Mohd Arshad

At a
On it.

‘who am I to gaze
Oct 8, 2013

Half a world away
No closer than two stars half bright
Half alive only half the time

And I the hapless gazer
The amateur enthusiast
The wakened soul who cries with the wolves
To the moon
‘who am I to gaze’
‘who am I to covet what I’ve left’

and they, far as the distant cosmos
form constellations with pins of flickering light
that I’ve never considered before
never known or cared to know
myths, and names, and stories that I
the hapless gazer
will only watch with a bleary jealous wonder

Passing nomads gaze with me for a moment
For a moment let me dress in their clothes
Eat from their table
Drink from their cup
For a moment
With the promise of return one day
To gaze with me
On their terms
For one more moment

fluidity? what is fluidity?
Machos, who like to hold the gaze
Scott T
Scott T
Sep 19, 2013      Sep 19, 2013

I catch glances
As I walk through town
Out with their mums
Who pretend to look off in the arbitrary distance
As I scan them
From top
To toe
And then the glances of their proud mums

Old women who huff
As I have the demeanour
Of a stargazing rapist

The odd freak
Who cheers me on with his eyes

Machos, who like to hold the gaze
Which I like to hold right back
Thinking of my father in a coffin
To return a calm, worrying stare

Sometimes a fleeting beauty will appear in a metro window
And both knowing of the ephemerality of our encounter
We fuck with our eyes
Before she is whipped off
Down the dark tunnels

I can hold a gaze with almost anyone
People are fascinating

I can hold all these gazes
Some men stare back
And I melt

Attention whore
Arrogant asshole
Do not seek acceptance or
Affection and attention make
a man sane
Remind you to exist
make you visible
Like that one fairy
fading without attention
Acknowledge my existence
And maybe I'll stick around to
The end

Luke Żammit
Luke Żammit
Mar 28, 2013

There she is,
The girl of mystery.
I always wondered
About her history.
Yet my thoughts all fade
Once eye contact is made.

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Infamous one
Infamous one
Feb 21, 2013

Stare of into the distance
Look into loving eyes
Gawk at a loved one
Stare down a rival
Always lookin at whatever crosses the eyes

Its like she stepped out of a dream, just to reassure me of the beauty and wholeness in Life. No one has ever looked at me the way she does, no one has gone that deep into my eyes. My mind was not racing, anxious or nervous. It was serene and in the present moment. She did not mind my silence, in fact I think she understood it and for me that meant the world. As we were down by the stream her body against mine I lay there in complete content. A comfort I have not felt in quite some time. Her presence felt like home, and my hand in hers natural

Mar 9, 2013      Mar 9, 2013

Once I dreamt
The sky was blue and deep
And dragonflies circle
I saw you lie back on a
Green patch of grass
I mean/ there was so much light about you
a circle around you of unbroken golden light
Your features were hand drawn
Shadows vignette And the sun looked +
On your skin

Thick white clouds of your laughter
Leak from the sides of your lips
You clap your hands along with the thunder
Imitating the lightning upon my heart
words of fire burnt into my skin

You stand in the middle of  the river
        Stags drink from your eyes
        Lighting bugs and bees circle your marble fingertips
I invite you to the garden
To see the statues
Swallowed by grasping hands of ivy that glow golden in the morning dew
Ask me to carry your sorrow.
Mingle blood with me beneath the full moon
The Golden circlet of your soul
The ecstasy of birdsong at first kiss
We dream as one
She and I
Suns and moons twist about us
The stars gentle culling us to join
In dance and song
We dream as one she and I
The sun
The River
The Grass
The Sky
Our son she holds upon her hip
A sweet song falling
From her lips
Summer June
A garden swing
My heart soars
On golden wing
‘Til autumn sigh
We dream as one she and I

Alice Baker
Alice Baker
Apr 15, 2013

I'll paint a picture of your eyes
And get lost in the depth
Of my oil paints: only jewel tones
In blue green and amber
And just like in reality
I will fall in to the realms  of eyes
So stormy that to capture one moment
Is a sin.

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