Vincent S Coster
Vincent S Coster
Nov 20, 2016

Dropping bombs on hospitals
That's the way to go
If you're a raging tyrant
And want the world to know

This poem is a response to the sickening sight of hospitals being flattened in Aleppo.

A hospital isn't a home
There's no room for emotions - and no space to cry
A hospital isn't a home
There's no hugs and kisses - and no one knows why

A hospital isn't a home
And does anyone really care
A hospital isn't a home
But I can't be anywhere but here

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Ivy Grace Bell
Ivy Grace Bell
Jun 28, 2014

Golden light spills out,
The only mess in this place,
I won't have to clean.

#mess   #light   #work   #job   #hospitality  
Nov 15, 2014

~I stare into the white walls of space,
Eyes looking at me sorrowfully,
I wish I could just say,
“It's okay- this happens everyday!”
But then they would be even more sorry.~

When I am the hospital...
#rosie   #hospital  
Feb 1, 2015

it was so blank
and lovely
and cold
an adventure!
and nightmare
and peaceful
and terrifying
and quiet
and loud
and interesting
and boring
and lovely
and lovely
and lovely.

everyone says they want to go home. i guess i'm more fucked up than i thought
andrea hundt
andrea hundt
Jan 22, 2014

This is where your heartbeat lingers:
somewhere between hospital bed sheets
and the new-found aching in my chest.

The bed in which you slept
has been soiled by silent tears
and your nervous sweat.

You were always home to me,
but I was robbed by all your misery.

Replace your sorrows with an absence
of yourself, and I'll make my home
in your hospital bed sheets.

For some, this is a place of miracles.
For us, it's one of tragedy.

forever writing about suicidal friends
M Eastman
M Eastman
Apr 2, 2015

in reverse trendelenburg
hot blood flush rushes
to my face
vision blanks the time being
and scarlet feverfew dreams
come with bills of ignored mail
why did they pour sand all over my bed
Im helplessly brushing notes
of blackbird wings
all because I wanted to give up

#dream   #attempt   #stand   #shake   #hospital  
Lillie Frank
Lillie Frank
May 24, 2015

Hospitals remind me of my father.

The chilly fluorescent lights stinging.
So much pain, but
It has to go somewhere.


Most people forget it exists until it's too late-
Life or death,
And maybe hope.

She wasn't as gentle as I would be,
Spoonfeeding him.

His back, crooked, hunched.
His gnarled hands, like weathered wood.
My head on his chest.

I remember late nights,
Doing homework on my lap.
Pinching siblings overwhelmed by boredom.

I barely recall the sound of his voice.

Adrianna Aarons
Adrianna Aarons
Dec 4, 2014

you don’t deserve to be here. you’re not crazy, your heart is just shattered to pieces far too small to put together again. i’m sorry.

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