Alice Kay
Alice Kay
Apr 11, 2013      Apr 13, 2013

A guilty pleasure
I cannot live without

Anyone else completely addicted to brownies (and all other chocolate) even though you know it's bad for you?
John Edward Smallshaw
Aug 13, 2013      Aug 14, 2013

In a hologram
I am the man you would like me to be
not real
but you see
it is me,
why do you want to know
who that I am?
but the man that's an image
a man you would pillage
and keep for your own.

Pictures that grow up and slow up,then show up just who that you are
an image that's far too inconstant
a solent
a side by the sea
aside from you and me and the oceans that we see
there is only a halogen lamp which tramps out these scenes and in the inbetweens of our dreams
I will be forever
the screens on the doors of the more that you want, and the more that we need,
the more we will seed the cameras with film.
and developed could it be
that we see so much more?

Im sorry you had to walk all the way up
now and then, i wonder:
whats the world gonna be like when
your heart stops pumping with compassion
and reality has lost sight of you

i don't really know but
i think that  
I'll never synchronize
to anything that brings me to my last day
when will i have i to lose?

       cold creamer in
my coffee.
     the steam, slowly deteriates &
   before my eyes.
prior to its disappearance
    i got a quick and
shallow glance
at the scrauol as it is lifted
into the air
sublime was the way then
in the murky November vapor
I love what i have
and all i have is giving me
hindsight? zero to 100 percent . epiphany.
some call it sin of gluttony
im loving how much i am feeling it
nasty cold december is tempting me
and I'm needing a bit more rest
than the amount you have given me
but i didn't even think about leaving
* i am loving my stay*
not the intellectual property of i but instead cherubs drifting in the past

Cupcakes, pies, brownies all around.
Jun 10, 2013

Challah here, and cookies there.
Pastry fucking everywhere.)
Its what I live , and how I think.
In the air, and what I drink.
Cupcakes, pies, brownies all around.
But not a drop of sanity to be found.

surprise pot-brownies
Feb 22, 2013

it's friday, bitches
bullshit your way through class.
i'm a great student
when the professor's looking
the weekend yawns before us
gaping with possibilities
drunk nights
probably unexpected sex
surprise pot-brownies

oh well.

O how I love brownies
Kyle Hanson
Jun 6, 2013

O how the scent smells
It smells like my mothers shampoo
It feels like heaven
Not like hell
O how I love brownies
I just want to kiss you Brownie

Ice skates and two bite brownies
Feb 11, 2013

Ice skates and two bite brownies
I don't know what innocence is
Walls, I need walls.
Darkest rooms and beige hallways
In an instant, stolen.
Run, run away.
Leather sofas and pure accidents.
What is happening to me?
Stop this, stop it now.
Tinted windows and background music
What have I done?
Walls, run, stop.

Please, just stop.

ffffudge brownies
Apr 13, 2013

    and burning

ffffudge brownies
only made

peut-être peut-être peut-être bueno bonté belle chocolaté???

again and again


please go pick on
someone else?


bleary bleary lionhead
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