I prefer my enemies death than apologetic
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

I prefer my enemies death than apologetic
for closure's sake

With apologetic eyes
Eleanor Rigby

I look up to a pale blue sky
With apologetic eyes
And a heart so very filled
With dim.
Take me back
To the empty box I was
Before I began feeding myself
Gin and jokes of grim.
God, please wash me off my sin,
Or take this foolish thick layer
Of skin.


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Take a picnic to a meadow,
A walk next to a creek.
Spend a day in the mountains,
Swim in the ocean so deep.

And tell me there isn't a God.

something I wrote when I was eleven, inspired by a Facebook comment replying to an atheist
and there should be a tune attached to it that sounds like ochre :DDDD
Oct 14, 2014

I left the person who loved me for the person who lusted after me.

Sometimes the distance is too much
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Ramisa R
Ramisa R
Nov 27, 2014

A fatal flaw
of selflessness
that is humbling
on paper
but self-destructive.

sinful silence
sinful silence
Oct 21, 2014

The days I am happy
There is nothing wrong
It is as white as a blank sheet of paper

The days I am sad
Are as dark as the winter nights
When you told me you loved me
And then called me just to say
"Baby you didn't mean a God damn thing"

#love   #sad   #lust   #heartbroken   #sorry   #apologetic  
May 28, 2015

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, ok?
I'm sorry that I acted that way.
I acted irrationally,
Because I thought it was you I should've hated.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
It probably doesn't mean that much.
But I mean it with all of my stubborn, fucking heart.
Will you ever forgive me?

I'm so, so sorry. You probably won't ever understand why I acted that way. Neither can I.
#heart   #hate   #sorry   #hated   #act   #irrational   #forgive   #stubborn   #apologetic   #acted  
John-Chris Ward
John-Chris Ward
Dec 15, 2014

I'm not all that I could be;
That I can clearly see.
I am surely incomplete.
I don't know why you stand to hold onto me.
Sorry if I hit a little to hard,
Once the fighting starts I go for the heart.
I'm giving in;
I've given all I got.
If you can't forgive me then maybe we should restart.
I know boys,
And lots of boys know me it seems.
He goes by many names by where it counts he is unchanged.
No, two hearts are exactly the same.

"He goes by many names by where it counts he is unchanged." - Australian
I am *non-apologetic*.
Carla Michelle
Carla Michelle
Jun 25, 2015

symphonies and orchestras
played for us,
and when the music came to an end
I found my head.
I am not apologizing.

I felt the blood, rushing through me
as I swayed through a dream of lust
and alcohol,
not once with a
I am not sorry.

I have recently found out,
that I can use the word "I"
and not be afraid of
deeming "us" dead.
I am not worried.

to the raw nerve you had
to request such out of my mouth,
I applaud it deeply.
without you, I would have
never brought myself
to say
"I don't love you anymore"
I am non-apologetic.

s a trip one can take to a place called Apologetic.
E D Castaneda
E D Castaneda
Aug 4, 2015

There is a trip one can take to a place called Apologetic.

At this destination regret is the norm,
Lamentations are fashionable,
and apologies in high demand.
In this place contemplation is all the rage,
Reflective thought is du jour,
and repentance is propagated.

I can attest, testify, or bear witness if you will,
That such a place exists!
I have been there countless of times!
I can certainly certify!

Or perhaps...
You have been there yourself already?
In which case you can corroborate what I say is true!

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