'It's her bipolar.'
Oct 16, 2014

'I am happy.'
'It's her bipolar.'
'I am sad.'
'It's her bipolar.'
'I am scared and confused.'
'It's her bipolar.'

Why..just why
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But I'm here. You can call me bipolar
Lachrymose and Lies

That confident and bubbly person I was yesterday?
She's gone now
She was too fake to live long in this world
But I'm here. You can call me bipolar

Nov 20, 2014

They come in waves.
Kamikaze planes or
lovely flowers and sweet lullabies.
Blood boils,
slapping against my skin,
My love is seasonal,
It won't stay.
Don't expect anything from me.
You will be bitterly disappointed.

I've been super bipolar lately. I'm sorry to all of my friends.
Apr 11, 2016




The mind is lost on a raft to nowhere...

A bipolar mess
Jackeline Chacon
Jackeline Chacon
Aug 9, 2014

Because of you
I fall in stress

My life turns in
A bipolar mess

I smile in the sun
I drench in the rain

I'm happy a minute
The next i'm insane

You are my sun
You are my rain

In love in a minute
The next i'm in pain

Nov 4, 2014

I leave
Please know I
Loved you when I
Absolutely knew
Reality was long gone

Don't believe
In much
Since you left
Or how to cry
Really it's just too
Difficult to
Recognize your face

starting tags I suppose.
I miss you.
#sad   #disorder   #you   #acrostic   #miss   #bipolar  
Blue is a bipolar color.
Nicole Dawn
Nicole Dawn
May 20, 2015

Blue can be happy,
Like blue party balloons

Blue can be sad,
Like a tear down your cheek

Blue can be angry,
Like a stormy dark ocean

Blue can be frightening,
Like your piercing bright eyes

Blue can be hopeful,
Like a new day's blue sky

Blue can be timid,
Like baby blue walls

Blue can be mysterious,
Like the oceans far depths

Blue is a bipolar color.

The "piercing bright eyes" belong to my dive coach, who scares the crap out of me.
Cassidy Shoop
Cassidy Shoop
Nov 22, 2014

There's a demon in my head and it's finally figured out how to turn my skin transparent and show itself. It escapes through the blank stares in my eyes and as much as I try I can't stop it from venting through my teeth with whatever air is left in my lungs. It's slowly killing me and making my blood toxic.

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Living Bipolar
Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
Apr 7, 2014

I'm happy one minute
And then you flip
And so do I

One minute I'm in love
And rightly so
But then you decide to speak

You like to take anything
That brings us joy
And crush it

Well, we won't pretend anymore
You've lost now
It's all over now

We aren't under your control
You're just going to lose us
But we belong here

And so I'll fight for them
Against you
And do what I know to do

So while you flip and flop
Change your emotions
I'll be emotionless

Because none of us can stand it
Any longer with you
Living Bipolar

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