Feb 23, 2013

Look what we have gotten into,
Just this insane and scary mess,
All of these tears of sorrow,
And this heavy load of stress.

Our elders won't understand,
How much we love one another,
They start to yell and get mad,
That's why we call them "mother".

They punish us together,
'Cause I know we both deserve it,
People say love is hard,
But I know that it is worth it.

When I'm with you my heart skips,
Just the sight of you makes me smile,
Any moment with you is endless,
Even just for a little while.

Soon we can be on our own,
These moments that I ache for,
Just any time to spend with you,
Makes me yearn for much much more.

No matter what all happens,
Or if the good becomes the bad,
Know that I'll be there always,
To make you smile and get glad.

Oh the silly things we do,
Just to make each other grin,
Even getting into trouble,
We may loose, but love will always win.

So I've come to the conclusion,
That our love will conquer through,
Because if I lost my dork,
I don't know what I would do.

You gave me something special,
And I thought it was real clever,
I just about teared up,
And I will cherish it forever.

However many poems I write,
Or letters from the heart,
No words could explain how I feel,
From the beginning or the start.

Excuse me as I ramble,
But I really must go on,
About how I love you so much,
Way more than just a ton.

I wish I could be in your arms,
Feeling the warmth of your embrace,
Where I would close my eyes and think,
"This is my happy place".

I love you with all I have,
And you're forever in my mind,
Don't let silly things like this,
Kick you in the behind.

I won't get mad at you ever,
And remember this you shall,
I am so honored to have you,
As my lover and my pal.

So it is getting kind of late,
And I hope you're sleeping well,
I will stick with you forever,
Even if we go through hell.

I don't know how to stop this,
But I'll do the best I can
'Cause I'll do anything for you,
My sweet and loving man.

I think I'll end this poem good,
And please agree with me,
That It'll make you smile,
As you find it rather cheesy.

The roses I know are red,
And I know the violets are blue,
You're my super derp-y dork,
And of course... I love you!

Some of my first attempts at poetry... and yes I rhyme. But this pretty explains my life... my forbidden love... and the rest.
Aug 24, 2014

with apology
a sonnet brave
I pretend to be
resending a message
meant to be slang
I speak
dirty how
I smile happily, smirk.
Entrancing asking
no bitterness, I say,
Sorry. I do not repent!
As your servant I am seeking
no ill,

Erin Finn
Erin Finn
Jul 1, 2013

She cannot gleam.

But, she can spread herself
onto you, like
butter, like
saliva, like
a bar of soap
contaminated by
hot water;
always smelling stronger
than it will
She can squirm
beneath you. Believe
for a time that your chest
is sugar soil and your
mouth a
She can breathe in
the shattered glass of
anticipation, let the
pieces rattle
in the
bottom of
her throats-
she can coat
every melody
with moon
egg yolk

She can make you love.

Let me be the first to say,
I'm not sorry for the words I said.
They may of been said in haste,
and put you in your place.
Enjoy the taste, of your own medicine.

Bittersweet quitter,
I could eat you for dinner.
There could only be one winner,
and I can't see you celebrating a victory today.

Take me away to the place where we doubled down,
your humbled frown,
in your dressing gown.
No one else around,
the screams in the backround,
no one will backdown,
at least for now.

I'm still not sorry,

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Emily Nolan
Emily Nolan
Jan 20, 2013

Like transient dogs,
the kind that come and stay on a porch
and leave later: the boys shifted in and out--swept up
through one door and out.
and They were a sorry lot
They were so proficient at being sorry
( it was a wonder anyone ever
accused Them at all)

Suppose that was the point.
remorse was Their method
of shameless safety

A women's scorn. XP
Mark Edwards Jr
Mark Edwards Jr
Dec 15, 2013

My apologies are empty, often overused
“Sorry” is depleted, relationships abused

Kindness only given, I turned the other way
Burning hatred, anger, drove you all away

Dust, it settles thusly, around my solemn face
Realizing plainly, that I am a disgrace

Words, they cannot fathom, the degree of my regret
Contemplating deeply, of those whom I’ve upset

Knowing no expression, than that of fiery rage
Causes matters thusly, as I become estranged


Jessie Latham
Jessie Latham
May 18, 2012

catch the falling
that was caught up
in your dreams
& promise to reveal the
living devil in your
so I can lay with you
until the dawn
bleeds through your
silver curtains

I am not to trust my
own sun-kissed
& you are not to
fall for what I led you to
give in
when all we have left
are the lonely
of empty bottles
& long, long records
playing for only
us to hear

remember that
I love you

remember what
I've seen

the blood beneath the
burrowed breath

& all we kept

LJ Chaplin
LJ Chaplin
Sep 9, 2013

I don't know what happened last night.
The world collapsed and I was left in the open,
An easy target for my demons to claim their place
Once again inside my hollow mind.

Like puppeteers they pulled the strings
On my inevitable urges,
A simple cut became a crevice
And it scared me
It really scared me.
It wouldn't stop and for a moment
I was scared it was the final curtain fall.
The invitation of death has always lingered
Like a phantom,
But I wasn't prepared yet to give up.
But in time everything stopped.

I am deeply sorry,
My apologies are deeper than the pain that I have inflicted upon myself.
I have given up once again
And I find myself struggling.
I never thought it could get any lower than this,
But I fear that this is the surface of what's yet to come.
Please forgive me.

Feb 24

Who am I to hurt such a lovely soul?
To have the chance to make you feel whole
Like when we would walk and talk for hours in the cold
You would go home and think of me and I would be thinking why,
Why did you feel the way you felt about me,
When I barely felt that way about myself?
You didn't know you was falling for someone that was so perfectly imperfect
What I did to you was wrong
Making you feel warm and safe, like I can take all your worry away
Just to be the one thing you would worry about today
My head goes down when you are around
I can't stand looking at you because that smile turns to a frown
One day I want to be what you saw in me
But sometimes I wish you would forget about me and your heart can be free

I'm Sorry
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