Bicycle, Bicycle
Lila ViVi
May 22, 2015

Bicycle, Bicycle
Turning the pedal
Some are made of metal
But not the pedal
Some are made of steel
But not the wheel
None are made with plastic
It's not elastic

A poem I wrote a couple years ago
like flying through the city on you, my bicycle,
eunsung aka Silas
eunsung aka Silas
Apr 10, 2014

the cool wind in my hair
as you and I glide across
the cement jungle.

You make my life tolerable
in this crazy urban landscape,
my trusty metal steed that
helps me duck and weave in
stand still traffic of the Nation's capital.

nothing like flying through the city on you, my bicycle,
on this beautiful spring day.  I know you can't speak,
but if you could, you would also say "wheeeeee" with glee.

#urban   #whimsy   #bicycle  

This is a portrait of abandoment:
rusty spokes, faulty breaks, and negligent owners.

(I'm still lying on the sidewalk too, waiting for a reason to shift gears.)

#thought   #old   #left   #abandon   #bicycle  
of a child's bicycle*
Sean Tierney

rainy days have always
brought me to the surface

I suppose I
move through the world
like a worm
lodged in the tire tread
of a child's bicycle

another major re-write for the ol' manuscript...
#world   #rain   #bicycle   #worm  
than a bicycle
Asa D Bruss
Asa D Bruss
Feb 5, 2015

If the perfect
last end of
the wrong thing
before and after
the last could be
molded faster
than a bicycle
then why not
return the danish
to the other
person's hand
through the keyhole?

Hello Bob. I'm a cake.
#why   #wrong   #bicycle   #faster  
like an old rusty bicycle
Anivel Aidan
Anivel Aidan
Jan 5, 2015

i've forgotten
the painful, unexpected blow
of the harsh truth
that you're fading out
of someone's life
like an old rusty bicycle
that's full of memories
from your childhood,
left alone, forgotten
in the attic
when you got a new one.

your life is evolving without me
you're gaining
a lot of expensive vehicles
by losing
a lonely broken bicycle.

i guess my world stopped
when you left,
and your world started
the second i am gone.

i miss you, i wish i could tell you that
#fading   #forgot   #gone   #missing   #replaced   #bicycle  
your bicycle lights,
Nemo Outis
Sep 7, 2014

Tell me about
your bicycle lights,
do they shine?
like embers in the
dark of night
or are they faded?
like far away stars
who omit some days
that they are there.
forget your bike.
I'll come find you.

#poem   #stars   #light   #embers   #bicycle  
Sarah Kersey
Sarah Kersey
Nov 30, 2015

When I was six I was riding my bike through my neighborhood with my dad following in pursuit behind me
He told me to be careful while taking the corner because the turn was sharper than the smooth curves I had been blessed with knowing
But I was six and I was invincible and then I was face down in the gravel with bloody knees and tears pouring out of my eyes like they were directly connected to the fountain of youth
Each and every time I got on a bike after that I had this phantom pain in my knees from the rocks that had made me vulnerable
I still don't go near bicycles because every time I do I find myself reaching for bandaids

I have never been good at being open
The act of spilling my soul onto pavement was an terrifying idea up until the age of sixteen when I thought the world was mine to take
I threw caution to the wind and pressed my knees to the ground for people who didn't care about me and justified it as love
I didn't think about the time when gravel met my blood and I covered up my scars with makeup remover
It only took me three months to realize that I was not taking, I was being taken from
I reached for bandaids but the box was empty
I looked back to realize my dad wasn't riding behind me anymore and I was alone
My knees were bruised blue, mixed with a milky foundation instead of the pure blood red

They say hydrogen peroxide is supposed to help clean out the wounds with minimal pain but I swear I screamed to high heavens when I touched the wound I received three months ago
The bruises from sixteen had faded and the blood from six had dried but they were still there
Brimming underneath the surface
Sigmund Freud once said that unexpressed emotions never die and I suppose he was right
Because when I dipped that cotton ball in the pain reliever and touched it to my battered knee I think every nerve in my body combusted
Everyone looked at me and asked why I was screaming and all I could manage to tell them was that it hurt
They looked at me with bewilderment and told me it was just a paper cut and it would evaporate soon
I didn't know how to explain to them that the phantom of what used to be felt less like a ghost and more like a skeleton coming back to life with a new layer of skin

My bike is collecting dust at a yard sale and the memories should be sold with it but instead they're living inside me
You can sell your material possessions but no matter how hard you try you can't give away your scars
All I can hope is that someone someday won't look at my knees like they're a train wreck but instead look me in the eyes like I'm a person worth patching up

#poetry   #falling   #free   #healing   #scars   #verse   #wounds   #freeverse   #bicycles   #bikes  
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