To get it together for one big FAMILY AFFAIR!
Jun 19, 2013      Jun 20, 2013

One Family united as one
The Father, Mother Daughter and Son
In unity we can set things right
In the darkness be the guiding light
Keep your eyes open
Keep hoping
The Family be the key to all the lies spoken
We can set it straight
I can't wait for the date
We all can relate
Not to hate
To a families special love
Black,White our blood is both red
one people one world so lets move ahead
We can do it
Show that we really care
To get it together for one big FAMILY AFFAIR!

Written in the 90's M.A.N.
An affair of just wanting,
Dec 9, 2012      Dec 10, 2012

Thoughts of cotton candy kiss laced with guilt.
Bubble gum wrapping the shame.
A deceit told through a mouth sewn closed.
But eyes held wide-shut.
A lie supported by another lie, bracing itself before falling.

Should I let the guilt be known through a cotton candy kiss?
Let the bubble gum wrapper shunt my shame.
Will I hold our secret behind stitched sewn lips?
All the while, holding my eyes wide shut?
Could I support this burden, bracing it with another lie?
Before I let it slip and fall?

A dangerous dance our feet have started,
where it goes I am not for certain...

A wicked path we've lain before us.
where it goes I am not for certain...

An affair of just wanting,
but nothing of taking.
Where this is leading I am not for certain.
For: where I hope we are going,
Well now,
that is another matter all together.


© Pandarra
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Refraining from love with this affair Im in

A passionate touch that I love so much also touches me with an unknown guilt when it comes.
Feeling chills down my back and tears on my face as our bodies meet again.
Filling me with sorrow every time we share that embracing stare.
A simple pleasure that I hate within as I sin a great sin.
Refraining from love with this affair Im in

Now at the most heightened end of the affair
Pradip Chattopadhyay

A time was when
Nothing short of my deepest thrust
Once and then many times more
Would satiate me

Then quietly crept between us
The hiatus

When I learned new ways to play
Chanced on a week a golden day
Then over a month or more

I had found the key to the secret door.

Now at the most heightened end of the affair
Satiates me a strand of her hair!

Shanna Howse
Shanna Howse
Aug 28, 2010

‘I have to go.’
She whispers and sighs into his ear.
Uncovers herself from the sheets
And slips from the bed.

The clock reads three o’clock
The moon illuminates the bedroom

‘Why, baby?’

He groans as he sits up
Trying to calm his harsh breathing
Wipes the sweat from his face.

Shadows dance upon the white walls
Her silhouette moves towards the door

‘I have to return home to him.’

She replies, her gaze falls to the floor
Reaching for the doorknob,
Filled with so much guilt.

© August 28, 2010. Shanna Howse.
Susan O'Reilly
Apr 24, 2013

Warm lips
eagerly met
tears fall
soaking wet
hot embrace
face to face
family forgotten
lovers eyes
hunger spent
lovers repent
leave in a daze
memory sways
husband and wife
another life

Tatiana Cody
Tatiana Cody
Oct 6, 2010

Hands shaking as they clumsily undo
Buttons, zippers, clasps
Articles of clothing discarded

Every word that passes between us
Hangs suspended in the air
Like dust motes
Only larger, more distinct
Each facet perfectly discernible
By its own beholder's eye

This was wrong
I could feel it
As my synapses fired
Unconsciously guiding my hands down his back
Arching mine

It feels wrong
But mostly it feels

A true story.
Feb 5, 2012

We started of as colleagues
Professionals at our peak

Talking to one another
When days and nights were bleak

Working and socialising as friends
And then we'd meet

This friendship turned to lust
With its hot and steamy greets

We played with one another
About once a week

With strong feelings and emotions
I fell at your feet

You held me up for a while
Until your retreat

Your caress then turned to desire
For that only we would meet

Looking back I try and wonder why I did not see
You've left me there exposed you liar, you traitor you cheat!

Apr 2

I see it in your eyes,
and can't disagree.
Let's go over there,
no one will see.
It ain't fair for a flower
to have only one bee.

It's madness,
a fever perhaps?
Dizzy with laughs,
Sittin on laps,
See'n signs,
Hear'n tight rhymes,
Leavin worries behind.

Surrender to my grip and
the tight press of
wet tongue tips.

No "could I ?",
"should I ?" or
"would I ?" tonight.
Cuz we can.
Picture that in your instagram

But keep it between us, you say.
Not a word,
dont let it slip!

I got you covered, girl.
Like all friends should
I won't kick ya to the curb.
Cuz secrets are best
when left

K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Dec 9, 2011

morning sunshine bright,
tickles me like
  my lovesick
sweet heart.

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