Like a heart surgery
D Connolly
D Connolly
Jul 2, 2014      Jul 4, 2014

You said
The most brilliant thing
You said it was
Like a heart surgery
But he was only a
Surgeon in training
And had neglected to
Mention beforehand
That it was only
Exploratory cardiac surgery;
And it was just for his
Simmering curiosity
(He couldn't have carried
Out a simple angioplasty?)

That he cut the aorta
That's what you said
And his curiosity subsided;
And he left as you bled.

Someone I know used a brilliant metaphor the other day.
Sy Lilang
Sy Lilang
Jul 2, 2014      Jul 2, 2014

Minsan magtataka ka
Sa kung paano nagsimula
Ano ang dulot o sanhi?
Paano ang bukas
Kung ang ngayon ay wala na.

Makitid ang daan
Patungo sa kabilang espasyo
Malayo sa drogang gamot daw.

Naryan ang nars
Ang sekretaryang nanghihina
Mga eroplanong papel
Simbolo pala ng iilang humihinga.

Takot at may kirot
Umuusbong ang sanhing nakakasuka
Mga imaheng kilabot sa sikmura
Walang nakaririnig
Mananatiling pipi't bingi
Kahit sandali, kahit sandali lang.

Itim ang kulay ng pag-asa
Naroon ang pangarap
Naroon ang solusyon
Tila nag-aabang
Sa kakarampot na grasya.

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Makenzie Marie
Makenzie Marie
Dec 7, 2014      Dec 7, 2014

They shaved my head
and cut me open
took my skull
and my way of coping
My life had changed
in just a moment
I can't decide
but I might wish I hadn't done it.
I can't play
or practice
I have to be careful.
If I'm not cautious
with my head
I could instantly wind up dead.
My headaches aren't gone
and I'm still dizzy
all you really took
was half my aspirations.
I hadn't much warning
just a surprise.
And when I could easily die
every day is a compromise.
More just had to be taken away
because the last 13 surgeries
hadn't changed my day to day.
It's a brand new world I'm living in
where all my dreams are limited
and they're starting to run thin.
so here you have me
and I'm crying mercy.

six months ago I had a Chiari decompression on my skull. I finally have finished recovery. technically. But sill, my life is limited, and it always will be now. I can't get past that I'm 19 and I feel like I can't do anything. I know it will pass and I will get used to this and accept this with gratitude, but that day hasn't come yet /:
Neha D
Neha D
Oct 6, 2014

He doesn't need Intra Ocular Lenses,
To dismember my defenses.
Without a Stethoscope,
He can hear my heart,
He won't have to take an MRI scan,
To know where to start.
He won't need to inject a syringe,
To romantically unhinge,
My every multiplying cell,
Into a palpitating craze.
He won't need a lubricating gel,
To seduce and amaze.
He won't require to operate
Nor investigate,
Me from head to toe,
To plainly know,
That I'm besotted,
my insides knotted,
My better sense clotted,
In deep rooted feeling,
Of immense love.

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Surgery on high
Feb 22, 2014

New damage
new separation
and stitching
awaits sealing
and new union..
Knife and fork
breaking bread
for inner rising
in new strength..
Surgery on high
removed a rib
Eve's attraction
urges re-joining..
A line reading
linear distortion
yearns for
whole in-sight..
Surgery creates
and stimulates a
New Day...

May 1, 2013

"Count to ten"
one, two, three, four
Someone closes a door
I'm surrounded by masked men

A gleaming silver knife
I hear my angel weeping
A mechanical cruel beeping
A sick, metallic life

Everything is so white
Am I dying?
&, if not, why is she crying?
She swallows, "Don't follow the light"

This scares me a lot
  Never had it done
  I rather be in a different position
Than being only 1 legged

Lucy Tonic
Lucy Tonic
Sep 19, 2012      Sep 20, 2012

Someone’s got it in for me
Cause I’m not symmetrical
Tried to tell them what I think
Cause what it is I’ll never know
Spotlight makes my skin crawl
Just like their flawless tactics
Never meant anyone harm, but
Chemicals unwrapped my lips of plastic
What a strange sensation
When the devil really makes you do it
What am I paying for
I swear, the devil made me do it
Someone’s got it in for me
Cause I’m not balanced
Tried to tell them what I think
Amid shredded calendars
Wish my heart had a radar
So maybe I could make them see
If faced with such evidence
What would you think if you were me
To top off the weird union
Was a glimpse of a picture
You bet your life he showed you off
As a conquered freak in the tincture
Spent years crawling under rocks
Paranoid and spastic
Then one horrid night
Chemicals unwrapped my lips of plastic
What a strange sensation
When the devil really makes you do it
What am I paying for
I swear, the devil made me do it
I went out of my body
Then I went out of my mind

Feb 19, 2014

What if something goes wrong?
but... I love you

What if your career ends forever?
but... I love you

                                                      What if you die?

                               but.... No, you wouldn't do that... Right?

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