Fizza Abbas
Apr 11, 2015

Taken aback by
his sudden gazes,
his blushing cheeks,
his glowing eyes,
his shivering body,
forcing me to hesitate
with joy,
albeit it was
the paradox
of my own

that your gaze alone
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Sep 7, 2016

Has anyone ever told you
that your gaze alone
could calm the seas inside
and tame that wild tiger?

#alone   #calm   #wild   #gaze  
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia
Nov 29, 2014

he gazed at her
as if she was
a sunset,
and he felt
the universe
in the palm
of her hand

she gazed at him
as if galaxies
existed in his eyes,
and she felt complete
with his hand
holding hers

#love   #feelings   #sad   #simple   #gaze  
kris evans
kris evans
May 11, 2015

nothing ever so lovely....
caught my attention so far,
though smeared and melancholy,
its splendor spoilt in mar,

yet they recite in wean,
the lyrical memoir
of the eyes hazel green,
brimming with desire....

#eyes   #melancholy   #lovely   #gaze   #memoir   #mar  
joe perez
joe perez
Nov 14, 2014

Your glare weathered my coccoon
Leaving pores within my walls
So with each palpatation 
My thoughts bled out
i remain an empty shell till
U return the substance sustaining ur ego
And refrain from abusing my 

#empty   #thoughts   #shell   #ego   #cocoon   #fervor   #gaze  

for one second
i felt so alive
i felt intoxicated
i was captivated
by your eyes
they landed on mine
i felt the electricity flow through my veins
i felt like screaming
you smiled at me
i felt like i was reborn,
i've never felt so alive

#love   #eyes   #crush   #smile   #gaze  
Jan 30, 2016

I stroke your hair
Like soft meadow grass
Between my fingers
Breathing your air
Breaths like breezes pass
Over me, as our lips linger
Into your eyes I stare
Wanting this moment to last
Like gazing at clouds that bring us
Pools of shade
And cool warm days
To spend together
As we hold hands
And interlock our fingers

#love   #kiss   #metaphor   #relationships   #gazing   #cloud   #stare   #meadow  
Who taught you how to male gaze?
Lydia Cooper
Lydia Cooper
Jun 2, 2016

Who taught you how to male gaze?
On a day so hot it could cook an egg...
Was it your father
That told you my legs were sexual fodder?
Or was it your mother
Who said my tits are wild and for someone other than a toddler
Now while I'm proud to a woman
I also walk this earth as human
And your eyes make me despise
Every curve of my thighs
As much as I'm beautiful
My mind is also useful

Who taught you to male gaze
On hot New York days?

#male   #gaze  
To gaze on the face of Jesus,
Julie Grenness
May 19, 2016

To gaze on the face of Jesus,
A companion for you and us,
He is our forever friend,
His eternal love transcends,
A blessing that never ends,
Our Lord in no lingo limbo,
He shall survive infernos,
Ignorance ignites bigotry,
Fuelling phobias, no victory,
We could start a new religion,
For all our teeming billions,
Peace on Earth for humans,
For guidance for all of us,
A unique timeless love,
To gaze on the face of Jesus.

#love   #his   #face   #jesus   #unique   #at   #gaze  
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