Crawling across the arid cactus wilderness
Chasing nothing but blue skied impossible dreams  
He followed the utopia of a wild exotic river wide
Meandering effortlessly through his mind made mirage  
Rippling downstream along sweltering cactus shoreline
Beneath the scorching azure desert sky
Flowing at the speed of loneliness  
Fleeting towards the refreshing Ocean’s tide

He searched charily through a labyrinth of chimera
While standing deliriously on the brink a sublime      
Spiny leaves awakened all sense of uncertainty
Mystic static air excites his sun wilted eyes
Enticing infinite reborn senses thrive alive
Rousing imagination’s magical archive reveries
Enkindling a cornucopia of inflamed reprise

A daydream of an erotic fragrant, vibrant flower
Pricking his heart with her natural delicate demure,
Drawing blood with her coquettish cactus quills
Tantalizing a figment a poignant hallucination's thrill
Inching slowly, slithering silently,
Sensibilities frayed, heart on his sleeve
Too thirsty to drink, once bitten, twice shy

Lingering at the crossroads of an exotic oasis
The illusion a nomatic basin river courses on
Zigzags, winds turning far, deep and wide
Swerves amongst mysterious tantalizing desert flora
Hidden bashfully behind a sun faded shadow's disguise,
Her taproot in a desert spring’s bedrock
Her beauty reflected in the shine twinkling in his eyes

A prairie wolf paces on the distant horizon
Vultures are gliding in the arid desert skies
Silhouettes gracefully soaring in hazy solar disguise
Coyote, was just listening to the ethers' muted sighs
The blustering wind howled the gathering dust
Blowing the drifting barren sand astir
Over the lonesome travelers’ trail of wanton lust
Caught-up in her sticky tangled web trying to free her

"Taunt and tease Prickly Pear blossom
Share the simple life of the prairie breeze
I’m crawling through pebbles and cobbles
Over bedrock through sand dune fields to the sea
Drawn to your fertile spring water oasis surprise
The thirst quenching splendors of your dalliance astir,
The impassioned esprit your abundant soul set me free"...

May 21, 2014 ...rivers reprise
crossing many rivers deep & wide
#love   #dream   #life   #rivers   #soul   #journey   #desert   #loneliness   #utopia   #mirage   #sighs   #oasis  
and Champagne Rivers
Tori Edwards

I will sit here
forever, me
Just wondering why
the blood in
cracked veins
Turns to ink droplets
and became words
on countless pages

This isn't pain
That was not love
Either way
we are F R E E
as animals

Is this an Ancient
Marmalade Sky
and Champagne Rivers
Where we will
float away to
something louder
Then a prayer

I am sewn back together
with no anesthetic
But my insides tucked up
Gloss and clouds
Our memories are worth
every penny

With colours and textures
we are floating away
Under Marmalade Skies
Champagne Rivers

#love   #hope   #people   #rivers   #skies   #orange   #champagne   #marmalade  
***Harlon Rivers***
Harlon Rivers
Harlon Rivers
Oct 13, 2013

wild waters call out their names
an ancient spirit within souls beckons

subtle utterance only heard
by the muse of adventure within
scholars of the poetic minutiae
     wild water’s flow

     cadence imbibes the river
the artisan glides
inertia of motion
dances with water
aplomb reader
     of untamed water’s nuances

     yin and yang
natural cause and effect
rollicks with the intricacies of flow
understanding beneath the turbulent surface
spontaneity with the gifts of naturalness
     riding gravity's pull
     go with the flow mantra
as water seeks its own level
springs from mountain high peaks
cascades, plummets, falls
the long journey back home
     all at sea

Harlon Rivers

October 13, 2013

Note:  big believer in do unto mantra
so this poem was written for and mused by a new friend
... SE Reimer, also known to me as friend or (Standing Proud Heart on Sleeve)
and our unlikely moment with a simple photograph

maybe you will help me read the water better
suggestions always welcome as this is unedited at the moment
away into rivers, floating
Scott Swanger
Sep 11, 2011

we were given the best
of each other or, at least,
that was the agreement.

we are both guilty
of something,
either way.

having burrowed out a grave
underneath your sheets, i still
feel safe inside the warmth
of your existence.

i have tied a noose around
our mouths, so that we won’t
ruin such art
with words.

and you cry, as if it will
matter after we have
settled the scores and
the blame.

your tears erode my skin
away into rivers, floating
down our (for now)
melted form.

i will stay until morning.
i will stay until morning.

and we will wash
away our sins
in clearer waters.

Chris Ott
Chris Ott
Nov 29, 2011

I stared into the river searching the ripples for
my next step, my next misstep, my next words,

then i realized the river doesn't give a shit about me.
and somehow, that was more soothing than you would

Rivers- Beauty's everlasting name
Erin Lewis

Smooth, cool
Ribbons of blue
Drifting gently
Or rushing greatly

Strong, light
Endless like the skies
Twisting, shifting
Through the land, flowing

They reflect the sky
When sunsets light it on fire
Becoming a living, moving flame.
Rivers- Beauty's everlasting name

rivers of metal
Jacqueline Le Sueur

rivers of metal
unable to flow
by sheer volume
in gorges of girded concrete

fingers drumming
frustrated heartbeats
on immobilised steering wheels
feeling the passage of
time that doesn’t wait

©Jacqueline Le Sueur 2010 All Rights Reserved
I think we all are rivers.
Wíštfûł Wáñdêręr

I think we all are rivers.
We need a direction
in which we can flow freely.

Feb 28      Mar 1

When I was sad
I asked you to hold my water
and as I emptied the glass into your hands
you began to cry
seeing me with the empty glass
the tears falling
into your open hands
you created a lake between the seams of your fingers
nourishing it with your own
and when I finally held my glass out again
when I had the strength to carry it
I asked why you were crying
you told me
"I merely hoped my tears were enough to make you see the glass a little more towards half full"

and that's when I knew I didn't deserve you

Aug 11, 2013      Aug 11, 2013

They appear as veins on earth's surface
as they grind, churn and intricately carve
pathways that appear as roadways
draping riverbeds with nature's scarves.
They twist and they wind gaining power
as they join streams and rains overflow
eager to release such spirit without abandon
into the sea's tides and wave's undertow.

To a dear friend, Harlon.
An inspiration to one and all.
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