Hone thy skills,
Anubis the Philosomancer

Practice not
until you merely get it right,
practice earnestly
until you cannot get it wrong.

Hone thy skills,
not for those around you,
but for thyself,
then shall thy skills
be truly applicable.

teaching boys  survival skills.
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Jan 13, 2012

in the training camp, they were
teaching boys  survival skills.
he said" at home
we do this  in detail"

Kimberly Clemens
Kimberly Clemens
Dec 30, 2012

Sometimes I wonder why
Why is it that I'm lost for words
When simply stating the obvious
Sometimes I wonder why
Why is it that I even try?

Jamie Horridge
Jamie Horridge
Aug 2, 2013

Can't write tonight
Stare at the words
Turn up the light
I can see
But I can't write tonight
There's words on a page
Blue lines and liquid rage
How come I see these words
But I can't write tonight?

I wanna scream and shout
Because I just can't spell it out
I can scream
But I can't write tonight
How come I scream
Because I can't write tonight?

My chest feels sunken in and heavy
Right where I keep my thoughts when they're not ready
It makes me nervous
That I can't write tonight
Why don't I think
That I can write tonight?

It's either depression or suppression
They give me pills without a question
I'm telling you,
I just need to write tonight
I'll be ok
If I can just write tonight

If a woman tells you she feels ignored
                    drop your things and
          run to her.
If a man tells you he feels ignored
                  drop your everything
          and run away

society. humor. humans.
Kay P
Kay P
Feb 26

sometimes i open my mouth

you never seem to notice the little jolts
when i decide to say something
like it doesn’t matter who hears
because no one is listening anyway
and those who do can not interpret
can find no inner meaning
and when the words retract
like measuring tape
it’s not great loss
for humanity

sometimes i open my mouth

and words flow like nectar
honey of arsenic, syrup of mercury
sweet sounding and harsh to taste
poison fermented, sugar-coated,
smooth and sticky and full of sharp edges
broken glass and razor blades
hurt you hurt me hurt everyone
close enough

sometimes i open my mouth

and song bursts forth like butterflies
like birds of prey circling overhead
like shining sunlight and cloaked shadow
like clear crisp air and clearer night skies
like the full moon full of craters
thousands of miles away
sometimes too high and others too low
sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow
and sometimes the song trembles
my voice too powerful
for its composition

sometimes i open my mouth

and silence seeps, black ichor
staining lips and fingers
slipping down throats and dribbling through teeth
and soaking into skin like stains on clothing
creeping and filling the space between
my body and my mind
my friends and my heart
burning and tearing at the organ
until i am drowning on oxygen

sometimes i open my mouth

and scream
my mouth stretched wide as it can go
teeth bared, lips curled,
letting lose a high, free sound
free as a bird and flying until i can feel it
taste the release on my tongue
a sound not of fear but of triumph
ignore me now, pretend you can’t see
howling at the world as a wolf does the moon
i am here, i am here, i am

opening my mouth

February 25th, 2014
I think this the extent of my rhyming skills.
Kenzie Delong
Kenzie Delong
Feb 20, 2013

I was walking down the street,
When something fell at my feet.

A slip of paper
A crumpled thing.

Crinkled and ruffled,
It flew away in the wind.

I’m running out of things to say.

I think this the extent of my rhyming skills.

Mandy Berry
Mandy Berry
Sep 29, 2012

I need a man around this place
At DIY, he should be ace
If he's a plumber, it could be good
To unblock pipes, so water runs away as it should
A carpenter would ease the way
The drawer fronts all fell off one day
A sparky here could fix the light
This whole darn house is such a fright
A gardener could have a job
And perhaps a chef, to heat my hob
A cleaner would be really great
To do the chores, I really hate
The ironing is such a pain
A decorator could paint the walls again
I need a man around this place
He'd help me out, with style and pace
If he is sexy, that would be good
I'd happily reward him
Any way that I could
I'd satisfy his manly needs
If he'd help me with daily household deeds

Apr 10, 2013

I was sitting in class today
My eyes drifted for a second
You were laughing,
Everyone was laughing
I tried to
Nothing came out.

I looked around
Sighed even
And thought to myself
nobody would care if I were gone.

I sighed again
Turned to you.
You were smiling and I was glad
You were happy
I'm grateful for that at least.
That's all I ask for
Your happiness
But I won't lie
When I say that I was jealous
Because she made you laugh
And I couldn't even muster
Up a word.

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