Sep 17, 2016

Shouldn't he and his minions
all be referred to
as "afterbirthers" now?

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When the Obama's leave the black house,
Oct 21, 2016

When the Obama's leave the black house,
The Senate will be white,
The Congress, white,
The Supreme Court, white,
But he will still be black again

When the Obama's leave the black house,
The walls drained of soul, will be white,
The flowers frozen to stone, will be white,
The new laughter filling the home, will be white,
But he will still be black again

When the Obama's leave the black house,
The streets will be blue and red,
The states divided, blue and red,
The country untied, blue and red,
But America will be blue, red, and white again

This is actually an answer to a guy who made a similar poem in 2008 when Obama took office. There's supposed to be another more positive part, but I'm not good at being positive, help would be nice.
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Thank you Obama,
The Insane Savannah

You lie,
you hate,
you make us suffer.
You let terrorists free,
to kill us all.
You send us to war,
how stupid are you?
You make us pay more than we should;
you're going to ruin the economy.
You should never have been here,
should have never been born.
You should never have been given authority,
never should have ruled.
Thank you Obama,
for making a mess
of the lives of an entire country-
population 316.1 million.
I could say much more,
but the rest is a mess,
but the one you created
is bigger than the rest.

I am probably going to be killed by the government but oh well.
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Even ghosts
Once slaves
From graves
Of oppression
To see Barack

His eyes
With humility
Head high
Steady voice

All witness
His assent
Over mountains
Of Whites, Blacks
Browns and Yellow
Multiplicity of life

In triumph
Barack takes
Bigotry's flames
To dreams that lift
Into stars, of equality

And God of all
A son has risen

Marta C. Weeks
January 20, 2009

I wrote the original poem while watching President Barack Obamas first inauguration.
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