Aug 8, 2012

I think we should all semi-colon close brackets or capital D,
we need to make time to just be semi-colon capital P.
Just be happy, maybe even throw in a colon close brackets.
Refrain from creating stress with semi-colon capital S,
on hearing an opposing opinion don't be offended, semi-colon capital O.
Just accept it, let go, there is no need to be so semi-colon forward slash.
Turn that open brackets around, there's no need to frown,
drop that greater-than arrow and take things less seriously.
Seriously there are many things to less-than arrow three in this world,
don't overlook the little things. Appreciate them.
Give them an open brackets capital Y close brackets,
maybe even an asterisk applause asterisk.

Send out the message, keep up that semi-colon capital D.

Sep 29, 2013

I can blame her all I want-

but she only ruined me

because I let her back


Late addition to the Emoticon Lexicon:
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

ʔ•ᴥ•ʕ = happy bear

ʔ°ᴥ°ʕ = depressed bear

ʔ⇀ᴥ↼ʕ = un-fucking-bearable

ʔ•‿•ʕ = grin and bear it

ʔⓧᴥⓧʕ = dead bear

and let's not forget Jeffrey Robbin himself:

ʔ•✡•ʕ = Jeff the bear-mitzvah Jew

Late addition to the Emoticon Lexicon:

ʔ•ω•ʕ = assimilated Jew-bear ~ sure, you can hide your religion and try to blend in at the WASP country club, but your humongous schnoz is a dead giveaway

"OMG, the fucking Jews are taking over Hello Poetry, just like they did Hollywood"
FYI: First of all, bitches, we invented Hollywood. If it wasn't for peeps like Jeffrey Robbin and Einstein,  you'd be watching your clothes dryer and speaking Japanese to your German friends.
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If you love me the way you're loving me so I should reciprocate like a robot,
then you're better giving the robot a blow job.
┗[© ♒ ©]┛  ノ(ఠ    ఠ‶)ᕗ
  8===D    © ´

an emoticon,
Cassie Mae
Cassie Mae
May 20, 2012

is one of those nights
when I just need to stare at the ceiling.

When I over analyze a word,
a punctuation,
an emoticon,
in an email.

is one of those nights.

© Cassie Mae Writings 2012
that your emoticon kiss :*
Feb 29, 2012

Do you suppose
within the blizzard
of transmitted text,
packed in bytes
and individually addressed
in such a way
that your emoticon kiss :*
and mind *: to you
may have met and smooched
in cyber space
before they 1 & 0'ed
the computer codes
that displayed on screens
our mutual affection?

the emoticon with one eye that’s bigger
Sep 19, 2012

no I don’t
sad face (pout)
and this is my problem
happy face (smirk)

I can’t take anything seriously
so I take everything seriously
I mirror bipolarly
my mannerisms scholarly
quite right
the emoticon with one eye that’s bigger
B.P.D. Artistry

maybe I am him…

And so I was filled with love on that emoticon. ♡
ashley m
ashley m
Mar 20

I heard the wind whispers
I felt the night breezes
I see the moon smiling
And so with the stars blinking
Suddenly, he texted
And we both chatted
He barely text, so
My heart is rising, like saying "I do"
We ended with a kiss icon
And so I was filled with love on that emoticon. ♡


Make yourself
     the beautiful man your father never was.
Baby, eat that pico.
     You, Your, You’re; sorry hermaphrodite,
but any one’ll work.
     Some jokes only make you reminisce
and empty
    those gorgeous green Glen laughs
and sorry blended tears
     into some kind of night.

But all is right.


We'll also flicker with emoticon implants.
Kristo Frost
Kristo Frost
Mar 17, 2013      Mar 18, 2013

All the best cover bands have leather jackets and aviators in play.
Feel the bodies burn.
Their polka dot calm pierces the noisy dark.
It slips between your lower ribs.
Trance hands in the air for shared emotion.
When the Sun dies out we'll light the world with disposable lighters.
We'll also flicker with emoticon implants.
Cold glitter on a dark planet.
Winky face.

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