Alejandro Medellin
Alejandro Medellin
Jun 18, 2014

As the rain does,
when the sun comes out,
I evaporated into the wind.
Only to come back again.

Sep 27, 2016

The detective solved the case.

When all by himself
he found the murderer in the mirror.

Pen Lux
Pen Lux
Jul 11, 2013

my wolf is yet a plague of thought,
again I am consumed by loves gentle rock.
the more it shields me from the stench of my rot,
I remember all I once forgot.

no one has caught my heart,
in fact,
I think it's torn apart
so raw, the tragedy of desire
the smoldering fire of blue flames
burn my love into a smoke,
which I inhale with the attempt
to recycle and filter out all the hurt I've caused.

to myself
to others
and for no one.

a romantic dying hard
trying not to escape the truth
while at the same time trying not to create any lies.

Zack Long
Zack Long
Dec 6, 2013

Fuck your face value bullshit rapist fuckin' views
Cut this nations claws off before their even used
Sick of this shit, it's all we ever get,
Blasted on every fuckin' screen that we use
They tell us how to live, how to look, how to learn, how to yearn
What we want, what we need, what we can't fuckin' be
It's a shame, it's a pain, it's bull shit, it's vein, I'm fuckin' enraged
We sit and soak up these words, choke, it's absurd
Like it matters in the end, we all fall victim again
Cause it's fuckin' engrained inside our fuckin' veins
We need to be told, cause we're afraid on our own
The voice in our head, belongs to them instead
We forgot to question what's real, what's a big fuckin' deal
Accept it again, and again, and again
Til' I'm beating my head off the wall cause I'm tired of you all.

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