Germ said.
John Snow
John Snow
Mar 21, 2012

Germel had the dead-eye stare like he was

smoke this,
let it
I said.

"You're on it right now,"
Germ said.

But he took a hit.

Germ and I were smoked
and drunk,
we'd been at it
for the last hour.

And over that time,
love had reached
it's middle finger
into my heart.

had pulled the hurt
with a single knuckle
and a single

Sometimes bud

I wanted Germ to be all right,
as I dealt with the tornado

So much pain
on a sunday night,
so much

I wanted to punch
those dumb

I watched Germ puke in the bushes.

I felt awful
because I knew
she'd finally dipped on me,
and that

You disgusting germ.
Jacquelyn Audrey Whiston

Insignificant worm,
Look at you squirm.
What are you going to do,
Without the pity
Of some teenage girl.
You disgusting germ.
You twist my words,
Just like your body,
You insignificant worm.

I will not mourn
I have nothing to learn
I'll continue to purge
to rid myself
Of emotions
For some insignificant worm.

your germ sings !
Third Eye Candy
Third Eye Candy
Oct 15, 2011

bathe your slow gin smile in gossamer moss
an epiphyte
of long miles above thought !
your germ sings !

this love
dilutes proof of plain facts.
the obvious; obscured by the harsh aye of No !
a black white
fiending  for gray
Oatmeal paint

peeling from the  seam of lost moments.

Germ’s Germ be where?
Emily Dickinson


Best Things dwell out of Sight
The Pearl—the Just—Our Thought.

Most shun the Public Air
Legitimate, and Rare—

The Capsule of the Wind
The Capsule of the Mind

Exhibit here, as doth a Burr—
Germ’s Germ be where?

A germ appears
Rodrigo de la O
Rodrigo de la O
Dec 9, 2012

Hate and spite
The idea of He
Just another dog
An Alpha

Beta knowledge advances
The Alpha becomes Real
Hate dissolves
Spite burns away
A germ appears
Pink and soft

And so color returns
And the Laughter returns

God is a better story

and 100% germ free
Paul Hardwick
Paul Hardwick
Nov 28, 2013

How can this be
I am
100% Me,
NOW improved.

I do not think i have change
but i am 100% newer than I was
cleans in parts like no other
and 100% germ free
demands nothing but the best
but settled for you
100% better and New and IMPROVED.

Burnt pills, The southern germ fasting northern lights and serene akim
Third Eye Candy
Third Eye Candy
Apr 27, 2013

Burnt pills, The southern germ fasting northern lights and serene akimbo.
some jagged ripples and the placid godiva
our horse, back, but our blind worms !
the stumble of surety, limping through the coffins
of our glib sleep.

we unmirth the Ferris Wheel

but have no one.

A Lightning in the Germ
Emily Dickinson


Fame is the one that does not stay—
Its occupant must die
Or out of sight of estimate
Ascend incessantly—
Or be that most insolvent thing
A Lightning in the Germ—
Electrical the embryo
But we demand the Flame

A germ
Mar 21, 2010

I saw you a long time ago
Before you noticed me
When you were oblivious
I saw your hair, tossed
Your hips
Your flirtatious gestures
I fell in love with you
Before you noticed me
I was a fly
An ant
A germ
I may as well have been on the Moon
And now, that you’ve seen
And our eyes have locked
I am here, alive, human
And I hate you now

© J.R.Barclay 2009
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