May 22

I have always been called
a natural beauty
never seen the purpose
to cover my flaws
here I AM
imperfections and ALL.
I wear it well too........
all except this painted smile
Oh ...............yes................I forgot...........about................you

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she covers her face with makeup.
Adrienne New

She wakes up every morning & looks in the mirror.
Not happy by what she sees,
she covers her face with makeup.
She thinks it makes her look pretty,
but I know she's pretty without it
& I tell her everyday, hoping she believes me.

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Apr 7      Apr 8

Sometimes I wish
When I put on my eyeliner
A toddler would say
you look like a raccoon
And when I put on my lipstick
a child might tell me
your lips look like their bleeding
and when I wore my eye shadow
one might tell me
it looked like someone punched me
and I had a bruise
and when I wear powder and foundation
a child would say
you look like plastic

But they never do.
In fact when I wear                                                                     makeup
a                                                                                                          girl
came up to me and asked me why I was so                                 pretty
and I thanked her, and said
You are too!
but she walked away

I wanted to tell her that my beauty was                                     artificial
I wanted to tell her that my visage was                                       fake
I wanted to yell to the world that this                                           face
was what society                                                                           created.
I wanted to blame it on                                                                 society
which I could, if I                                                                         wanted
But more I wanted to blame it on                                                myself
I felt so                                                                                            pretty .
But was that what counts?
Is pretty what matters?
        what about internal beauty
        and intellectual beauty
and natural beauty.
When did powder caked
darkened eye
red lipped
blue shadowed

Sometimes I yearn for society to tell me what went wrong.
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as makeup for the soul
lillian carter

when are people going to realize
that being pretty on the outside
doesn't make you pretty on the inside
and there is no such thing
as makeup for the soul

the second of a series i'm doing on makeup
#soul   #face   #ugly   #makeup   #pretty  

to make my skin a little smoother
my eyes a little bigger
my lashes a little longer
my lips a little redder
but my face a little less mine

the first of a series
#eyes   #lips   #skin   #face   #makeup   #pretty   #lashes  

freckles are some of my favorite things
like sprinkles on top of a cupcake
making a good face even better
but around 10th grade
all the freckles begin to disappear
and it makes me wonder
what other beautiful things are disappearing too?

part 4 of my series on makeup
lillian carter
lillian carter
Oct 9      Oct 9

i see unattainable beauty
in the biggest of galaxies
and the smallest drop
of ocean water
and you are made
of both of them
so why would you need
to cover up
what is naturally
the most beautiful thing
of all?

part 3 of my series on makeup
#stars   #water   #ocean   #saltwater   #makeup   #pretty   #drop   #galaxies  

The first step in making-up is to grab her ass.

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every friday, i put on makeup
Sep 26

every friday, i put on makeup
i think it looks good
with eye shadow and just the right amount of nail glitter
i can look like
golden royalty, an azure fairy, a lime snake-kid


every friday, i get a second train of thoughts
i think i look not-as-good
with a thinner face and less prevalent raven-feathers under my eyes
i could look better
why don't i look better

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all thought is makeup
Nov 3, 2012

you can feel it;
all thought is makeup
over our emotions.
why does it surprise us that
we can often only see things
as black and white
when good and bad
and happy and sad
and yes life and death
are part of a larger whole
that we can't see in this spectrum.

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