Living Bipolar
Autumn Ann

I'm happy one minute
And then you flip
And so do I

One minute I'm in love
And rightly so
But then you decide to speak

You like to take anything
That brings us joy
And crush it

Well, we won't pretend anymore
You've lost now
It's all over now

We're aren't under your control
You're just going to lose us
But we belong here

And so I'll fight for them
Against you
And do what I know to do

So while you flip and flop
Change your emotions
I'll be emotionless

Because none of us can stand it
Any longer with you
Living Bipolar

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Jul 3      Jul 3

Staring at the wall

I want to write something
words that don’t collide
and never explode
not too lethal.

But I can’t
my head is not working,

Blank sheet of paper,
dried ink,
slow heart beat,
sweaty hands.

I have no inspiration
but I want to write.
I don’t know what to do,
fuck I want to cry.

I don’t know
if I am crazy,
or desperate,
or useless.

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Your bipolar versus my anger.
Mariah LeeAnn Coleman
Mariah LeeAnn Coleman
Sep 19, 2012      Sep 21, 2012

Who are you?
Your not the same person you were two minutes ago.
I just don't get you.
Your compulsive, and corrupted.
Your easily addicted.
You have friends in your mind,
but in reality friends you'll never find.
Your simple yet, confusing
like a Rubik's cube.
With all your twists and turns.
This pain you put upon me
has left me with cuts and burns.
Will we ever learn?
To get along
and fix these never ending battles
Your bipolar versus my anger.
Some days, to me you are a stranger.
Who I thought I knew has suddenly disappeared.
Your disease is something I've always feared.
Illness invaded your mind,
and has taken over who you once were
Leaving all your past senses blind.

Cole Atkinson
Cole Atkinson
Apr 14, 2011

i'll hate
and then
i'll love.

Tessa F
May 15, 2013      May 15, 2013

Scars of tear-streaked shame
Or proud tiger-striped strength.
Which are they?
Tonight let's flip the coin.

Self love or self loathing,
Which shall it be?
and the weather here is seriously bipolar.
Claire Rubbelke
Claire Rubbelke
Jul 28, 2013

I live in Wisconsin,
and the weather here is seriously bipolar.
A few days ago it was
Ninety degrees,
too hot.
Today and yesterday,
Fifty degrees and rainy.
Today is not so gloomy,
as yesterday was,
but it is still
Fifty Seven degrees
and the weather is

nichole r
nichole r
Jun 13

They slither around cob webs
and hide in the crook of my elbow
attached to me
like a child clinging to his mother on the first day of Pre-K
hideous and scowling
but then beautiful and glowing
either way I keep it pressed to my chest
i breathe in the putrid smell
but I am now used to the scent
it purrs and snuggles closer
and I don't pull away

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May 17, 2010

The bullet whistled,
And a number fell.
I watched the life drain from him,
His clammy features grey,
And he reached a cold numbness.

I can not fall to this fate.
Born lifeless, the stars have no hold over me.
I am invincible.

I am gone.

Apr 23

If you could read my mind,
I swear to god it would make you

Dec 23, 2009

so don't change then
you seem to be perfectly comfortable
in your insanity.
wrestling, withdrawing,
anhedonia coming alive in your party
master wrangler of sorrow,
been there, done that.
and like watching
the christians and the lions,
i am rooting for you
but know you will shed blood.
and when you are devoured enough
you come to life,
crazy sonafabitch.
stay where you are then,
forget em happy pills.
i will go certifiable with you
as long as you do not forget
the lunacy of our love.

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