Hayley Anderson
Feb 25, 2012

A quiver, a leap
The world shivers.Dust
Is this going to change, when will springtime come?
I await the silence

I breath in the beauty of a misguided , disguised peacefullness.
There is so much hope in a dandelion. Oswestry.

You tell me there is faith in the stars
I say the plantery motions can never dictate me.
Silence falls like the rain

I will come again
Call me father


To say that


Is a JOKE!

(He is not even a

The imagination)



It should really be called

INSURANCE-COMPANYfuck you! fuck you!
fuck you!!

Till your dead!


Homeland Security

"Secures" the Homeland

In the same manner


"Secures" a prison


The AMERICAN DUMMY sat on the wall
The AMERICAN DUMMY had a great fall


Gathered around to enslave all his kids

It will be called "Obama-Car"
John F McCullagh
John F McCullagh
Jul 25, 2013

In Detroit, the "motor city".
The wheels are off the cart.
Auto coverage? unaffordable-
four thousand just to park!
So many buy no coverage
or pretend they live elsewhere.
The apathy is palpable
Local government doesn't care.

There is a high court precedent
handed down from Robert's chair
The President must get involved
to save them from despair.
He will assess the situation
and appoint an auto czar.
to force all to buy insurance
It will be called "Obama-Car"

Residents of Detroit give false addresses or don't insure their cars as coverage there is triple the price of the surrounding counties.
Obama Bin Laden
Obama Bin Laden
Aug 14, 2012

Stupid infidel!
Transport your riches
To the lands of the believers.
For petroleum...
To make
The cellophane wrapper
That you will throw away,
When you buy a new mobile,
Even though your old one still works,
And you eat your mcdonalds,
And listen to Nicki Minaj
Infidel whore!
And drive in gas guzzle car,
As you throw the cellophane out window,
And sext your girlfriend.
And crash your car into telephone pole.
Wasting your life!

Obama Bin Laden
Obama Bin Laden
Aug 3, 2012

You John Stewart
preach your Jew Lies!
Your Christian lackey
they follow you in droves
Infidels all!
Your jokes mock Islam,
because you fear Islam,
and I will have hired
a group of men to fuck you!
You preach tolerance, don't condemn,
Then your Jew lie mocking jokes come.

See the pretty girl unveiled there on audience,
with breasts mostly exposed!
Such tantilization of man,
temptress flesh incarnation,
broadcast for all to see in world,
perverts pause and replay
three second close up of your breasts!

And Clint Eastwood walks into studio,
old man, never shoot people for life!
Hollywood Jew lies, and brainwash propaganda.
To make money!

They make nudity a regular normal thing
even before internet!
Films flaunting sex
and men and woman grinding and moaning,
tantalizing scenes of sex and beauty of woman form
driving the will to breaking,
they all want to be fucking by me!

John Stewart is laughing now,
but door lock picked,
laughing stops when they fuck you!

Obama Bin Laden
Obama Bin Laden
Jul 28, 2012

Your American woman,
unveiled, in tight clothing.
Kicking naked men, in a pile.

How would you woman
like to be naked, in a pile with me!
How would you like it to be rolling around
on the floor naked, with your body touching mine

Taking pictures and laughing
you are so seductive,
your wickedness,
and our naked bodies!

One day I will lock you up,
and strip you down, Naked!
and take pictures of you!

With your supple flesh,
and painted lips,
your tight pants!

Kissing, kissing in public,
and taking pictures of our naked bodies!

Merciful Allah!

Death to all infidels!

Jose Remillan
Jose Remillan
Sep 16, 2013

Your eyes are stuck on the
Afterglow invading the
Horizon. You wipe your
Tears with a rugged piece

Of cloth dotted with stars
And stripes, in remembrance
Of a nation's power, and
Prowess of sons and daughters

Flirting with  anarchy and democracy.  
Until then the world stood still, devouring
Your flesh and fantasies of happiness
And freedom. Now, let these words

Rebuke your vices and folly:
You are all too human to be holy.

In memory of young American soldiers who died in several wars
staged by the U.S.A. on its quest toward  global hegemony.

Quezon City, Philippines
September 16, 2013
Obama fulfills his destiny
May 26, 2012

Obama fulfills his destiny
  as the president born
        to campaign.

Just a personal observation from a Brit who knows very little about American politics.
i get chastised for not thinking barak obama is the savior
jeffrey robin
Aug 26, 2010

from some of you i get chastised for not thinking barak obama is the savior

from some ....for not realizing he is a socialist fraud

personally........i think he and you,too...you, too!

have become
ludicrously irrelevant

the American people are tiring of Obama
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Sep 18, 2013

the American people are tiring of Obama
he isn't doing much for their karma
they would like his head on a plate
for he is no longer their mate

America is falling into disrepair
and Obama's administration seems not to care
congress needs to act decisively
and impeach his ass rather quickly

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