But now I'm sitting here with no skills writing words you will never read.
Zero wazhere
Zero wazhere
Dec 18, 2015

I thought of what skill I'd want to have, I thought maybe I wanted to have a musical talents so I could sarenade you in song. Then I thought maybe poetry so I could win you over with words as sweet as honey. And as I kept thinking I pictured my self with the skill of running fast so I'm their as soon as you need me.

But now I'm sitting here with no skills writing words you will never read.

Nicholas Fogle
Nicholas Fogle
Jun 12, 2015


I got bars,
it's not about fancy cars or Lil Wayne rapping about Mars.
So far I am marred and scarred by false charm,
burned and charred that we are stuck in this dung tar.

It's about understanding we are stuck in the under standings so understand this,
can bring raze as I raise and rise to clear out these rinse and repeat Rhymes.

I don't care about the money or women.
Will your Rap make a difference.
Only a few got the conscious to talk about love.
The rest is a pile of shit I put to the side and shove.

Simple Rhyming
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Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
Apr 8, 2015

What is the difference,
Asked the educator,
Between being skillful,
Such as a prostitute,
And being educated,
Such as a teacher?

Well, replied a prostitue,
One educates skillfully,
The other skillfully educates.

Which is which?
The educator responded.

Depends, said the prostitute,
On the pay and benefits.

Mar 26, 2014


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Jacob Traver
Jacob Traver
Oct 7, 2015

Simply writing for fun?
Or developing skill?
Will I one day be done
Or is poetry will?

I can be it. I know it.
"You're not a real poet."

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Listing skills for a job application
Jul 20, 2015

It feels like everything is institutionalized

But you can’t teach common sense,

Listing skills for a job application

I can’t write down intelligent

Because your level of intelligence can only be judged by others,

What you have done

someone else may have done differently,

I can’t put down open minded because

People can’t go both ways,

Except in a sexual cause

Some people tend to go both ways,

But people can only be open minded to the things they have been though

Because in the end one

Can only make one decision,

So the only skill I really have is

Common sense.

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Hone thy skills,
Anubis the Philosomancer

Practice not
until you merely get it right,
practice earnestly
until you cannot get it wrong.

Hone thy skills,
not for those around you,
but for thyself,
then shall thy skills
be truly applicable.

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