Eddie Dogder
Aug 9, 2012

Nothing good
but hopefully
I'll be alright

The sea is churning
Nothing great
but hear it churning
Pulls me in

and not only my mind misses you
my skin does too
and my eyes miss the sight of your smile
my nose misses your scent

but you are not who i want you to be
and i figured by myself
i just miss the idea i have of you
and the love you give me

and you too

Hopefully You Talk To Me About ;
ANAIS Martinez

Hopefully You Talk To Me About ;
Everything About That Sun;
About That Record That Were;
That Evening Of Flowers.
And Hopefully While Iam
Writing You This You'll
Cry Hopefully!

Zac C
Zac C
Mar 31, 2013

After a long day of
and a long night of
a long week of
and a long year of
I'm over it.


Happy Easter!
Aug 30

When december comes
I can home to you
And love you again

Miceal Kearney
Dec 22, 2010

Extending my sleeves past my frozen fingers,
it is -3 and handles of anything
get extremely bitter this time of year.
I fork in splinters of silage
#235 pokes her head out through the feeder.
I have plans for you Missy Moo —
well: our progeny.

Provided you’re in calf;
provided you stay in calf;
provided you calf down successfully;
provided it lives long enough to be killed.
If not, I’ll probably sell you
and buy an in-calf heifer instead.
No pressure.

Feb 7

Will be the first step
Closer to healing
The entire wound
Not just the scratches and torn
Layers you've added during your

Hopefully this will make you learn,
Alicia Lawrence
Oct 19, 2011

You don't get it,
it will be too late when you do,
I'll be gone,
you'll be stuck like glue.

Give and take,
this is half game,
you know what they say,
no pain no gain.

Hopefully this will make you learn,
to grow and expand,
if you dont,
who knows where you will land.

The landing could be soft,
and easy to bear,
or it could be hard,
and you won't know who to hear.

This is my only plead,
the only form in which I can speak,
I just want you to realize,
unless you help yourself with me gone, you'll be weak.

Hopefully one day I'll do
Miya Pamutan
Dec 20, 2013

I'll get over you too
One day, I surely will
Right now, I'll say that
Maybe I really can't

Suddenly you just pop up in my mind
and  become the center of my dazes.
You appear in my dreams
Every once in a while

I cry because I just want all of these to stop
I want to forget
I want to stop expecting
I want to tell myself
There's nothing else left to do
There's no need to look back

I will forget you
Hopefully one day I'll do
And when that times comes
My heart's new and ready once more

so hopefully i'm one of the lucky ones
Dec 30, 2012

i'm  not one of the great ones
so hopefully i'm one of the lucky ones
i don't think and do what's best for me
or what i know is right
so i fail a lot
and maybe the point of life is to face and
conquer your weaknesses
well i haven't done that yet
in two decades
so it might be a few more lives
that's that
                      but i'm still sorry

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