she covers her face with makeup.
Adriean New
Adriean New
Jul 27, 2014

She wakes up every morning & looks in the mirror.
Not happy by what she sees,
she covers her face with makeup.
She thinks it makes her look pretty,
but I know she's pretty without it
& I tell her everyday, hoping she believes me.

May 22, 2014

I have always been called
a natural beauty
never seen the purpose
to cover my flaws
here I AM
imperfections and ALL.
I wear it well too........
all except this painted smile
Oh ...............yes................I

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that I really need makeup
Autumn Whipple
Autumn Whipple
Jan 20, 2015

sometimes I think
that I really need makeup
to hide me from myself
when I look in the mirror
all I see is my bad
brought to life
small eyes, full of lies
full lips, I'm a bitch
my mother likes to say that
I don't need makeup, that I have a nice face
but that doesn't explain away
the facts
because girls snicker at me,
boys call me crazy behind my back,
that my father calls me fat
because "he loves me
so maybe the one, two, three layers of slick and color and shine
will bar the anger and wrongness
and lack of reason or rhyme.
maybe one day i'll have the courage to wash all the makeup
maybe one day

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Dec 5, 2016

Even to an untrained eye
One can spot layers of foundation
Caked into her face

Is she a victim
Of some historical imperative?

Is she caged
In some arbitrary matrix?

Some fun-house of mirrors
While a mustachioed ringleader
Overcharges, shouting

“Come one, come all, bedazzled spectator
Behold, the distorted woman
Transmogrifying before your eyes!”

Or maybe she’s just vain
Or betwixt the two

Somewhere, a boy drops a sixpence
It rattles in the dusky jar
As he enters the dark show

whatever comes to mind as always
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sp;       makeup
Apr 7, 2014

Sometimes I wish
When I put on my eyeliner
A toddler would say
you look like a raccoon
And when I put on my lipstick
a child might tell me
your lips look like their bleeding
and when I wore my eye shadow
one might tell me
it looked like someone punched me
and I had a bruise
and when I wear powder and foundation
a child would say
you look like plastic

But they never do.
In fact when I wear                                                                     makeup
a                                                                                                          girl
came up to me and asked me why I was so                                 pretty
and I thanked her, and said
You are too!
but she walked away

I wanted to tell her that my beauty was                                     artificial
I wanted to tell her that my visage was                                       fake
I wanted to yell to the world that this                                           face
was what society                                                                           created.
I wanted to blame it on                                                                 society
which I could, if I                                                                         wanted
But more I wanted to blame it on                                                myself
I felt so                                                                                            pretty .
But was that what counts?
Is pretty what matters?
        what about internal beauty
        and intellectual beauty
and natural beauty.
When did powder caked
darkened eye
red lipped
blue shadowed

Sometimes I yearn for society to tell me what went wrong.
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I am a makeup artist,
Apr 28, 2016

I am a makeup artist,
Hiding tears behind my masterpiece.

I can draw you smiles,
Paint you laughter,
Doodle you little dimples,
Glue glitter to your eyes.

I am a makeup artist,
don't be afraid.

I do it to myself all the time.

#sadness   #artist   #makeup  
You asked me to put on some makeup.
Creep that Loves You

You asked me to put on some makeup.
Well, dear.

I would need too much makeup,
to cover my scowls,
and this ugly thing I call
a face.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover up my scarred heart
and attempt to make it look whole and pretty.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover my sarcastic and strange humor,
make myself sound smart, pretty, cute.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover my soul,
make it seem pure,
innocent - the way you want me to be...

I've been exposed for too long,
too many burns, and scars race across me,
too noticeable, too many
for me to ever use makeup.

Makeup will never make me look pretty.
It will disfigure all that I have,
take away the stories that are etched onto me,
it will cover what defines

by coldplay
makeup is what we need
Genna Peterson
Genna Peterson
May 26, 2013

beauticians say
that we shouldn't sleep in our make up
but one day we'll be sleeping forever
and then
morticians will say
makeup is what we need
for our eternal sleep

The makeup
A Lopez
A Lopez
Nov 14, 2015

Its not
The makeup
I wear
That keeps me having
A glow
That you can't catch.
Its my pain
That leaves in
The rain
A memorable

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