Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams
Jul 12, 2014

You licked your lips
I lip synced to you
you licked your stamp
I felt I might be cornered
you stamped your gift
I'm stuck on you
we got stuck in
smoothing down
you stamped your mark on me
lips to lips
we stuck to it
we aren't stuck with it
but on each other
peeling off
licking our lips

by Anthony Williams
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Francesca Stamps
Nov 12, 2012


Letters are written,
Written in blood;
Letters are written,
For those whom we love.
(They are) written with grief
And written with pain
Wanting some love,
And craving for gain.

Letters are written,
With many a furrow;
Letters are written,
Containing much sorrow.
Created with care,
For a loved one to give.
Blooming with love,
Is how I want to live.

Letters are written,
With joy and faith;
Letters are written,
Despite our wraith.
Wanting us to stop,
So we might suffer with him;
But when looking back,
He appears quite dim.
With the same old tricks,
And the same old lie.
Do you think yourself
As better than I?

Letters are written,
Not in hope of profit;
Letters are written,
So we would not regret it.
To rue the oath,
On which we swore;
To concede defeat
We have never before.
Through thick and thin,
Through blood and sweat,
To succeed, we try
And we haven't failed yet.

This was not written by me. This was written by my brother Nicholas Stamps <3
Meg Howell
Meg Howell
Jan 18, 2015

Enveloped by mixed emotions
Just put a stamp on me and mail me out
Maybe not

#feelings   #emotions   #mail   #stamp  
Jan 23, 2016

Their obsession to conquer.
Their ancient desire to subdue.
They utilize every opportunity;
And stamp me with their shoe.

A fact they should have known.
Long ago I lost all my thrust.
With the passage of time.
I have turned into dead dust.

Calmness is all what I needed.
Only if they had left me alone.
Like dust I would settled down.
Without force subdued on my own.

However, they stamp me repeatedly.
Big-chested, Arrogant guys!
But the more they stamp me,
The more like dust I rise.

#dust   #rise   #conquer   #arrogant   #subdue   #stamp  
Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell
Mar 13, 2016

I beg you please enter and leave your place of wonder
Come to me I call all darkness
In here you will be safe from the light

We have a new carcass
It will be so easy
We were invited
We can do what we want
We can not be cited

So here we will stay
Even though with all these demons we are cramped
You.can do anything
On her forehead she is stamped

Daniel E Mickey
Daniel E Mickey
Aug 16, 2013

She stamped me, with that hug
Her perfume is posted on my collar
Why would she have perfume, she
was running
And how did it get pressed on my collar
Now I have to smell her
Breathing a light desire, a thin dust of gypsy magic,
Every third breath.

Pretty peach, I wonder if she curls flowers
If not, she sure does stamp them

Nateive Son
Nateive Son
May 22, 2015

I wish I could send,
A letter to everyone,
So they'd know what it's like,
To receive anything other than bills,
In the ol' mail hole,
Something from a friend,
Something interesting,
Something that doesn't try to convince you,
To buy shit you don't need.

And I don't think people remember,
What a well-worn stamp looks like,
Beaten and baffled from sometimes a,
Thousand-mile journey.

When's the last time,
You could speak across the country,
For 49 cents,
Only to arrive,
More beautiful than when you set out?

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