I love you...

~ I really do ~

And I love being

~ with you ~

yet when we part

my heart breaks

~ knowing ~

you still sleep

with your spouse.

The obvious answer is sometimes the hardest thing to do...
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This fleeting love affair however brief,
Apr 19, 2014

she goes
once again
ignoring life
as she falls in love with another song.

This fleeting love affair however brief,
is the only
time she feels

NaPoWriMo Day #18
Poetry form: Double Tetractys
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Rogue Knight 白
Rogue Knight 白
Sep 3      Sep 5

You said we were just friends
But your kisses line my collarbones and sting every now and again
I stand in the cooling August breeze
With blood dripping down my face, black and blue knees
I've fallen for you hard
This ending summer heat digs into my skin
Melting my frozen heart within

#love   #summer   #affair  
Aug 13, 2014      Aug 13, 2014

The leaves are falling endlessly
Green rivers will turn red
We here, dancing aimlessly
I hear a gunshot in my head

Somebody heard the calling
Somebody saw you sinking
Somebody forgot your face now
Somebody will replace you

White stars like death surrounding
The warmness of the dark
Threatening with pale light
Disguised as lover's spark

Somebody saw it coming
Somebody said the words
Somebody's heart got broken
Somebody's, just like yours.

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Trey Evans
Trey Evans
Nov 29, 2014      Dec 1, 2014

When I miss you, I miss too much
I miss who I am when I’m with you
I miss what you make me feel
I miss how loved I felt
How the feelings of love never went away
When I was with you

When I love you, I love you deeply
With the love only a mother loves with
The way a loved one loves another
The love that couldn’t be found anywhere else
The love I won’t allow you to never escape from
When I was with you

When I held you, I held you tightly
I held the fond memories we had
Tighter than the grip around your neck
When I expressed my love for you
Tighter than our passion filled nights
Of forcing myself inside of you
When I was with you

When I hit you, I hit hard
With the affection I’ve always had for you
As if the bruises on your face
Don’t remind you of me
And all the moments we shared
And every waking hour you live
You’ll never forget the times
When I was with you

written 10/7/13
he and her library were an endless love affair.
Elissa Gregoire
Elissa Gregoire
Jul 14, 2014      Jul 16, 2014

She and her library were an endless love affair.

#love   #affair   #endless   #books   #reading   #library  
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