Deepening Wells
Deepening Wells
Jun 20, 2013

She is lonely
Her heart, body, and soul
Screams to the heavens and to the underworld for a lover
Looking for someone to love her and to want her
Not only physically, but emotionally too
For someone to notice her when she's out of balance and out of care
Someone who will free her from her mind
Someone who will make her heart a whole
Someone who will appreciate her, respect her, care for her
Someone to give her heart to, and more
Someone to be free and open with
But no matter how loud she screams
It hasn't came yet
Her lover ceases to exist
And she remains to keep herself locked up inside
And let her silence intensify

#love   #heart   #lover   #exist   #locked   #ceases  
Let's cease this peace,
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
Oct 5, 2016

Let's cease this peace,
God bless this blitz,
for peace we hiss,
war's such a bliss.

See enemies
on their knees,
let's kill them, whizz!
Dead bodies, squeeze
in one grave, please!

Don't break, don't ease,
let's cease this piece,
for war's a bliss,
God bless this blitz.

#war   #peace   #fire   #dead   #cease   #ceasefire  
Zainab Attari
Zainab Attari
May 9, 2014

I ceased one desire but that gave birth to another.

-Zainab Attari

#life   #desire   #end   #10w   #cycle   #birth   #cease  
For your sweet melodies to cease
Olivia Choi
Olivia Choi
Nov 22, 2014

I think I'm letting go

I think that it's time

For your sweet melodies to cease

And my sufferings to die


Kiara Claire
Aug 21, 2015

I collect happenings of each passing day
and stored them into separate sections of my archive
Sometimes, I attempted to take a file out from a particular section
I would often be greeted by a void or a message that says
"Your search did not match any documents"
Then it occurred to me that it no longer exists.

iting for the millitary family gloom to cease
Peter Robert Hamilton

it's kind of crazy how much my family has moved
Before we even gain momentum we lose our groove
We commonly hear gone so soon?
I'm just the dark side of the moon
Waiting for the millitary family gloom to cease

#poem   #poetry   #life   #gloom   #cease   #millitary  
Bianca Wilkins
Bianca Wilkins
Oct 27, 2014

My hopelessness has expanded.
The love that I had for the world is drowning
into the depths of the ocean.
The only light that I could possibly see is the one
down in hell,
Where I shall burn forever by the reason of my sins.
My love for my life has ceased to exist at all costs.
But I pray to a higher power that I do not believe in to save me from myself.

#sad   #depressed   #faith   #ceased  
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