The greatest injustice in life
Hope Murray

The greatest injustice in life
is the flawed architecture of our mind.
Man is the measure of all things
and of himself.
one measures himself
in relation to another.
Life is an injustice
unto itself.
Life must exploit itself
to continue.

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Injustice was done
Nov 22, 2014

Injustice was done
on that day if you think.
Then know years later Pharaoh's
attire injustice prinked.
Their is no Moses in this
vast land in this vast crowd.
So let the Pharaoh celebrate
victory and laugh out loud.
It is correct that Allah alone
one should only fear.
But patience is not a sign
of weakness, my dear!
Your tears will not go waste
one day it will turn into a sea.
And your patience will become
Moses and will lead thee.

of nettles and nails that scream their injustice at you
Nov 2, 2014      Nov 4, 2014

A sea of nettles and nails that scream their injustice at you
People who seem like they've shaken off their prickly outsides and their hatred
Turning to congratulate them
Embrace them
Before you find the truth beneath their pillowy covering
Nails can be blunted and nettles can be softened but they remain below your surface,
Waiting for the right moment to be sharpened and grow back their stings

I see your injustice and I raise you my peace
It hurts to tear out your nails and to burn off those nettles
But oh god does it hurt more to walk your tender, soft body through that forest of pain

This poem is for the women in sweatshops making shirts with "feminist" written on them and wondering if their owners think of them
This poem is those who see their idols revealing they're not what they should be and feeling that deep deep loss

This poem is because I'm tired of trying to change the world when it hurts this damn much
Aug 27      Aug 28

wouldn't it be nice...

not having to wake up at 6AM,
when the blinding light,
hasn't peeked through the shades,
to go to school

wouldn't it be nice...

not having to deal,
with the kids who haunt,
waking up in the morning,
a chore that coincides,
with an advil,
shot of expresso,
and the inkling of confidence,
buried in your pocket,
to perservere on

wouldn't it be nice...

never waiting for another bell,
to halt the information,
that you would "never use in the real world"

wouldn't it be nice...

not being ignorant,
to the environment that surrounds,
where children,
masked with naïvety,
question why people of "their kind"
never got the chance

wouldn't THAT be nice.

this poem is dedicated to the Haitian children whom changed my life this summer in the dominican republic. Whom were looked down apon in society and not allowed to attend school
It's disgusting how injustice has taken full control
Dec 3, 2014

Color has filled the world since we claimed it ours 
To use as we please with no control of the powers 
It's gone on far enough, this senseless killing has to stop 
Before martial law takes over and we're thrown off the top 
This isn't the world that needs to ever exist
Where hate is loved and the government resists
Oh how weak they are, giving mercy to a white man
But that's their nature and how they hate the ones that ran
I've lost hope for peace for those up north
As this war keeps on going back and forth
The chaos and bloodshed is unnecessary and wrong
As our youth are cut from singing their sad song
What do they think is good from letting a murderer walk?
Do they think it's okay because he let his lawyers talk?
No, this is bullshit and absolutely outrageous 
Imagine it backwards and you see it in the pages:
Black officer shoots a white, unarmed boy
He gets sentenced today, they treat him like a toy
But a white officer kills a black boy and nobody bats an eye
As they let him free to be part of another drive-by
It's disgusting how injustice has taken full control
In a land of the "free" filled with those that lost their soul
It's all fucked up and straight up morally and politically wrong 
But nobody listens to the minority's song

Welcome to America. 


I wrote this a week ago and forgot to post it but here you all go, just my thoughts.
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rebecca askew
rebecca askew
Dec 11, 2014      Dec 12, 2014

As the darkness grows
Feelings of a ling'ring dread
Hanging by a split end thread
With dreams that paint a million hues of black

Darkness that surrounds
Silence broke with deaf'ning sounds
Emotions charge on battle grounds
Behind green eyes, that clearly look serene

Poet changes scenes
Live atop a pile of bones
Weapons made from steel and stones
Nothing more than mindless drones

Soulless walls collapse in place
While ancient bones dance on graves

As the darkness grows
Blood moon lights the winter sky
River Styx begins to ice
And the devil spins a garish reel

Darkness will conceal
Silent wind and raging chimes
Empty tombs and hidden shrines
And Masters pull on puppet's shiny strings

Poet changes scenes
Live atop a pile of bones
Weapons made from steel and stones
Nothing more than mindless drones

Soulless walls collapse in place
While ancient bones dance on graves

Filled with age-old, earthly sin
Smell decay on fetid skin
Eyeballs picked by laughing crows
As the darkness grows and grows

Bag of bones to witness time
Holy water covers crime
Midnight beggar bums a dime
While softly falls, the clean and virgin snow

As the darkness grows
Hope becomes a ghost inside
Left alone, to bleed and die
With angry thoughts and raging discontent

Lampshade faces hide regret
Shadows fall on time's ravine
Echo loud and in between
And stifle off a cold, resounding scream

Poet ends the scene
Live atop a pile of bones
Weapons made from steel and stones
Nothing more than mindless drones

And broken walls break ever more
But ancient bones feel no remorse

If you read this to the end, thank you.  This was a challenging one to write.  I feel like I put my whole soul into it.  Thank you
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Xan Abyss
Xan Abyss
Nov 26, 2014

No Justice, No Peace
If we can't get it from the Court
then we'll take it from the Streets
No Justice, No Peace
Fuck the Police
and what you believe!

Whatever happened to Revolution
Being the American way?
When your voice remains unheard
For which you suffer every day,
Your life is constantly stepped on,
Your rights keep getting taken away,
And in spite of the lies they spin to protect your oppressors,
You still keep the rage at bay
Because you are not
Above the Law
and neither is anyone else.
So taking matters into your own hands
Isn't going to help.
You entrust the justice system
to do what it's supposed to
Even though you know it never has
and is probably never going to.
But if you haven't done anything wrong and the Law doesn't serve you,
and only seems to defend the people who've already hurt you,
then honestly I think it's insane and completely absurd to
not only expect the People not to react,
but to honor a curfew.

Do you hear us yet?
Oh, it's inappropriate?
You don't wanna talk about it?
You don't wanna think about it?
You don't wanna deal with it?
Well guess what?
Nobody fucking does, nobody fucking would, nobody ever fucking could.
But for the people who don't look like you -
Aryan Beauty Standards
Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue
Fair-skinned, light-skinned
European skeleton,
It was never a choice they had.

Oppression doesn't pick you
Based on qualifications
Any more than Privilege does,
If you think this case
Is not about race
You better check your Privilege, cuz.

I love my home, America
But I hate what it's become
Land of the greedy, home of the afraid
Kingdom of the Loud and Dumb
Slut-shaming, victim-blaming, race-hating, race-baiting
Sensationalization of the worst crimes in the nation
Religious intolerance, homophobic misogyny, blatant racial discrimination
Can't get with it, can't hang
At least not in the lynch mob sense
I am blown the fuck away
at the grievous absence of common sense.

So when they lit those flags on fire
in the center of the town
I understand, and I can't blame them
the flag is truer up in flames now

And if they so decide to burn
the city to the ground,
I understand, and I can't blame them
I would wanna burn it down

No Justice, No Peace
If we can't get it from the Court
then we'll take it from the Streets
No Justice, No Peace
Fuck the Police
and Fuck your Beliefs!

This is about what you think.
it's definite injustice.
Michaela Siaki

He means very little to me-
on a regular, uninterrupted day.
But when he talks to me,
he is maliciously welcoming.
He's toxically enduring
and determinedly warm.

It's possible Stockholm Syndrome,
it's definite injustice.
Sweet, sweet injustice.
Sweet interruptions.
My sweet bitterness to his sweet nonchalance.
And then;
sweet realisation that I may not be alright,
but merely distracted.

I always thought I was doing okay.
Seething injustice grows
Justin Michael
Sep 7, 2013

Seething injustice grows
Vineyard with deep deceiving roots
Exponential expansion
Bears insidious fruits

Don’t water the crops
Don’t eat a single grape
Don’t drink the wine
Bring to fiery waste

One major injustice
Mar 22, 2014

One major injustice
Won't destroy people like
Many small ones.

Soul Survivor

T R U T H !!!
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