Mar 13, 2013

What are the words
I mean to say?
This drink, it flows,
Inside my veins,
And life, it moves
And flows for me
Yet worldly pleasures
Drive the weak.
As I long
To tell you these,
All I can say
Are words that please.
I love you
I love you,
Do I,
Do I?

Sweetheart, dream.
And listen on
To the stars that flow
From here
To beyond.

that is smooth sangria down the throat
Audrey Bean Chmielowski

crooked eyelash
gnarly, toothy
snookie snookie
with a grin like chocolate suckle
that is smooth sangria down the throat
artichoke belt buckle
enjoy the comfortable finale
"forget i'm filthy, from the alley"

chicky? chicky! are you sleeping?
i have been for 16 years
dreaming loads of lovely fellows
strong enough to show me tears
i have wasted the best of charms i've ever tasted;
the stairs fall down beneath my heel

i greet your frowns
my toes on the line
i drink with a hunger
from a gallon of wine
encourage the blur
allow the feel

do they think that i am beautiful?
do they think that i am real?

Into that Sangria containing my sweet fruit
Teresa Magaña
Teresa Magaña
Jan 17, 2012

My Sweetness
My Fruit
Little bits of sourness that I have felt from dealing with boys ,..that I’ve let come, …in my life,…and just pass on through,
Like Tita from Agua Para Chocolate
Pouring her energy
Her feelings
Her heart in every dish she made
I poured and poured
10 bottles of red wine…Passionate red vibes
Into that Sangria containing my sweet fruit
And just a little bit,…little bite of lime
That little bit of sourness I hold inside
My energy flowing through every smile, word, and laughter that floated in the air
And bounced from vibe to vibe
And what did I get in return?
Not only the satisfaction of seeing and feeling everyone have such a great time
Giggles from buzzed and tipsy steps of folks passing me by
But the collection of singles, overflowing in the cute bartender’s tip jar
It was your singles
And his singles
And even her singles that filled up that jar
The collection of singles that fed the creative force of souls that night
Fed the souls
Fed the minds
Fed us with creativity
But most importantly
Fed us with awesome tacos at 2:30 in the morning from a place we happened to find right around the block
My Sangria bought us tip jar tacos that night

Sangria cold & fruity as it slides down easily

People wobbling in the heat haze like a real time hall of mirrors
Street performers sing & flamenco & mime
The snap of digital cameras & excited chatter outside the cathedral
Sangria cold & fruity as it slides down easily
The tram glides past the beggars & hawkers
Gypsies’ curses in coarse andalucian as rosemary favours are repelled
Excited Asians watching every move Large Americans loudly exclaiming their delight as the light fades into dusk
Now the Feria comes alive all lights & ferris wheels & music so much music
Men on horseback women ride sidesaddle all in traditional dress
A throwback to a time before bailouts & austerity
Sing & Dance & Eat & laugh & joke
As dusk becomes evening the ottoman turrets light up
The cooler night air seems to remove inhibitions as people from different worlds celebrate humanity with cheers & smiles
Muchos Gracias & Bueno & Buena Noches  in various accents fill the night as the spell is broken

βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

A man walks into a bar in the future.
The android bartender says,


☑ sir
☑ madam

may I pour you a nice glass of

☑ Wine
☑ Fruit wine
☑ Table wine
☑ Sangria
☑ Sparkling wine
☑ Champagne
☑ Fortified wine
☑ Port
☑ Madeira
☑ Marsala
☑ Sherry
☑ Vermouth
☑ Vinsanto

Or, perhaps you would prefer hard liquor?
You can choose from our fine selection of

☑ Absinthe
☑ Applejack
☑ Arak
☑ Arrack
☑ Awamori
☑ Baijiu
☑ Borovička
☑ Cachaça
☑ Gin
☑ Horilka
☑ Kaoliang
☑ Maotai
☑ Metaxa
☑ Mezcal
☑ Ogogoro
☑ Ouzo
☑ Palinka
☑ Pisco
☑ Poitín
☑ Rakı
☑ Rakia
☑ Slivovitz
☑ Rum
☑ Shochu
☑ Soju
☑ Tequila
☑ Ţuică
☑ Vodka
☑ Whisky
☑ Bourbon whiskey
☑ Canadian whisky
☑ Irish whiskey
☑ Japanese whisky
☑ Rye whiskey
☑ Scotch whisky
☑ Tennessee whiskey
☑ ManX Spirit
☑ Brandy
☑ Armagnac
☑ Cognac
☑ Fruit brandy
☑ Schnapps
☑ Obstwasser
☑  Damassine
☑ Himbeergeist
☑ Kirsch
☑ Poire Williams
☑ Williamine

After spending 5 minutes listening to the list, he turns around and leaves the bar. He gets into his time machine, cursing,
'Man, the future ain't as good as it used to be.
There used to be hot broads at that bar. Now what do they got?
Fucking boring robots spitting out checklists!'

Sangria, anyone?
Nov 12

Where absence of genuine feeling, love, and connection is ever so apparent.

Sangria, anyone?

#fake   #bullshit   #numb   #booze  
Black flies in Sangria
Kimberly Seibert

Just because you can turn her on
doesn't mean you'd get her off.
Black flies in Sangria
are bound to make her cough.

full of sangria
wolf spirit aka quinfinn

red as crimson
metallic taste
tonight the moon
will rise

large as night
full of sangria
drink deeply,
feast your eyes

embrace the night
the full blood moon
spirits dancing
in the flesh

take flight, fandango
and moonlight
red as wine

embrace, consume
celebrate the night
come hither,
take my hand

to drink, to toast
the full blood moon
on the sand

Sangria boulevard.
Jun 27, 2012

The idea shrank so suddenly, I thought it to be fictional.
I thought it to be an elusive dream, a ghost, my
   mother's sanity.

The idea tasted the back of my head and reared
    it's front to the stars.

My throat gave birth to a baby bird on
   Sangria boulevard.

and burst in sangria
Oct 30

I breathe in and breathe out,
standing on the Railroad to Forever.
Looking up, I see Spring
carried by winds towards Wherever.
Looking down, it’s an endless sea
(the deepest, it’s called Infinity).
When the winds grow stronger,
I shall fall like Autumn did—
into a whitewashed grid
and burst in sangria
and saffron and brown
and turn the Universe

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