I heard a dew drop
Malintha Perera
Malintha Perera
Nov 29, 2014

Early morning
I heard a dew drop
opening its white wings ;
each crack parted
a turning wave
a frost bubbling over.              
Within its eyes
the world was moving
in a daze.
About to explode
holding out to the sky
it coughed out life
a moist lick
on a coarse dry leaf.

© Malintha Perera

as the pearl dew of winter
Musfiq us shaleheen

Still I think of you,
a few drops of your tears
as the pearl dew of winter

@ Musfiq us shaleheen

Sometime tears seems me as pearl.........
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Austin Bessey
Austin Bessey
Jul 9, 2014

It's energy in the morning
Energy at night.
Getting me through work.
Always by my side
Doesn't speak, doesn't
Judge my actions.
Simply there always.

Unless I don't have money to buy it.

I could say it's like alcohol
But more addictive.
"I can stop anytime" I say
But that's untrue
It's my friend
In the simple green and red can.

Only one other knows my obsession
We share it
And that is why we remain friends.

I usually write somewhat sad or forlorn love poems and I wanted to try my hand at something a little more altruistic
#night   #and   #morning   #mountain   #dew   #noon  
Amidst the darkness,dew drops form across your petals.
Musarrat Bte Salam
Musarrat Bte Salam
Oct 27, 2014

Greenery, O you beautiful thing, barely visible in the wake of early dawn.
Amidst the darkness,dew drops form across your petals.
Sometimes visible like crystals at my lawn.
I look through you, the ray has hit your window,
As I try to grasp the details you reflect like a mirror,
You perish upon my gentle touch,
And here I thought you would turn into gold.
Oh my, I sure am getting old.
Searching for answers within the dew drops of the early dawn,
Knowing everyone just started to yawn,
And lift their sleepy heads,
Here I am standing,wondering where do these dew drops lead to.
Dew drops,you are like ripples of tiny bubbles,
But sometimes,I feel you are the tear drops that fall from the eyes of my own.
And sometimes,I think you are the drops of love from the vast ocean,
Endless,with no edges or corners,
Perfect in your own solitude.

#nature   #morning   #dawn   #gentle   #drops   #dew   #crystals   #greenery  
Morning dew,
Matt Koopman
Jun 13, 2014

Morning dew,
Will you prove to be
The warning sign
For the life unseen

The birds they flew,
But who knew
It is the present you see
Past tense, unwieldly

Flakes of eve
The silent sun
Makes us one
With the powers that be

Don't you see?

My time is thin
Thin like sin
As i try to rise above my demise
See my life from sacred eyes

Thoughts, they block
What i see
As i travel through the plains of 3D
Self aware of my disease

This is obscene,
Life must be a dream

These are lyrics to a song I wrote.
#love   #original   #lyrics   #song   #morning   #universal   #dew   #matt   #koopman   #totality  
The girl of morning dew
Nov 5, 2014

The girl of morning dew
shines in the early sunlight
sitting in still life
on a blade of grass

Don’t nudge it with your foot
for then she will fall
and disappear into the ground
and into the soft soil

Don’t shatter her
for she will be lost forever among the mindless
and though she swore to protect you
you promised to give your life for her

White and red are her colors
when your blood splatters upon the snow
for it is the time she freezes among the silver crystals
when the light no longer brings warmth
and she cannot save you this time

This time, you saved her
and you shattered
your shards evaporating
and your sense of sanity lost

In the real world…

#love   #death   #shatter   #insane   #dew   #realworld   #sao   #bloodoath  
Morning dew glistens
Jude Allen
Jude Allen
Jun 26, 2014

Morning dew glistens
as I play in the lily-
sunlight come to life.

Inspired by Her...
#love   #heart   #desire   #need   #yearning   #haiku   #soul   #light   #morning   #owned  
The dew is frozen.
Kate Deter
Kate Deter
Feb 15, 2013

The dew is frozen.
It glitters on the ground like crystal,
Diamonds to those who see.
It brings an edge to the world,
As though everything’s in sharp focus.
So ephemeral, this frosty dew,
Gracing us only so long as it’s permitted.
Its cold beauty is breathtaking,
And demands silent reverence.
So why, then, do people find it
Nothing more than a nuisance,
And yet gripe when its life expires?
Beautiful even in death,
The dew blesses our sight with its grace,
Reminding us that every so often,
Silence must be kept,
So that the world may speak to our hearts.

Neva Flores Smith
Neva Flores Smith
Jun 18, 2010

Can you see the precious releases as they dissipate
Inviting ardent admiration from us all
Appeasing the beseeching eyes of so many of us here
In the scattered dispersing of their fall

Such luminous wonders sustained by minute gestures
Of clarity in their mystical opaque releases
Appearing at first glimpse to stream from above
As if from the floodgates of secret places

A bountiful acclaim can be seen in the new animation
Of the recipients of these precious releases
As they blissfully absorb new life into their essence
Pleasing our eyes, with a beauty that never ceases

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Jason Nel
Jason Nel
Mar 20, 2014      Mar 21, 2014

Pierces of blue
slice through the empty.
Filling them up
with the pain that I truly yearn for.

For now;
plant the seeds
in my pierced wounds.

"I wish"
the rose beds would grow against my pale-tanned flesh.

A soft voice
with a beautiful and willing heart.
A heart
convinced wrong.

Someday I would like to wipe the yellow sky from your outer realm.
And be brave for the solar system.

A product of the false factory.

Factory of norm illuminated by lies.

But all I want is your recognition,
and for you to hold my soft-crystalline-rose-sighs...

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