One major injustice

One major injustice
Won't destroy people like
Many small ones.

Soul Survivor

T R U T H !!!
Sep 15

Your teams energy is full,Go Fight!

May 3, 2013      May 3, 2013

You know there wouldn't be so many
If when you did your
Check points for
If that is all you did was
Check for drunk drivers
To keep people safe
But NO you have to
Mess with the guy with
Expired tags
You know the one
Who just barely found a job
So he's trying to get his check
So he can pay his shit.
But NOPE you take his car
Now he's mad he loses
His job can't feed his kids

That is ONE major problem here. Create crime to keep our system full to take our taxes to keep us poor to start world wars

Life ain't fair.
Nor even partly cloudy.



Only the unjust seem to
Come out with their "do's" intact
Olivia Kent
Olivia Kent
Jun 4, 2013

Posted by Olivia Kent on June 4, 2013 at 3:11pm
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Suffer not thy children,
In a waiter service world of injustice,
Nothingness in a world of tragic poverty,
In a drizzle of tears,
The children drown
Emaciated children,
Not smiling as they die,
In world of war-craft,
A little more each day,  
Not smiling as they should,
Living in a punitive  world of cruelty,
Where craft of war is rife,
Imagined in heads of strangers,
Piercing with horror,
Ears sickened,
By violent imagery envisaged,
Emaciated child,
Pot bellied,
Virtually lifeless,
Dead before death,
Life blood vanished,
Without request!
There is no youthful exuberance on this face,
I don't live in this place!
Copywrite Livvi Kent 04/06/2013

Kassel D
Kassel D
Apr 22, 2013

i became weak for you
but in your eyes i remained strong
you despised my defiance to follow
all the hidden rules of your love

© 2012 (November)
let injustice crumble
Daniel K
Daniel K
Oct 28, 2013      Oct 29, 2013

all my life
has been spent in chains
I have never been happy
always shackled to some dream
that just seems to evade me

it seems this world just weighs
so heavy on my heart
I find it hard to cope
with the way that everything is run
it's wrong
people are wrong
and they know the way they are living is wrong
but still they persevere
they continue in this way
and attempt nothing that could make a change
it kills me
I feel so alone
so isolated
I do not fit in in the town I was born
I am nothing like these people
their meaningless lives bore me
I simply can not fit in because everything just seems so hypocritical
people all just seem so fake
At this stage I do not even wish to be like them
I couldn't even give in if I tried
they physically repulse me
friends lie
foes lie
politicians lie
managers lie
teachers lie
parents lie
siblings lie
men lie
women lie
everywhere you look
there is a veil
everything so clouded in deceit
from lies that parents tell their children to protect them
just another year of innocence
to lies in the form of empty promises some lousy government makes
when really all they are doing is adding buck in to their bank

Human Beings Lie
and without remorse
they lie to further themselves and noone else
greed and power clouds even the most sound of judgement
it is an illness reserved merely to man
do you see such rot in the animal kingdom?
is a dog dishonest?
it is not within their nature
they do not have the chip inside their framework
that human beings have
and throw around so effortlessly

how can people live
with such a sickness underfoot
such a deadly pox
seeping in our souls
societies built
on such shoddy foundations
someday surely must fall?
I'l push
without thought or remorse
let their castles fall
let injustice crumble
like the walls we have built around us
in an attempt to put us on a pedestal
but instead we have just got lost

people are being crushed
from weight they never asked for
being put upon their shoulders
from poverty
from hardship
from pain
years and years of pain
man has inflicted on one another
and continue to inflict each day
read the news
at any time
all these civil rights
being trampled in to the ground
being kicked while they sleep
pain pain pain

if human being has the power
to cause so much pain
so much hardship
so much injustice on one another
then it surely has the power
to begin to right these wrongs
to make a difference
it is goal worth fighting for
worth dying for
because deep within my heart of hearts I know
I am not really living as we are

May Heagy
Nov 24, 2012

The rising of November
slices a hole too deep to mend
in the thirty days she’s given me

I had convinced myself
this year would be different
I thought I could stand
against those Santa Ana’s

November takes another
in her windy embrace
and carries them through
to the unknown

Mandy Berry
Mandy Berry
Apr 26, 2012

Wrong place in time
Years in age,
Aren't worth a dime
Different place, another time
Capture my heart
And you'll be mine
Same place, right time
A life sentence, together,
Could be sublime
Out of place
Devoid of time
An eternity apart
Would be a crime

Apr 28, 2013

Tonight I will close my eyes
and remember that there are people
more beautiful than I,
more purposeful than I have ever been,
more wonderful than I could dream.

And tonight I will close my eyes
with a prayer falling from my lips
because they are also
more broken than I,
more afraid than I have ever been,
more lost than I could dream.

Why is it that all the best
suffer all the worst?

So much

Goodnight, beautiful people. I love you.
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