The *Chameleon* is as beautiful as its surroundings
Oscar Fuentealba de la Vega

The Chameleon is as beautiful as its surroundings
So the surroundings affect the chameleon's beauty.
Yet, if there is no beauty around,
it'll be the chameleon who interferes with
the surrounding, being now the
"beautiful chameleon in a beautiful place"

An Asiatic goddess chameleon.
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Aug 21, 2015

Her eye's, Asian heaven's
Her hair, universal obsidian;
She camouflage's in the mountain's
An Asiatic goddess chameleon.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©earl Jane nagley dedication

Lora Cerdan
Lora Cerdan
Aug 4, 2014

in an attempt to fit a square
into a circle
she shed her skin
rearranged her face
into something you'd look at
she chose her words carefully
saying things you want to hear
she colored her hair white
but her soul remained
as black as the night

People don't really change, it's just the mask that falls off.
#love   #life   #fake   #people   #pretension   #chameleon  
I am your chameleon;
Phil Lindsey
Phil Lindsey
Jun 6, 2015

I am your chameleon;
I turn blue when you are sad
I turn green when you are jealous
And red when you are mad.
I turn yellow when you are afraid
And when you’re feeling down
I’m on the ground beside you,
In a somber shade of brown.

When the sun is hidden by the clouds
And nothing goes your way,
You can find me in your shadow,
I’m the one that’s turning gray.
When others seek to see me
They squint and look right through
Because, darling, I’m transparent
To anyone but you.
Pwl 6/6/15

#love   #colors   #chameleon  
A chameleon used to live inside me.
Jill Carter
Nov 12, 2015

A chameleon used to live inside me.
It helped me change,
adjust to my surroundings,
become someone new
at any given moment.
Thank you chameleon,
your work here is done.
I am ready to just be me.

She had a chameleon heart
Emily Anne Schumann

She had a chameleon heart
And a wandering soul,
But there was a fire in her eyes
That refused to go out for anybody.

#self   #heart   #fire   #her   #light   #wanderer   #chameleon  
Kimberly Semiday
Kimberly Semiday
Aug 3, 2016

When in nature,
chameleons will alter their original form,
in order to survive.

If you placed her next to those miraculous creatures,
she would put their shape shifting to shame.

For as long as she could remember,
she camouflaged her colors so she could survive.

She bended and molded to be
whatever people wanted her to be.

The problem with this is,
after the threat has gone,
chameleons will once again return to their truest form.

But for her it's always survival of the fittest.
And if you asked her,
She wouldn't know which colors,
truly belonged to her,

Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Nov 29, 2016

Frowning, glittering faces
They changed constantly
Lost the vision for loyalty
Where trust is a weapon
To tease someone's life

Put edges to the lines
You drew thier attention to
Then pick wisely, when
They change colours

People are untrustworthy (most of them)
When you trust someone (even your family members) expect them changing sides.
#love   #trust   #people   #change   #sides   #cheat   #careful   #wise   #untrustworthy   #chameleons  
Mr. Chameleon
David Moss
David Moss
Dec 24, 2014

A quaint little shifter

From purple to green

He can hide and appear

So funny when seen

With beady weird eyes

And a look of apathy

Don't be fooled by it's demeanor

It's as cute as can be

I'm talking of a lizard

Can be small as your thumb

They can make me go silly


But really, truly

I do love you

Mr. Chameleon

Sometimes, very very rarely, I write silliness.
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