where there is a will there is a way
Shreya Agarwal
Shreya Agarwal
Jan 14, 2012

Many think
this world is selfish
many think
the people to  be fake

Still there goes a saying
where there is a will there is a way
but that person did leave it incomplete
as for me i think that later....
Don't expect anythinng in return and say the above mentioned lines

this is all cause
this world knows how to take
but dosen't offer back anything in return
people mark my words and take your turn

you may be good to others and that's your will which will show you the way
but don't expect the equal pay
for in this earth there most are fake and the rest are pale who cant even give a note on your distress
But they are way too far just for others

now you may think that life isn't fair
but let me say this even goes for yourself
Yes! you can't even trust yourself in some parts of you life for
the confusion between your head and your heart
you fall way too apart
it's just your soul you can fool and make your way
cause that's the only thing that will always be there

#soul   #way  
the way by which we follow.
Jonas Gonçalves
Jonas Gonçalves
May 22, 2014

At first sight
it might seem tempting.
But we've been fooled for so long
that neither more we care.

My lucid thoughts
I carry inside the pocket
of an old coat,
because I don't wanna seem a philosopher.

We know how wrong is
the way by which we follow.
But the necessity of locomotion is
what provokes that.

We know how useless is
to look for another exit,
another answer or solution,
even knowing that existing is the solution.

#thoughts   #way   #choices   #solution  
the way he looked at her
Sep 12, 2014

he smiles
when she talks
even about the most unimportant things
his eyes
full of adoration

he brushes
her hair away
as she waves her hands about
describing her day
his eyes
full of love

he slings an arm
around her shoulders
while she walks
along the hallway
next to him
his eyes
full of admiration

the story of love
in the winter
kept both of them warm
or perhaps
it was just
the way he looked at her
like she was the most precious thing ever

it is the kind of love we all wished we had
#love   #story   #the   #way   #adoration  
I want to open eyes, to show others a way,
Peter Krespan
Peter Krespan
Aug 14, 2014

Where am I going, what do I seek?
Do I truly inherit it all if I'm meek?
And if I inherit all this, the earth,
Do I stay the same or encounter rebirth?
Am I meek if I'm gullible and get pushed around,
Or am I meek if I rise up and stand my ground?
I want to open eyes, to show others a way,
To let them truly see their lives surpass day to day.

#a   #way   #wheres   #willful  
melina padron
melina padron
Dec 10, 2014

your name rings so loudly
in my mind
that i cannot hear anything else

your touch was like a
roundhouse kick to my brain
short circuiting everything inside

your love was like a glacial age
your cold nature
sucked everything in dry

your departure was like a nightmare
one where time is elapsed
and you don’t remember my name -

you don’t like me like that.

#love   #two   #way   #mirrors  
That is the only way to my destination.
Dec 13, 2014

Flowers stay away from my path.
Thorns is what I want on my track.
That is the only way to my destination.

#my   #way   #destination  
*Just across the way*
Apr 22

Hes right there

Shes right there

Just across the way

He looked at me, I hope he didn't notice me blushing

She looked at me, I hope I didn't blush

He blushed when he looked into my eyes

She blushed and I realized that I was blushing too

She smiled at his blushing and giggled a bit

I blushed deeper as she smiled, and I smiled back

He smiled back

She was smiling

I probably looked stupid

But I don't care

I love him

I love her

But he doesn't see

But she doesn't see

I hope he likes me back

I hope she likes me back

This whole thing may have been a bad idea

What if my heart gets broken again?

Stop thinking that

It'll be worth it

That's why you fell in love in the first place right?

#the   #way   #across  
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