Nicole Dawn
Nicole Dawn
Jun 9, 2015

Pain is okay
Pain I can handle
Pain is quite simple

If you can't take it
Just go kill yourself

Hope is what hurts
Hope is what's hard
Hope is quite complicated

You see,
Hope is what keeps you alive
Beyond where you can't take it anymore

Hope is not as hopeful as it seems

#sad   #pain   #hope   #lost  
Patrick Sugarr
Patrick Sugarr
Sep 25, 2014

that one day
my poems
will be
of pure

one day
#hope   #hopeful   #bliss  
Apr 23, 2015

The grass will not settle
Beneath our feet

The sun will rise
With wondrous oranges
And sleep will come

That hope is not wasted
Tasting a twinge of regret
May make hope sweeter

That hope is real

Nov 17, 2014


You telling me to hope?

Hop! Hop!

Look at it go
One hop
Two hops

Hope is hopping away
and you tell me to hope?

#hope   #despair   #hopping  
Essa Freedom
Essa Freedom
Oct 28, 2014

I hope the world changes
I want a better place
I hope the women and children have more rights
I hope they are treated better
I hope women will over though the men

wolfgang elder
wolfgang elder
Dec 30, 2014

I do hope
you live a life
that you're proud of

I do hope
if you find that
you're in fact not

I hope
you have the strength
to start over

Lenny M
Lenny M
May 28, 2015

Hope won't  Lie,
Hope doesn't Shy,
Real Hope Never Dies

Light your candle during a storm and wait for the calm
#poetry   #hope   #10w  
Simon Christensen
Simon Christensen
Jul 21, 2014

i was hopeful
but you made me lose hope
i hope
you know that.
you do
'cause i can't tell you.

#love   #sad   #depression   #hope   #you   #me  
Gul e Dawoodi
Gul e Dawoodi
Nov 11, 2014

Hope lies within the heart
To us hope is belief
To us hope is a symbol of life
To us hope is a sign of wisdom
To us hope is patience
To us hope is peace
To us hope is a sword,
That kills the dark knights,
Heading towards our kingdom,
In the dark nights

Never stop believing!
Never lose hope!
♥ :)
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