Estrogen swimming,
Testosterone pumping,
Basically just another excuse for teens to drink alcohol and smoke weed.
But damn, if you get laid… props.

Apr 8

I am building
Building a home
Return here after
After you've roamed
And back into
Into my arms.

I am building
Building a life
A getaway from
From your strife
To make what's
What's wrong right

I am building
Building a family
A place for you
You and me
Where we may live
Life life freely.

#life   #safe   #free   #renewal   #safety   #haven   #paradise   #homecoming   #asylum  

you are home,
hungry, tired and
after, a week away.

my world
is once again

my heart sighs
in quiet relief.

Oct 2, 2012

On the way back all these thoughts poured,
Leaving me more opaque than when I left.
All the fears resurfaced with their horns and pitchforks...
No, I didn't tread through this tedious hell just to fail.

And then a voice said:

"Facing your demons, and the ones you thought you left behind, never was easy. You get scared and overwhelmed, but that's why you pray. "

...and that's why suddenly, we could all move again.

Daddy D
Daddy D
Jan 25

Instant message them

i slipped the silk fabric over the curve of my hip and the scarred flesh of my thigh in a dressing room with three of my friends behind me, sucking in the fat of my stomach. they say black is supposed to be slimming but it only made me bloated; maybe the mirror was a liar (i know it didn't lie). an elephant with too-thick eyeliner and a too-thick body stared back at me and i bit through the skin of my lip till it bled and i wanted to live on some other planet where elephants were appreciated.

"that's the best one you've tried on yet," someone said, but i couldn't hear them over the red-eyed demon within me which whispered of shoving two fingers down the trachea, messy but quick, everything gone in an instant. if this was my best one, i was doomed because my eyes were glazed over with the misunderstanding that beauty would never apply to me.

"i'm just gonna go- go to the restroom-" and the red eyed thing inside me cracks its whip, takes over the nerves in my brain, makes my legs sprint to the toilets and it's over, it's done, the food gone among stomach acid, falling hair, and teeth erosion.

i can only imagine what the restaurant worker who was forced to clean rainbow-coloured vomit in the toilet thought.

this happened the other day. i cried a lot.
I Don't Care
I Don't Care
Sep 29, 2013      Sep 30, 2013

While all of my friends will tell me no,
I say yes because I can't watch you go.

While all of my friends won't like you at all,
You're quite the catch, and it's worth the fall.

And though I've just met you, I can't help it, you see,
I'm thinking about you, hoping you're thinking about me.

Blythe Cassidy
Blythe Cassidy
Sep 21, 2013      Sep 22, 2013

You are the mud under my shoes
that with each step
urge me on
and turn my racing spikes
into Hermes' shoes.

You are the glow of my phone
when I can't sleep at night
so I look for solace
with those I care about most.

You are the music I hear
and the music I play,
both so different
but neither more beautiful.

You are the click of heels on hardwood
and the smell of jasmine
on a night we cannot forget
because I finally asked.

Max Alexander
Max Alexander
Sep 28      Sep 30

Parade float videos,
And bonfire photos,
Made me long,
For a school pride
I never really had.
And people
That used to hurt me inside
That I didn’t know I missed.

A long night
Heels that could kill
Feet sore
Make up smudged
A dam of tears built
Trying to keep it in
Long drags of a cigarette
Dancing, isn’t that supposed to be fun?
Kissing, shouldn’t you like that person?
We leave the dance
We walk aimlessly
He tells me about you
He tells me about how he loves him
He tells me about how he likes you
He cries out a laugh of pain
What is one to do?
I watch her
Anger rolling off of her in waves
She yells out
“Why aren’t we drunk
Why aren’t we high
Why aren’t we so fucked up
I want to be on cloud nine”
I say nothing
I breath in my nicotine
And whisper to him
About my love
My love that loves me not
I whisper about how I wish I could throw myself into not liking him
I whisper to him about how
I hate myself
As we amble into a fast food place
I cry
Codys face haunts me
It was to be fun
A long night
Heels that could kill
feet sore
Make up smudged
My dam of tears broke

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