I hate pickles
Samantha Marie

I hate pickles
neon green colored cubes of sweet bitter vinegar fermented cucumbers that have lost their identity in green no. 3
and dealing with oblivion seems like
(green pickles)
......disgusting and
it makes me lose my identity.

so please give me adrenaline for
whenever my heart sinks
so I don't fall into oblivion

like pickles

read read read
love eating pickles
hate snow
Oct 19, 2013

love eating pickles
love putting pickles in my shoes
love the pickles on my toes
love that stinky pickle smell
love eating pickles

needing refreshment in oswestry,

later rather than sooner,

crept up the chalk painted

staircase, seems to work

well, in this case.

i note the dstressed nature

of the furniture.

this place.

having regular coffee,

a fruit scone will

certainly do,

i listen to the server, who

clasping the china teapot,

tells us revelations

of those who live, who divorce

and warm the pot.

i have to say that

the scone was lovely.

later i bought a potting bench.


that pickles
Wolf Spirit Poet

next time you think
that life is a pickle
try to keep in mind
that pickles
begin as
cucumbers are delicious
come to think of it,
so are pickles

drat! now i am craving a cucumber and butter sandwich
pass me the pepper, will you?
Pickles Mcburger
May 3, 2014

Sk8 for lyf

I am punx

Shut up mom n dad

I'm 2 kool 4 skool lol

Crunk. Yolo.

ur nut the boss of meez

Im gunna play gaia online

Sk8 like t0ny hawk

Sk8 or die

Arrest me, i'm a sk83r

He was a sk8er b0i


Sm0k c1gs

c8illin wit my br0z

v4ns w4rp3d tour


Pickles Mcburger
May 3, 2014

One time within thee grass

I bent to wipe my ass

And where the paper thou?

For this I shall not know.

I sat in much despair

My muddy pubic hair

Drenched in a mud of brown

My whole world upside down.

Across the field I call

A fair maiden and where all

The grass spread like ROM

This maiden was my mom.

Alas! I called to three

A motherly lady

Who gave me parchment for the anus

I thank thee maiden, For not wiping is heinous.

Pickles Mcburger
May 3, 2014

I see a large, muscular men

He is strong, like hen.

Look at your chin.

He comes up to me.

"what's up good lookin?"

I romantically gaze in his eyes.

"get away from me, you creep, this is a library."

The man pants heavily, with his bulge in his right hand.

He steals my little brother and does the magic dance.

All of a sudden, it consumes me.

The bulge is life.

I am the bulge.

The bulge is the labyrinth.

We are the bulge.


The bulge.

David Bulge Bowie.


The bulge.

I sensually rub pickles
Pickles Mcburger
May 3, 2014

I sensually rub pickles

on your torso.

My lust for you

is like black coffee.

Really strong with an after effect of diarrhea

I am jittery for you my dear

Let me rub this yo-yo all over your ear.

A thief broke into my house

and saw a naked grandma

so he left.

Fried pickles distract, but
Mar 26, 2012

Salty with a tang
My Great Aunt Nita’s little gift
To make us happy…
They are
I’m not
I worry like a mother about her child
She’s gone again
Dead to the world
No matter how much shaking and calling I do
She’s gone
Another breaded miracle in my mouth
Momentary bliss, a high
Then the crash
Fried pickles distract, but
Once reality returns
I’m still worried
She’s still gone

and Pickles from the jar,
Gypsy Bard
Gypsy Bard
Oct 20, 2014

and Pickles from the jar,
and tiny little cars,
lined up against a hospital, far.

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