Shouldn't he and his minions
all be referred to
as "afterbirthers" now?

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Thank you Obama,
The Insane Savannah

You lie,
you hate,
you make us suffer.
You let terrorists free,
to kill us all.
You send us to war,
how stupid are you?
You make us pay more than we should;
you're going to ruin the economy.
You should never have been here,
should have never been born.
You should never have been given authority,
never should have ruled.
Thank you Obama,
for making a mess
of the lives of an entire country-
population 316.1 million.
I could say much more,
but the rest is a mess,
but the one you created
is bigger than the rest.

I am probably going to be killed by the government but oh well.
#lies   #hate   #america   #mess   #obama   #screwed   #idiocy  
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