As a child looks at a small bug with a magnifying glass,
Kelsie Cameron
Jan 25, 2011

Who is watching us?
How far does the chain go?
As we look at bacteria with a microscope,
As a child looks at a small bug with a magnifying glass,
Who is watching us?
Are we the bugs under the magnifying glass to others?
Sometimes I wonder
If such a thing is a possibility.
Will anyone ever know for sure?
Do the bugs under the magnifying glass or the bacteria under the microscope know we are watching them?
Or do they go on with there lives unknowing of our presence?
Are we as unknowing as them?
I wonder,
Who is really at the end of the magnifying glass?

I wrote this a while ago. I edited it to my taste, but most of it is unchanged.
Lidi Minuet
Lidi Minuet
Dec 7, 2014      Dec 7, 2014

A German Shepherd
puppy licking a leaf.

Lists of things he
longs to do longer than
the decoration of

Rain drops
wilting down
the side of his nose.

in his lungs scratching
to attention

He keeps staring
beyond the glass
as if there
is a promise about
to be fulfilled.

The girl on
the deck twirls
her umbrella
telling the dog
he can't go in yet.

She needs to enjoy one
more rain drop.

A rain drop that magnifies

Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox
Mar 11, 2013      Mar 11, 2013

We come in our joy
We come in our peace
We come in the middle
Of our darkest night
And our deepest turmoil
We magnify you lord
Through our spirit and
Love as we brothers
And sisters join hands
And allow your grace
And love and truth
To be magnified and
Reign upon this world
Let your holy reign take
Over and let your holy
Truth become our own
As we begin to become
More like you day by day
As we join in praise of your
Mighty glory and wonderful
Healing that you give to all
Of your children that seek
Your truth and your name
Give us strength to endure
So that we may magnify
You that much more fully
And allow our light and
Love to show to all of
The brothers and sisters
That are still stuck in the
Dark might know they
Are loved and magnified
By the same lord and spirit
That flows and magnifies
Us all if we can see it and
Feel it and truly know it
In our spirits and souls
We can begin to magnify
And strengthen everyone
Around us we become
Whole together in God

Sep 3, 2014

Underneath the microscope are all the fissures, cracks, and faults.
Trying to find the density of what things matter to us most.
Yet not all aspects have a visible measured weight.
Some may never tip a scale while others make our whole world shake.
We cannot change the way the seconds beat the clock.
Nor can we know the length of a road our feet have never walked.
Stumbling over mental cracks that turn to fissures facing faults.
Are we at the edge, or already falling as we try to magnify what matters to us.

If I ever catch myself criticizing something I don’t like about myself, that is neither a life threatening nor a destructive observation, I have to question my own thoughts and ask if this judgment is truth, or coming from a place of insecurity. If insecurity is the reason, which most times it is, I step out from underneath that microscope in which I stood, and walk into the light of reality. I realize that my purpose in life is not to analyze and dissection who I am, or even other people.

If we can shift our thinking, we can change our feelings. Our feelings control how we view the world and ourselves. Perception has power; it cradles both thinking and feelings.

Drugs are not all they're all hyped up to be ~
but neither is hype.

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Mychael The Enigma
Mychael The Enigma
Dec 11, 2014

An experiment
Nefarious intentions
That is all we are

Hitcha with the Haiku!
Jay Ash
Jay Ash
Aug 26, 2014

A gift from granny,
but running down the corridor at school, you fell
you shattered
harmless pieces of glass

but sharp
oh so sharp

and so six years ago,
with a small cut on the hand

you started a habit
that i'd never break.

Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose
Feb 19, 2014

I am not examining your flaws
Nor restraining you with obstruction of laws
But you seem to believe you've broken something
Becoming troubled and overcome

I hold no Gavel
Not even an ill thought
Time is forever changing
Our rights and our wrongs
You have not been sentenced
Nor are you judged

I only require patience
and a natural flow of occurrence
Stop fighting the current and let go
The sands may shift
but that's something we cant control

My grandpa mapped his life with this magnifying glass
Olga Valerevna
Olga Valerevna
Aug 24, 2012

Lately when I wander I step on shards of glass
I don't know where they came from or how long this will last
I take them out in pieces and place them in a jar
A puzzle to be figured out once I'm up to par

Meanwhile in my pocket rests a blackened frame
A trinket with a handle that's making me feel sane
I grip it with my fingers and hold it in my palm
And give these eyes a cover with my own salty balm

A gift I once received so I could go explore
It took away my fear to walk through any door
By it I saw clearly, my vision was repaired
Until I dropped it on the ground and thus became impaired


He tells me to walk backwards and trust my every step
My memory will guide me as long as I will let
Now I don't mind the piercings from the shards I pass
My grandpa mapped his life with this magnifying glass

Among the many things my grandfather keeps in his nightstand drawer, you'll be sure to find a magnifying glass (or several). This is so telling of his curious personality, one that I feel I've inherited from him.
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