If a woman tells you she feels ignored
                    drop your things and
          run to her.
If a man tells you he feels ignored
                  drop your everything
          and run away

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Hone thy skills,
Anubis the Philosomancer

Practice not
until you merely get it right,
practice earnestly
until you cannot get it wrong.

Hone thy skills,
not for those around you,
but for thyself,
then shall thy skills
be truly applicable.

So many spices
Chef tried a culinary masterpiece
Connoisseur’s nightmare

Add the right amount of spices. Always more is not right. :)
teaching boys  survival skills.
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Jan 13, 2012

in the training camp, they were
teaching boys  survival skills.
he said" at home
we do this  in detail"

Yes, yes people skills.
jeffrey conyers

If you have it.
You could go into any situation and talk your way out of it.
If you have it.
You make a good doctor/lawyer/negotiator.

If you have it.
You truly make a great correctional officer.
And mostly likely to avoid the trouble that comes to others.

Yes, yes people skills.
Which is a different form of body language that has its purpose.
We ALL have it.
Might not have the control skills to use it.

Yes, people skills.
The ability to leave someone feeling comfortable.

Oct 25

sometimes i paint
sometimes i write
sometimes i do what i think i might
sometimes i play piano
sometimes i play guitar
sometimes i steal from the cookie jar
sometimes i dance
sometimes i sing
sometimes i try to do everything

yes, i am a jack of all trades--
master of none, but better than
a master of one.

could be longer.
#talents   #skills  
wolf spirit aka quinfinn
wolf spirit aka quinfinn
May 28      May 29

she said she loved me
never once moving her lips
it was in her eyes

it's cool
you know this

people will always like you better
cause I guess I'm not as clever

#friends   #social   #talk   #strangers  
Sep 8

We're so alike
We could be best friends
If only I knew how to talk
We would talk until the end

I have a real lack of social skills
#alone   #society  
Kimberly Clemens
Kimberly Clemens
Dec 30, 2012

Sometimes I wonder why
Why is it that I'm lost for words
When simply stating the obvious
Sometimes I wonder why
Why is it that I even try?

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