the way by which we follow.
Jonas Gonçalves

At first sight
it might seem tempting.
But we've been fooled for so long
that neither more we care.

My lucid thoughts
I carry inside the pocket
of an old coat,
because I don't wanna seem a philosopher.

We know how wrong is
the way by which we follow.
But the necessity of locomotion is
what provokes that.

We know how useless is
to look for another exit,
another answer or solution,
even knowing that existing is the solution.

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So I shall treat you that way,
Apr 6

You wanna act like everything's okay,
So I shall treat you that way,
Until the day you decide,
That you don't want to stay away.

It's alright for things to be this way,
You're not ready yet
I won't try to make you sway.

Even if I want to -
I can't make you stay.

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I love the way you love me
May 15

I love the way you love me
I love the way you kiss
I love the way you whisper
And that I truly miss

I love all things about you
Even the flaws you have
For when I love somebody
All I can feel is love

I love to think about you
I know that you are mine
I want to hug and kiss you
This love's truly divine

I love you till tomorrow
For always I will care
I'll keep your name in my heart
Forever love I swear!

Just a scribble with 7/6 syllables
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The way she acts,
Mar 18

that's what she is.

The way she acts,
shows her kindness.

The way she walks,
shows her presence.

The way she talks,
shows her intelligence.

The way she looks around,
shows er cautiousness.

The way she writes,
shows her experience.

She's a young girl,
with an old soul,
that's why
I love her.


I wish you wrote this
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find my way home--
Pamela Rae

The compulsion to run, to leave
swept over me
almost as urgent and brisk
as this springtime storm--
I left in such haste
with only thoughts of escape
ringing through my soul--
but then as soon as
I found myself gone
I realized how very much
I needed, I wanted, I had to
find my way home--
So now I am back again
having deserted
my most urgent desire
to escape ...

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nichole r
nichole r
Jun 16

life is an opportunity with skies filled with pink, showing us we can be whoever we need to be.

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It’s like there’s a one-way window between you and the rest of the
Kay Tailor

Do you ever feel like you’re not really there?
Like people aren't ignoring you, they just can’t see you?
Do you feel that you’re a face easily forgotten
And a voice always outspoken?
It’s like there’s a one-way window between you and the rest of the world
And you’re the one always looking in.
And you know it probably won’t ever change.
But you can’t help but hope that someone on the other side dares to look out and see you.

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Everyday I go the same way

Everyday I go the same way
I don't sway far from the footpath
Cause I'm afraid to be led astray
I don't need to do the maths
to know I'm not a psychopath in this thinking
but I do have an inkling
that maybe I am sociopath
because I go the same way everyday
just to stay sane.
It's hard to explain
this disdain for anything different
to the stinking mundane that is my life.
I desperately try to sustain it by going out of my way to contain and control everything to obtain order.
So there is nothing new
Everything here the same.
like some sort of lame game
that's to blame because
I'm ashamed to say
that I'm addicted to it.
A convict in my own brain
Beginning bloody battles
Bish! Bash! Bosh!
Trying to be evicted
cause I'm conflicted
I resent being restricted
but I'm twisted
and wouldn't know
what to do if I got out
it's not just mere
bout with self doubt
about being scared
from swaying from the footpaths
No it's not being scared
it's about disappointment
I'm too acquainted
with my own containment
Of the same
that if I was to compare
my way to another
I'd be full of despair
I'm not prepared
to juxtapose anything
But I suppose that's normal
it's not insane thinking.
This inkling I've had is humane,
human nature.
so I proposed that
the only way to change
and end my affliction
is to expose myself to the abnormal
without being so formal.
The simple act stepping outside out of my comfort zone
away from the dull drone
is the start
with a little effort
I can look at life
through my rose-tinted glasses
La vie en rose!
engross with all things new
everything that is composed
of this Earth,
is now worth so much to me
I'm no longer afraid to compare
I loudly and proudly proclaim
that I do not take the same way
sometimes I sway from the mundane
cause I've ordained my self as a free man.
brand new me, who's not scared to see or be or even peruse the new.
This pure philosophy is the cure and is now imbued in my soul.
So on that overdue cue,
I bid you adieu

Spoken Word piece
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Finding my way in the Universe
Pamela Rae

Finding my way in the Universe
sometimes is a journey of many twists and turns.  
One day I will be so sure
that I have things figured out,
that I know just where I am going,
where I've been, and where I am in the here and now.  
But oftentimes,
reality is a hard surface to land on
I find myself feeling bruised,
shaken from the harrowing fall to truth.  
But then moments later--
a piercing thought of such beauty and awareness
seeps in and I realize that once again,
(My Own Truth!) 
No one on this earth,
in this life, or even in the lives to come
can control my destiny, my reality.  
I am the sole PILOT.
And I am finding my way!

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**No way out..**
Ashanti Adele Jones

Pregnant , by somebody ,
misfit , another nobody...
Problems coming from everybody..
No way out..
Get rid of the doubt,
prohibiting my insanity....
It's too late, to kill my only baby...
Now I'm stuck with this thing, you call humanity...
End it now...

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