See a lot of girls use makeup
Oct 30      Oct 31

A product bought by thousands and applied by more
A thing used in the attempt to be perceived as beautiful
But some take this a step too far
Scratching in rouge with fingernails,
Applying lip liner with a blade
Letting the freshly bee stung blood come inwards, dripping down the throat and acting as calloused hands
Making for veins on the eyelids to pop
Creating the perfect permanent eyeshadow
Staying up all night blending black and blue together
Never pale enough for the only foundation they were ever given; now the perfect shade of torn paper white
Running fingers through hair
Thinning for free
See a lot of girls use makeup
A lot of girls like me.

not specifically about me, but just in general I wanted to talk about some of societies flaws in feeling flawed
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May 22

I have always been called
a natural beauty
never seen the purpose
to cover my flaws
here I AM
imperfections and ALL.
I wear it well too........
all except this painted smile
Oh ...............yes................I

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she covers her face with makeup.
Adrienne New

She wakes up every morning & looks in the mirror.
Not happy by what she sees,
she covers her face with makeup.
She thinks it makes her look pretty,
but I know she's pretty without it
& I tell her everyday, hoping she believes me.

sp;       makeup
Apr 7      Apr 8

Sometimes I wish
When I put on my eyeliner
A toddler would say
you look like a raccoon
And when I put on my lipstick
a child might tell me
your lips look like their bleeding
and when I wore my eye shadow
one might tell me
it looked like someone punched me
and I had a bruise
and when I wear powder and foundation
a child would say
you look like plastic

But they never do.
In fact when I wear                                                                     makeup
a                                                                                                          girl
came up to me and asked me why I was so                                 pretty
and I thanked her, and said
You are too!
but she walked away

I wanted to tell her that my beauty was                                     artificial
I wanted to tell her that my visage was                                       fake
I wanted to yell to the world that this                                           face
was what society                                                                           created.
I wanted to blame it on                                                                 society
which I could, if I                                                                         wanted
But more I wanted to blame it on                                                myself
I felt so                                                                                            pretty .
But was that what counts?
Is pretty what matters?
        what about internal beauty
        and intellectual beauty
and natural beauty.
When did powder caked
darkened eye
red lipped
blue shadowed

Sometimes I yearn for society to tell me what went wrong.
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Some people think makeup is to hide one's imperfections,
maha salman
maha salman
8 hours ago

Some people think makeup is to hide one's imperfections,
Others think it is to define the things you have already got.'s an interesting question once thought about.
I tried to wear makeup and brown colour contacts today...
I'm not going to do it again.

The first step in making-up is to grab her ass.

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