I watch myself
Christopher Withers

I watch myself
watch myself
watching their dance,
my action is actioned
by panel and plan

Significant thought
to trivial task,
I find myself missing
that which I've hatched

Impromptu I can do,
in scrutinies stare,
replayed ad infinitum
pretend I don't care

When waiting has waited
and I dare to break free,
will the watcher be waiting
or will I be free?

Mar 14, 2015

Planes crashing
Towers exploding
News covering
Tears forming
Men falling
Videos created
Uprise roaring
The whole world
In baited breath
Death all around
It started with a hijacking
Or maybe a bit before
But we are resilient
We shall NOT be brought down screaming

I am currently studying a poem based of off 9/11 and formed this in my head while reading it. Although it doesn't quite capture the true emotion by this particular event, I hope it gets that across.
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I am watching,
watching here
alone tonight,
watching as
The clouds float
by, and the night
goes whispering

Watching you, asleep tonight.

I write this in a room of sleepers, and I cannot help but wonder, what they dream, this fine tonight.
Apr 1, 2015

I'm here
Watching you fix your tie
With the grace of a clumsy seal
Who got drunk
On the verge of tomorrow
And the brink of today

I'm here
Watching you stride out
With the hopefulness of a child at Christmas
Who won't go to sleep
For Santa will arrive
At midnight

I'm here
Watching you speak to the crowd
With the confidence of a frightened duckling
Who were recently hatched
Out of an egg
And into the light

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Oct 19, 2014

He watched,
She waited,
For the world to say,
'No more wars today'
But that will never happen,
And so,
He carried on watching,
And she carried on waiting.

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