Aaron Knockovich
Aaron Knockovich
Oct 11, 2014

Estrogen swimming,
Testosterone pumping,
Basically just another excuse for teens to drink alcohol and smoke weed.
But damn, if you get laid… props.

It would be my homecoming / Because I would finally feel the joy
markante korenwolf
markante korenwolf
Dec 13, 2016

I long to leave the city / To follow road after road / As I flee streets and streetlights / Until my car breaks down / And I continue on foot / In search of a darkness broken / Only by the starlight.

It would be my homecoming / Because I would finally feel the joy of coming home / And it would be my going away / For I could never long for the city / This way / I would find no reason not to stay.

The concept is that people can send me three words and I try to write a poem with them
#home   #stars   #joy   #street   #light   #city   #starlight   #homecoming  
Chaus V
Chaus V
Apr 8, 2014

I am building
Building a home
Return here after
After you've roamed
And back into
Into my arms.

I am building
Building a life
A getaway from
From your strife
To make what's
What's wrong right

I am building
Building a family
A place for you
You and me
Where we may live
Life life freely.

#life   #safe   #free   #renewal   #safety   #haven   #paradise   #homecoming   #asylum  
On this homecoming night
Hinkle Wan Vannah
Hinkle Wan Vannah
Dec 17, 2014

As the Mohawks straddle the goal line
We hold our breaths.
We need a win under our belts,
And this is the most important game of all.
I feel the tension in my stomach,
Now in my hand,
As you take it into yours.
Normally I would be thinking of you
But we are so focused on this touchdown
"Hike!" Shouts number 7, and there it goes.
Caught by 22.
Almost intercepted,
But not quite.
We go wild.
Hearts pounding
Mohawk fans cheering
We won.
You grab me in a huge embrace and
I can't breathe
But its not because you're holding me too tightly.
Without thought:
Thought of consequence
Thought of the future
Thought of pain
Thought of who is watching,
You kiss me right there and then
And even though your eyes are closed
I still see the blue in my mind from moments before,
Letting me know that it is okay to dive in.
As the cheering roar dies out
I see that blue again
Confused and happy
Or is that me?
On this homecoming night
We won
And I'm not talking about the team.

#love   #kiss   #teen   #cold   #football   #homecoming   #team  
caitlyn renee
caitlyn renee
Sep 1, 2014

i slipped the silk fabric over the curve of my hip and the scarred flesh of my thigh in a dressing room with three of my friends behind me, sucking in the fat of my stomach. they say black is supposed to be slimming but it only made me bloated; maybe the mirror was a liar (i know it didn't lie). an elephant with too-thick eyeliner and a too-thick body stared back at me and i bit through the skin of my lip till it bled and i wanted to live on some other planet where elephants were appreciated.

"that's the best one you've tried on yet," someone said, but i couldn't hear them over the red-eyed demon within me which whispered of shoving two fingers down the trachea, messy but quick, everything gone in an instant. if this was my best one, i was doomed because my eyes were glazed over with the misunderstanding that beauty would never apply to me.

"i'm just gonna go- go to the restroom-" and the red eyed thing inside me cracks its whip, takes over the nerves in my brain, makes my legs sprint to the toilets and it's over, it's done, the food gone among stomach acid, falling hair, and teeth erosion.

i can only imagine what the restaurant worker who was forced to clean rainbow-coloured vomit in the toilet thought.

this happened the other day. i cried a lot.
She was my homecoming queen
Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
Jan 11, 2016

She was my homecoming queen
She was the period to the end of my dreams
We conversed on the golf course that night
Her blouse unbuttoned
Her breast bare
Shadows danced across her chest
as the wind predicted rain
How I wished I remembered
what we said
But all I do . . . are spider bite kisses

How the years decay
Lucky in love
Lucky on death
Teeth that once were sharp
have been ground down
Homecoming Queen
My Homecoming Queen

#night   #queen   #homecoming   #golf   #inca  
The homecoming king
ezra warhol - jdotingham

The homecoming king
The one we believe
Got charisma hidden up his sleeve
But inside that inner shell is one hidden insecurity
Will he go down in history?

Prom is approaching and it is going to be a spactualular yet crazy night. For certain reasons...
#love   #angst   #fate   #teenage   #prom   #homecoming  
Homecoming Queen
Silence Screamz
Silence Screamz
Sep 28, 2014

Beautiful teenager
so smart and clean
Honor Roll, Glee Club
Homecoming Queen

The dance, the party,
enjoying the night.
Evil seeps in,
destroyed her pride

A cancerous pill
sinks down below.
Taking the sip,
Wouldn't you know?

Glazed stare, from her eyes,
not knowing the known.
Steps in the abyss,
blackness be stoned.

Minutes to hours,
hours to days,
This homecoming queen
has lost her ways.

Three days have passed,
naked, afraid.
Miles from home,
Memories are fade.

The devil creeped in,
destroyed her soul.

#lost   #queen   #homecoming   #ghb  
ou could have been shit faced wasted at homecoming and that made me sad because that night
Hannah Holliday
Hannah Holliday
Jan 22, 2015

I think the saddest thing that I ever heard you say was that you wish you could have been shit faced wasted at homecoming and that made me sad because that night for me was perfect and I never want to forget it.  I slow danced with you at homecoming and you looked at me with big wide sober eyes and i felt butterflies.I thought for a second that you would kiss me, I wanted you to so bad. Nice to know that all you wished in that moment was that you could be dysfunctional and a sloppy, sweaty drunk. How romantic.

#love   #kiss   #sad   #drunk   #dance   #memories   #boy   #forget   #heartbroken   #homecoming  
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