Fizza Abbas
Apr 11, 2015

Taken aback by
his sudden gazes,
his blushing cheeks,
his glowing eyes,
his shivering body,
forcing me to hesitate
with joy,
albeit it was
the paradox
of my own

Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia
Nov 29, 2014

he gazed at her
as if she was
a sunset,
and he felt
the universe
in the palm
of her hand

she gazed at him
as if galaxies
existed in his eyes,
and she felt complete
with his hand
holding hers

#love   #feelings   #sad   #simple   #gaze  
kris evans
kris evans
May 11, 2015

nothing ever so lovely....
caught my attention so far,
though smeared and melancholy,
its splendor spoilt in mar,

yet they recite in wean,
the lyrical memoir
of the eyes hazel green,
brimming with desire....

#eyes   #melancholy   #lovely   #gaze   #memoir   #mar  
joe perez
joe perez
Nov 14, 2014

Your glare weathered my coccoon
Leaving pores within my walls
So with each palpatation 
My thoughts bled out
i remain an empty shell till
U return the substance sustaining ur ego
And refrain from abusing my 

#empty   #thoughts   #shell   #ego   #cocoon   #fervor   #gaze  

for one second
i felt so alive
i felt intoxicated
i was captivated
by your eyes
they landed on mine
i felt the electricity flow through my veins
i felt like screaming
you smiled at me
i felt like i was reborn,
i've never felt so alive

#love   #eyes   #crush   #smile   #gaze  
Jan 30

I stroke your hair
Like soft meadow grass
Between my fingers
Breathing your air
Breaths like breezes pass
Over me, as our lips linger
Into your eyes I stare
Wanting this moment to last
Like gazing at clouds that bring us
Pools of shade
And cool warm days
To spend together
As we hold hands
And interlock our fingers

#love   #kiss   #metaphor   #relationships   #gazing   #cloud   #stare   #meadow  
Jan 12, 2015

I look up at the millions of twinkling dots in the sky.
I whisper under my breath maybe someday, I can reach out and touch the beauty the possess.

I've always wished to have such beauty, as the stars did.
The mysterious gestures they command lovers to do,
the physique and romance inter-wound with their mere existence.

I promised myself, that I would never sing again, if i could for one day, contain as much as an acute  palm full of the wonder these little specks hold among themselves.

And yet, as I ponder these continuous thoughts, I catch myself smiling, as if I was one.

Deyalyn Batista
Deyalyn Batista
Sep 26, 2014

You haven't seen me yet.
I turned off the lights
In fear of your eyes,
In shame.

Has anyone seen us yet?
If I let them,
Will He love me more?
Will He squeeze my chin
Dig into my chest
with a clawed fist
And proclaim it's my blood He
He craves?
I pray
to someday feel that pain.

"By God's grace I'll never be
what He intended."

Thats the reason
we live on the surface,
It's too hot inside.
But one day the Earth will open up
And swallow us all with  its
Scorching tongue and
Maybe then,
Steam ripping through flesh,
We'll all be seen.

#love   #eyes   #god   #shame   #power   #earth   #gaze  
Perplexed distraught opened my eyes to gaze back at the sky
Akhiz Munawar
Akhiz Munawar
Oct 7, 2014

I gazed at the moonless night brightly lit by a thousand stars
Listening the silent hum of my heart worn out by inner wars

Lost in a thousand thoughts spell was broken by a gust of air
Was surprised when realized my head bowed down in prayer

Thoughts were not accompanying my lips it all seemed a lie
Perplexed distraught opened my eyes to gaze back at the sky

I try God, I try taming my heart but doubt finds ways to creep
Telling it daily that He gives to His beloved even in their sleep

Following that path of righteousness when things go wrong
This world keeps mocking that for its tricks I am not strong

And then I saw a shooting star next moment it was no more
Realized strife’s are temporary our boats always get to shore

Remembering the times You got me out when things got rough
Forgive me God for my blessings I can never thank You enough

#prayer   #life   #eyes   #god   #stars   #strength   #sky   #blessings   #troubles   #gaze  
Amanda Hlavacek
Amanda Hlavacek
Oct 20, 2014

I need not
for starry nights.

I simply-
and you show me

How beautiful blue the night becomes
at the stars
that reside just under your skin

gleaming through your pores
an entire galaxy that I
have yet
to explore.

#love   #beautiful   #gazing   #stars   #galaxy   #night   #gaze   #newlove   #explore   #gleaming  
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