The dew is frozen.
Kate Deter
Kate Deter
Feb 15, 2013

The dew is frozen.
It glitters on the ground like crystal,
Diamonds to those who see.
It brings an edge to the world,
As though everything’s in sharp focus.
So ephemeral, this frosty dew,
Gracing us only so long as it’s permitted.
Its cold beauty is breathtaking,
And demands silent reverence.
So why, then, do people find it
Nothing more than a nuisance,
And yet gripe when its life expires?
Beautiful even in death,
The dew blesses our sight with its grace,
Reminding us that every so often,
Silence must be kept,
So that the world may speak to our hearts.

Neva Flores Smith
Neva Flores Smith
Jun 18, 2010

Can you see the precious releases as they dissipate
Inviting ardent admiration from us all
Appeasing the beseeching eyes of so many of us here
In the scattered dispersing of their fall

Such luminous wonders sustained by minute gestures
Of clarity in their mystical opaque releases
Appearing at first glimpse to stream from above
As if from the floodgates of secret places

A bountiful acclaim can be seen in the new animation
Of the recipients of these precious releases
As they blissfully absorb new life into their essence
Pleasing our eyes, with a beauty that never ceases

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Jason Nel
Jason Nel
Mar 20      Mar 21

Pierces of blue
slice through the empty.
Filling them up
with the pain that I truly yearn for.

For now;
plant the seeds
in my pierced wounds.

"I wish"
the rose beds would grow against my pale-tanned flesh.

A soft voice
with a beautiful and willing heart.
A heart
convinced wrong.

Someday I would like to wipe the yellow sky from your outer realm.
And be brave for the solar system.

A product of the false factory.

Factory of norm illuminated by lies.

But all I want is your recognition,
and for you to hold my soft-crystalline-rose-sighs...

She wakes me with the coming of the day and
lays still beside my pounding heart.
What a fabulous way
to start

Infamous one
Infamous one
Nov 18, 2013

I like to help others but its hard when they are set in their ways
I have no choice but to stay away I give it to god and pray
Not trying to change anyone but I worry
Id like to express my concerns
Not trying to hurt you
But help get rid of your pain
Im no better or trying to offend
Get through the struggle
Live and enjoy life

As rose-leaves hold the dew.

I dream that he is mine,
I dream that he is true,
And all his words I keep
As rose-leaves hold the dew.

O little thirsty rose,
O little heart beware,
Lest you should hope to hold
A hundred roses’ share.

Kim Dew
Kim Dew
Aug 9, 2011

What should i say,
That is not a rhyme?
Poetry, not this time.

Mar 20

Never has the screeching
            been sweeter or less
            educated by pain.
Never has the ear-splitting
            dementia felt
            so sane.
Never have the boats
            so still.
Never has the water
            to kill.
has the right
and only children play
            clever games
            with words.

Kim Dew
Kim Dew
Aug 9, 2011

Black metallic steel
not as dark as the anger
that she feels.
She felt herself reel
as hard as the black metallic steel.
Stowing away her anger
she entered into the danger
through the doors
of the lonely more.

I have no idea what I am doing. Haha:)
but with morning dew settled
Larry D Thacker
Larry D Thacker
Mar 18, 2013

The spider’s web does not exist
but with morning dew settled
upon its strands

Morning dew does not exist
but by invisible webs spun
while all sleep

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