Amanda W
Amanda W
Oct 15, 2014

That sound we make when noses itch inside.
We breathe in deeply, shut eyes, noses hide.
The squeal, "AH CHOO!" sounding like loud trains.
"Bless you," and "Thank you," our friends and we say.

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Nov 28, 2014

do not call me a liar
when you're sailing your boat
into vinegar seas
because my knobby knees
crushed you with ease
and you cried "don't hurt me,
please, please, please."

i wanted you dead
for all the wrong reasons
i killed you with time
through the four seasons
there isn't anything more pleasing
than your cotton mouth teasing
my long hair breezing
and you were sick with the flu,
always sneezing, sneezing, sneezing.


when you sneeze.
May 26, 2015

Let me be the memory
you see a glimpse of
when you sneeze.

Ah, ahh, ahhh, you

something not so sad today
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of what I speak, of course, is a sneeze
May 14, 2014

a tickle and a tease
a build up and release
of what I speak, of course, is a sneeze

w r e c k a g e
w r e c k a g e
Jun 13, 2015

how long have you been
coughing up blood
and sneezing i miss yous?

allan jain bonder

i cant stop sneezing
it took me fifteen minutes to write that
its my birthday but i dont deserve it
i realize myself in sharp bursts
slices between when its all mechanical
closing one eye to type and record it
look at my filthy fingers
scrub cuticles and continue
what abhorrent keys
clean those
behind me rhythmic tickling

I sneeze a
Mar 3, 2013

I sneeze a
I was just fine
But once I
It was over
For me
How does
Lead to the flu?

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