you.
Kissy Marie
Kissy Marie
Oct 11, 2014

I've always liked gingers
But I've never met a ginger I liked until you.
Your flaming hair echoes my desire.

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Ginger nut crunch base
Maggie Emmett
Maggie Emmett
Nov 20, 2014

Ginger nut crunch base
creamy Philly cheese
bitter tart lemon filling
birthday cheesecake
tongue tasty sweet when we kiss

A non-traditional taste Tanka
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Ginger ears twitching away
Feb 7

That cat on the couch
Is a terrible slouch
Sleeping half of the day
Ginger ears twitching away
Waiting for someone who'll play.

© Copyright SE February 2017

coyote de luna
coyote de luna
Jul 19, 2014

missing you missing you
i miss you

i missed you

i kinda forgot about you
but now you're online again
back down from the mountains
back down from your disappearance

missing you missing you
all over

and also i'm sorry

#love   #you   #miss   #sorry   #ginger  
Nateive Son
Nateive Son
Dec 20, 2015

We buy things all the time that will
Supposedly make us do things that
We should have just been working on all along.

My digital tape recorder sits covered in dust,
4 GB just waiting for zzounds to appear,
The mic right next to,
A cheap guitar cable.

Everything is tuned,
But these chips look more appealing,
A TV show is stealing,
All my time,
I swear.

But I mean,
"What if people don't like it?"
Then it's such a waste of hours,
Not like,
Browsing Wikipedia and learning the GDP of Tokelau.

Not the right place,
Not the temperature to my liking,
Perfection can,
Never be caught on tape,
But those old cassettes are full of wonderful scribbles.

The memory card is still,
Full of nothing.

At least that's something.

We buy things all the time that will
Supposedly make us do things that
We should have just been working on all along.

Can also be read at: http://poetfreak.com/595944/a-digital-tape-recorder-is-a-waste-of-time-especially-when-compared-to-wasabi-ginger-potato-chips.html
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***“Never trust a ginger”***
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
Mar 9, 2015

“Never trust a ginger”
she sings giggling looking at the red head next to me.
Her song is a pretty good representation of our friendship.
Throw in a booty bump and some dorky dance moves
oh yea
that’s the definition of our friendship.
Laughing and dying at things no one else gets
actions no one else see’s
and mouthed words no one else understands.
That’s just a little inside view of our “love”.

“Never kiss a ginger”
It’s a little late for that don’t ya think
blackberry tea and coffee making her laugh till she dies.
Hysterics that break her down till she’s on the floor rolling
rolling down a hill and being so dizzy she can’t get up.
Oh but she’s a monster that chases you around
trying to tackle you to the ground.
Falling off the playground rail and hitting her head
just like in our story
so she lays there laughing hysterically.
All I can do is shake my head

“Never kiss a ginger…twice”
yea that’s a little better.
he won’t be telling my slightly stunned, amazed face its cute again.
The face we later joked about
mouth dropped to the floor
eyes wide.
Like did that seriously just happen.
Our dumb and quirky reactions to everything
exaggerated, excited yeses
and happy little dances.

"Never date a ginger”
I’m not nor have I ever…
where do you get these thoughts that run through your head?
Ok I can’t say much
my mind wanders to the strangest places
and leads us to the greatest conversations.
Like cops on bikes with prisoners in baskets
leading to Mortal Instruments characters all riding one bike.
I’ve no idea where our minds get these strange ideas and imaginings.

“Never love a ginger”
I never said I love him
don’t let your mind wander
dangerous things happen when our minds wander
anywhere from dinosaurs ruling the world to death
and the things in between are sometimes worse to think about

“Never like a ginger”
with this again
I don’t I promise there’s nothing there
now please shut up.
Yes, yes I love you now please don’t attack my legs again
I really don’t feel like falling on the floor
it’s not very appealing.

So I wrote this to kind of describe my relationship with my best friend (she also has an account on here Mari). The whole ginger thing came up because of this ginger guy that possibly likes me possibly doesn't. It's hard to tell and guys are too complicated. But Mari came up with the song, the first line in each stanza, and so I threw it into the poem because it's great
#friends   #trust   #best   #floor   #never   #attack   #ginger   #oh-no  
es would be mere meters between us. Our ginger hair would still be tangled in the morn
Esther Helen Soucoup

I have been listening to terrible poems all day because you don’t deserve a good one.
You don’t deserve the spit that hailed the ground from my mouth when I screamed about pride and privilege you do not deserve the ground that I stamped on, hollow breaths escaping a tiny mouth.
You thought you were helping me to get louder but I have lost so many voices since I heard you scream.
You do not deserve to look at me! I am going to be so much better because I left you, you do not deserve to think about the way we used to be, you do not deserve to miss me because if you did I would not be writing this about you.
Instead of miles would be mere meters between us. Our ginger hair would still be tangled in the morning light, your body breathing beneath mine.
If you deserved to love me, you wouldn’t have loved her. You wouldn’t have let her slip her fingers around the cracks in the foundation of our house and hold you.
If you deserved to miss me you wouldn’t have kissed her, you would have told me about her the moment you got home, still dripping with sweat still casting off bets still letting me call you my best friend and lover, you shouldn’t have loved her. You shouldn’t have loved her.
But you did. Dear ginger, did you taste her? Did her sweat linger on your naked body like the shame that should have lead you to tell me. Did the courage it took to take her body wash down with the rain while you walked home. Did you feel any pain? Dear ginger, when you knew we were over – when we felt it like the fog which covered the rental car as we inched closer to home, why did you let me feel so alone? At what point did you not recognize me as the person you swore to protect? Dear ginger, when did I become a stranger, when did I become someone you wanted to hurt? At what point did you start taking dating advice from my abuser?
Dear ginger why didn’t you just leave me? Dear ginger the balls were always in your court. Except when they were in her mouth. Dear ginger, did you stop her from sucking you off or was that a lie too. I don’t actually know anything about you? I’m sorry am I being unfair? Dear ginger did she run her fingers through your hair? At any point during the two encounters did you maybe think that, while you were inside her. “Huh. Maybe I shouldn’t fucking cheat on my partner!?”
I must be over this, because I’m laughing about it. I must be over this because I’m bringing up good jokes, or maybe that’s just how I cope with a situation as ridiculous as this one. In truth, I’m just done.
I wrote a poem about you called plan bee, about a bumblebee who was too fat to fly. It was wordy, I was nervous because I had never written a poem about someone I loved before. After I read it to you we cried together and made love on the dirty kitchen floor. You made me feel like a small puppy, I was always excited to see you. Even lately I’ve been catching my breath when I met you on the street and when our eyes meet I want to believe that you’re the person I could trust and I’m your little bumble bee. But you don’t deserve to see me, and you don’t deserve to make me happy.

Sep 26, 2014

‘Shadow of the day’

Play and play and release the locks of this attraction.

Sway and displace the diamond sealed in the concrete.

It shone and sparkled immense value.

Could’ve never ended and remained in your zone.

An amazing soul, rare and simply beautiful.

Replace this with thoughts known,

You pure gold, wish forces could entwine this desire not a norm.

Came packaged in a lovely form.

I viewed your sense and values and even butterflies fluttered and passed out from your flood of casual injection of euphoria.

Seems too futile…sadly the world hardly awards love.

Will it sub-side, found a real prince of note…maybe it could’ve been groomed and grown with the days.

Is it possible to remove such a being from my rooms of thought?

Will it get better or worse with time?

Hardly unreal when lips only recite our memories.

Make what’s engulfed me in your aura die,

It’s not needed, not happening again.

Why is it now…over and over again.

The stenches of my lust for you,

My longing to be in your presence.

For once, can I be blessed with  treasure like you.

Shiny and rare…beautiful and valuable.

Regrets of loving so easily has now become a punishment.

Again I need to mend the pieces,

The millions of pieces broken by heavy disappointment.

Why did those words you said colour my ears,

How can you have made me feel liked yet you saw past me.

Haven’t my feet walked this hurt before.

Seems things are too heavy…

Never golden or maybe their lame gestures have rusted my heart.

Hardly any good in the possibilities, I hate these realities.

I’m fed up with these warriors who easily pull on my heart-strings.

Where shall I rest?

Find comfort and acceptance from the evil rest.

I saw sanctuary in your eyes,

Pictured a loving soul and felt a honourale being from your touch.

Loosen my grip on what will never happen.

Too raw…yet the heart has become immune.

Now mind and energy drowns in gloom.

20years of living…still I believe in love.

Still I want to believe there’s one for me.

Understanding and equally loving.

But…sadly there’s been no luck.

Maybe, just maybe it’s my fault.

Maybe I reveal too much and have them regretting they laid eyes on me.

My three-year-old brother is a ginger, the only one in the family.
Sam Dunlap
Sam Dunlap
Apr 18, 2014

I've always had a fondness for gingers.
Don't ask me why.
Maybe it's the hair,
Whether it's sunset orange,
Dark auburn
Strawberry blonde
Or just plain red,
I love it.
But there is something within the people themselves
That just makes me go awwrr
And makes me want to hug the affected person,
Affected meaning, well,
That's a verb, right?
For example,
My three-year-old brother is a ginger, the only one in the family.
I like to call him any of the following:
Ginger Baby
Little Ginger
Baby Ging'
And really, really cute.
You've got to love gingers.

Okay, don't know what spurred me to write this. It's more a screwed-up paragraph with line breaks in my opinion, but like if you want to. Also, those of you with awesome ginger hair? Please don't be offended. I swear this poem is a compliment.
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