I hate pickles
sweet ridicule
sweet ridicule
Apr 7, 2015

I hate pickles
neon green colored cubes of sweet bitter vinegar fermented cucumbers that have lost their identity in green no. 3
and dealing with oblivion seems like
(green pickles)
......disgusting and
it makes me lose my identity.

so please give me adrenaline for
whenever my heart sinks
so I don't fall into oblivion

like pickles

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Sep 16, 2014

I feel like a pickle in jar.
Drowning in salty tears.
Waiting on a shelf for
someone to want me.
To drag me out of this
lonely jar and take a bite
of my tear soaked body.
I am waiting for someone
to tell the difference between
a cucumber and a pickle.

Written: September 16. - 2014
#love   #lonely   #tears   #drowning   #waiting   #bite   #pickle   #cucumber   #shelf   #jar  
I sensually rub pickles
Pickles Mcburger
May 3, 2014

I sensually rub pickles

on your torso.

My lust for you

is like black coffee.

Really strong with an after effect of diarrhea

I am jittery for you my dear

Let me rub this yo-yo all over your ear.

A thief broke into my house

and saw a naked grandma

so he left.

Priscilla Leglette
Priscilla Leglette
Mar 27, 2015

It was quite a pickle,
I have to say.
It haunted me,
Both night and day.
You may believe
One's never scary-
But this pickle had me
Very wary.
My friends they said
"For HEAVEN'S sake,"
The pickle's only
A piece of cake!"
So they went ahead
And took a slice
Now they could see
It wasn't nice
A rather bitter taste
It did supply
A rather salty cake-
Their mouths were dry
And without water
(The pricy job,
Of digging a well)
They began to sob
See this did nothing
But deepen their thirst
This pickle of mine
Was one of the worst
They were awful busy,
They wouldn't chat
So I stayed to talk
To my hairless rat.
And it had me concerned
That the pickle had me beat
And would run off with my tongue
Down Mountainview Street
He said the pickle would make me
A fool in this town
This thing would convict me
So I swallowed it down.

#poem   #funny   #of   #sorrow   #piece   #cake   #humour   #quirky   #pickle   #allegory  
Pickles for one
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann
Sep 11, 2013

Pickles for one
Pickles for two
Pickles for some
Pickles for few
Pickles for smiles
Pickles for laughs
Pickles in wholes
Pickles in halves
Pickles for Henry
Pickles for Sue
Pickles for everyone
Pickles for you

Nov 6, 2015

tangy taste of pickle
with hot white fluffy rice
from your  rice cooker

#food   #hot   #pickle   #rice  
Sep 30, 2015

Tickle my feet they stink )()()()() my name is pickle

#pickle   #foot   #feetsies  
Pickles for Bread and Butter
Mar 22, 2015

A Pickle is Many Things
A Kosher Dill, A Gherkin
You can Pickle Beets and
You can pickle pigs feet
Pickles for Bread and Butter
Sweet Pickles Canned by Mother
Pickled Herring can be found or
Pickled Eggs that are so round
A Pickle's a fine thing to be
But...don't get yourself in a Pickle

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack

Note to self Get Pickles
love eating pickles
hate snow
Oct 19, 2013

love eating pickles
love putting pickles in my shoes
love the pickles on my toes
love that stinky pickle smell
love eating pickles

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