Surgery on high
Feb 22

New damage
new separation
and stitching
awaits sealing
and new union..
Knife and fork
breaking bread
for inner rising
in new strength..
Surgery on high
removed a rib
Eve's attraction
urges re-joining..
A line reading
linear distortion
yearns for
whole in-sight..
Surgery creates
and stimulates a
New Day...

May 1, 2013

"Count to ten"
one, two, three, four
Someone closes a door
I'm surrounded by masked men

A gleaming silver knife
I hear my angel weeping
A mechanical cruel beeping
A sick, metallic life

Everything is so white
Am I dying?
&, if not, why is she crying?
She swallows, "Don't follow the light"

Lilly Bug
Sep 24, 2011

It's like stepping up to a golf ball.  A white glove grips my left hand and an 8 iron dangles in my right. I slowly screw my tee into the moist ground. I place the white ball upon it. I think of the possibilities of what could go wrong when I strike the ball. I aim. I breathe. I think: back straight, arm straight, mind straight. I exhale. I swing. Then watch and wait, like hearing that sharp drone and waiting for the flat line to waver so I don't have to say, "I'm sorry, but there were complications."

Lucy Tonic
Lucy Tonic
Sep 19, 2012      Sep 20, 2012

Someone’s got it in for me
Cause I’m not symmetrical
Tried to tell them what I think
Cause what it is I’ll never know
Spotlight makes my skin crawl
Just like their flawless tactics
Never meant anyone harm, but
Chemicals unwrapped my lips of plastic
What a strange sensation
When the devil really makes you do it
What am I paying for
I swear, the devil made me do it
Someone’s got it in for me
Cause I’m not balanced
Tried to tell them what I think
Amid shredded calendars
Wish my heart had a radar
So maybe I could make them see
If faced with such evidence
What would you think if you were me
To top off the weird union
Was a glimpse of a picture
You bet your life he showed you off
As a conquered freak in the tincture
Spent years crawling under rocks
Paranoid and spastic
Then one horrid night
Chemicals unwrapped my lips of plastic
What a strange sensation
When the devil really makes you do it
What am I paying for
I swear, the devil made me do it
I went out of my body
Then I went out of my mind

rained-on parade
rained-on parade
May 15, 2013      May 16, 2013

Go in, don't come out
Go in, do not rise again
Go in, do not open your eyes
I say to myself as I breathe in the ether
Slowly watching the light above me blur and the voices suddenly merging
With the sinfonia in my head, I hear nothing and feel absolutely nothing
The doctor will cut into me with a ten-blade and I am sure of the awe
When he sees, I have no heart but an ersatz trying to pump sensation
Into my body; he will ask for another opinion and call in some more
To witness the shriek and horror and miraculous and amazing
Show in front of them; there will be a flash and my story is put into
Pictures to behold forever-- in books and minds-- coalescing reverence
And pain in a never-ending cycle
The girl does not have a heart, they will say; ask me so when I awake
But I am sure, I will not for I have made it clear
That I shall marry into the nothingness of a comatose alliance
Go in and do not come out, I say to myself
Constantly, so that I drift away into the abyss and never see myself home
Because you don't want me here, there, anywhere

I do not have a heart. Not anymore.
John Newman
Dec 7, 2013

Take a piece of your skull out of your head; it’s time to put in new tiling. Our organization skills seem petty when the maid forcing our hands is peering over our shoulder. That makes it third person. However, you must put yourself in the first person. “Stay in the moment to stay alive” they say. The mess in your room spreads into sections and within sections, objects, each of those objects reminding you of a different time or segment of your life. Past, present and future tenses are assimilated into each object’s aesthetic power. That power forces reconciliation upon your mind that lifts you out of the moment, or as some would put it, drags you down into the hole away from the moment. That’s why we made the sunroof, get some light in this dark room we use to store our cluttered thoughts. Not only that, but now we can lift ourselves out. Fuck the moment, I’m a messy dude.

Feb 19

What if something goes wrong?
but... I love you

What if your career ends forever?
but... I love you

                                                      What if you die?

                               but.... No, you wouldn't do that... Right?

Samuel Dickinson
Samuel Dickinson
Oct 25, 2012      Oct 26, 2012

if you cut me open
you would hear music

Nov 11, 2013

They ache and sting
As if they've been stapled shut then ripped open
By a big metal thing
But I can't stop
I can't stop
I am a word addict,
Seeking out my very next fix.
Even codeine can't lure me from the screen.

Kate Lyn
Kate Lyn
Feb 21, 2013

We've made iPhone covers for our hearts
So we can pretend that we're just texting when it feels awkward just connecting,
face-down on the pavement of another human soul.

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