William McDaniels
Aug 30, 2014

more brownies,
never can have enough.
Dont you dare ruin my brownies
with peacans or walnuts.
Chocolate goodness in handheld bites.
A brownie filled brownie,
sounds so right.
No icing, no extras,
Just chocolate times ten!
If you have had a today brownies,
then your day is a win.

brownies taste better
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Jun 24, 2015

brownies taste better
and fill me up with their love
more than you. that's it.

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O how I love brownies
Kyle Hanson
Jun 6, 2013

O how the scent smells
It smells like my mothers shampoo
It feels like heaven
Not like hell
O how I love brownies
I just want to kiss you Brownie

Sequestered Soul
Sequestered Soul
Feb 11, 2015

The brownie
scented air always makes me
want men more.

William McDaniels
Sep 16, 2014

Keep your cool, There's always money in the banana stand.

#funny   #thought   #culture   #tv   #banana   #brownies  
AM Snyder
AM Snyder
Jan 4, 2016

Smell the air; he fails.
His mother will be home.
Scrape burnt chocolate into the trash
and spray Febreeze.
Bloodshot eyes
and goodbye Mary.

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Burning brownies baked with bread.
Shiyahumi Chouske
Shiyahumi Chouske
May 11, 2016

I can't see you.
I can't protect you.
Burning in your curiosity.
Huffing another smoke, unrelenting.
You don't understand the dream sugar.

What you want, is something important.
Something covered in whipped cream and bbq sauce.
Exactly, me.
Or not.

You see, I'm just a voice in my head.
Burning brownies baked with bread.
You don't like brownies and bread? Well go to hell.
They're my brownies.
Mine, something you can't claim because you have nothing.
No one, No idea and no value to anything.

You value your brain and kill it for not being enough.
Poison your body for not being able to take the strain of life.
Burn your cigarette to take away the pain of being alone.
Striking your soul, praying you never have to atone.

Cologne rhymes with alone you know. Funny coincidence right?
Brain power. Stained flower.
Hope and happiness. Dope and sadness.
Perception. Deception.
Search for
Not whats on the

Oh my elusive friend, trying to take the pain away.
The point of life is not to avoid but to minimize.
Like the Japanese!
A child looks for purpose.
An adult works towards it.

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William McDaniels
Aug 28, 2014

Nearly five in the morning but not quite yet,
my coffee is cold, but its my best bet.
The mind is racing the body has crashed,
a dirty spacebar being constantly mashed.
In the distance there is a disgusting cough,
Just one more hour until im off.

#life   #sleep   #morning   #work   #brownies  
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