the way by which we follow.
Jonas Gonçalves

At first sight
it might seem tempting.
But we've been fooled for so long
that neither more we care.

My lucid thoughts
I carry inside the pocket
of an old coat,
because I don't wanna seem a philosopher.

We know how wrong is
the way by which we follow.
But the necessity of locomotion is
what provokes that.

We know how useless is
to look for another exit,
another answer or solution,
even knowing that existing is the solution.

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No, my friend, you have gone all the way
Pieter Meyer

No, my friend, you have gone all the way
Long ago.
You do not know any half measures,
Because you give everything you do,
All you have.
Your presence is the salt in the meal
Of life, for so many.
Your calm character, if scientifically
Replicable, is substantial enough
To cause world peace,
If only they wanted it.
So no advice, or wisdom, or platitude
Could make a difference to your attitude -
Just continue to be who you are
And we will remember, from afar
The time we spent together
We will remember, for ever

For a buddy turning 40 today......if I can, for the rest of my life, just grasp a fraction of who you were in your first half, I will be a blessed man...
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The way you loved you
Alyson Rose

I was so delusional
Thinking you were the one
I know you weren’t
Because of my urge to run

I was so hysterical
When we said our goodbyes
Said I wasn’t the one
And looked me in the eyes

But deep down somehow I knew
In my darkest moments
And sometimes in the playful ones too
You weren’t capable of loving me
The way you loved you

So that’s why I’m lucky
Grateful you set me free
So glad I found my way
A way to be happy

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So I shall treat you that way,
Apr 6

You wanna act like everything's okay,
So I shall treat you that way,
Until the day you decide,
That you don't want to stay away.

It's alright for things to be this way,
You're not ready yet
I won't try to make you sway.

Even if I want to -
I can't make you stay.

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the way he looked at her
Sep 12

he smiles
when she talks
even about the most unimportant things
his eyes
full of adoration

he brushes
her hair away
as she waves her hands about
describing her day
his eyes
full of love

he slings an arm
around her shoulders
while she walks
along the hallway
next to him
his eyes
full of admiration

the story of love
in the winter
kept both of them warm
or perhaps
it was just
the way he looked at her
like she was the most precious thing ever

it is the kind of love we all wished we had
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I want to open eyes, to show others a way,
Peter Krespan

Where am I going, what do I seek?
Do I truly inherit it all if I'm meek?
And if I inherit all this, the earth,
Do I stay the same or encounter rebirth?
Am I meek if I'm gullible and get pushed around,
Or am I meek if I rise up and stand my ground?
I want to open eyes, to show others a way,
To let them truly see their lives surpass day to day.

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I had dreamt a dream
                So it would seem
                     And in that dream
                         Things would gleam
                      Gleam with a light
                That shone so bright
Just to show what was right

I love the way you love me
May 15

I love the way you love me
I love the way you kiss
I love the way you whisper
And that I truly miss

I love all things about you
Even the flaws you have
For when I love somebody
All I can feel is love

I love to think about you
I know that you are mine
I want to hug and kiss you
This love's truly divine

I love you till tomorrow
For always I will care
I'll keep your name in my heart
Forever love I swear!

Just a scribble with 7/6 syllables
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The way she acts,
Mar 18

that's what she is.

The way she acts,
shows her kindness.

The way she walks,
shows her presence.

The way she talks,
shows her intelligence.

The way she looks around,
shows er cautiousness.

The way she writes,
shows her experience.

She's a young girl,
with an old soul,
that's why
I love her.


I wish you wrote this
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Oct 19


Yes, I believe I was...
Or, at least about to be.

© + ® ajfh, 18/10/2014.
Taken from the book “Mentalfund” (pdf available here):
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