So I shall treat you that way,
Apr 6

You wanna act like everything's okay,
So I shall treat you that way,
Until the day you decide,
That you don't want to stay away.

It's alright for things to be this way,
You're not ready yet
I won't try to make you sway.

Even if I want to -
I can't make you stay.

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and turn around on this one way street.
Amanda Kobryn Poe

I just don’t know how to feel
when I know what happened between us was real.
My life without you is going fine
although I can’t get you out of my mind.
I relive that night over and over.
When I see you around, I fight the urge to pull you closer.
I want more of you.
I want another night, preferably even a few.
I wish you wanted the same
so I can hear that sexy voice moan my name.
But why do I want you when you don’t want me?
You change your mind all the time it’s so clear to see.
Now I know I should leave you alone
and stop expecting to see your name pop up on my phone.
But I don’t want to accept that I can’t have you again,
that what happened between us is over before it even began.
Since you don’t want the same thing,
I’ll move on silently hoping for my phone to ring.
Until then, I will stand firmly on my feet
and turn around on this one way street.

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The way she acts,
Mar 18

that's what she is.

The way she acts,
shows her kidness.

The way she walks,
shows her presence.

The way she talks,
shows her intelligence.

The way she looks around,
shows er cautiosness.

The way she writes,
shows her expirience.

She's a young girl,
with an old soul,
that's why
I love her.


I wish you wrote this
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That made me feel like the way I do.
Marnelli Abian

Perhaps I fell in love with parts of you

That made me feel like the way I do.

The way you frustrate me

When you prefer not to see

How I look at you with sympathy,

Because she chose to break your heart

And now you’re torn broken and  apart.

The way you make my poetry stink,

because I ran out of words to think,

your name solely runs in my mind

other rhymes I cannot find.

I should write about what I feel

and stop trying to understand you

Perhaps I couldn’t and never will

Make you feel like the way she do.

The way you make me stay stirring

Until four in the morning,

Just to listen to the stars tell me

How your current heart is mourning.

I’m always here for you

    when you’re happy



     and blue.

I care for you

At least, I hope you knew.

But why is it that the more I let you see

All these little parts of me

The more you silently cry

And leave me wishing for good bye?

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Hours of open road and
Every mile brings
Closer to

h.w. i missed you dearly
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