Nov 2, 2014

As your tongue laps
It's way down my front
I sigh with boredom
We're so overdone

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Eefs Jungmann
Eefs Jungmann
Jan 24, 2015

Love is  strange but beautiful.
                   Use it

Just thoughts swimming around in my brain again.
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Remember if you ever feel or have ever felt used or have strong doubts, get away, you're better than that, make yourself happy!x
I used to go out
Lennox Jones
Lennox Jones
Dec 2, 2014

I used to go out
all the time,
until I found
I'd rather
stay in

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I used to smile
Sofia M
Sep 18, 2014

I was happy when I was with you
I used to smile
I used to joke around
I used to laugh at everything
but now,
I don't even know what happy is

#love   #broken   #happy   #to   #us   #used   #before  
we're so used by being used
Jul 14, 2014

we're so used by being used
how long do we need to bleed
it's just happening all over and over
we always come back to this
like we never learned a thing
I know you know how this feels
played by somebody's hands
tortured by their schemes and playtimes

T      A
Jan 11

I'll be filed away
Compartmentalised heart
No point asking to stay
i no longer have to play my part

#love   #relationship   #use  
Jun 3, 2014

Use my body, for what you need,
Make me plead on my knees,
Make me yell, make me scream,
Use my body as you please,

I don't see the problem,
Find use for me,
Other then my mental capabilities,
I'm lost without a purpose,

Use my body,
Maybe you can find a use,
For something so useless,

#passion   #sex   #body   #used   #useless   #drive  
Nov 24, 2014

I am made entirely of scars and bruises that could never possibly heal or go away and the spaces between them are places I've left open for you to use as you please.

#scars   #spaces   #use   #bruised  
I’ve gotten used to
May 19, 2014

I’ve been pulled
and pushed around
all my life

Like a rag doll 

And it has ended up

Where I am just
going with the wind

Push me away

Pull me back

Mess me around

I dont care anymore

I’ve gotten used to

Being used

#whatever   #careless   #done   #bored   #used   #doll   #rag  
Jake Meizell
Jake Meizell
Dec 23, 2014

Use me till I run out of words, I have nothing else to offer
I'm three steps away from daily motivation
There is a peace in knowing your worth, sleep to the freezing
We both know the moment that you got what you wanted, I haven't felt your need on my leg in weeks

#depression   #lonely   #need   #used  
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