Paul Hardwick
Paul Hardwick
Nov 17, 2013

Today the germs came around
now do not get me wrong
I love my grand children
but today the germs came around
there snivelling noses
and coughs
just dose not help us old people
when the germs come over for tea
just know I will catch something see
I love you really.

Mar 6, 2015

Kids are a lot like sponges,
Absorbing information from every surface
Appearing to be clean, yet germs began to drip
Soaking up every F word that slips
Promising them to keep quiet with old candy that's tough
Oh how this sponge is just full of stuff

Written on: March 5, 2015
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Petal pie
Petal pie
Aug 4, 2014

Bazooka that veruka
Wage war on your warts
Charge the canons against corns 
And ills of other sorts

Conscript regiments of Rennies
Antacid to supress indigestion 
Establish naval fleets  
Of fisherman friends sweets 
To banish nasal congestion

smear your chest with Vick
To ensure victory is quick
And if headaches ensue
Aspirin will win and subdue

If your enemy is constipation
Let  senna be your friend 
And if your throat is sore
Let strepsils make swift amends 

Show viruses they're not  welcome
Fight back with all your might
Give germs no easy terms
And soon you'll feel alright!

I've been thinking about world war one starting as today, my birthday its one Hundred years since the war was declared. Then I was helping my son with his veruka and this came to mind x
#war   #ill   #daft   #comic   #germs  
Alex Higgins
Alex Higgins
Dec 11, 2014

Hey, did you know
You’re never alone.
At any given time
You’ve got a million million
Tiny little friends
All over your skin.

#short   #weird   #loneliness   #germs  

Why can't people just wash
Their hands after the toilet. .

#illness   #lazy   #spread   #germs  
a germ has infected
Elizabeth Squires

a germ has infected
the Hello Poetry site
it is much worse
than a mosquito's bite

fast spreading
is its very nasty spores
in the layers of dermis
one sees its grubby paws

quarantining the place
is a massive task
as the germ has escaped
from its insecure flask

precautions must be taken
by all members here
remember to pop on
your safety gear

you'll all be wanting
to be informed of scourge
which at this site
has been having a splurge

the plagiarizing bug
is omnipresent be forewarned
and those who've been at it
should be well scorned

Aug 12

Long gone are the days of Hitler,
No more people say, "Alle Rufen Hitler".

Germany is now aseptic and really safe,
Na'zi germs are no longer there.

I have long cherished a dream to settle in Germany, the land of my paternal ancestors over 50 generations ago.

My HP Poem #1111
©Atul Kaushal
#is   #magic   #history   #hitler   #1111   #nazi   #germany   #number  
Sep 5, 2014

I'm running away until it catches me
The mental germs of denial that I needed to face
A memory that I can't hold onto anymore
My trash is full tonight and yet I threw nothing
The smell of germs reminds me of sorrow
I left to feel a muscle on my face smiling
I left and I never shed a tear
But tonight I'm letting it fade
A time-lapse of each beat I felt
I feel it again and then its gone forever
I know I know that I'm turning into someone new
I know that I fear myself when Im alone
But now Im laying down remembering it all for it to be gone
Farewell the toxic fairytale
We shall never meet again

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