catherine simard
Apr 5, 2013

A spider web
A mesh, a lattice
entangles our unspoken words
as silence says it all

tangled in the canopy
Chase Fire
Chase Fire
May 5, 2013

remembering her voice—
the shape of ancient winds
tangled in the canopy
of my mind

Tangled to the tree
Lucy Tonic
Lucy Tonic
Oct 28, 2012      Oct 29, 2012

Temporary satisfaction
Split my soul into factions
My love for him is a fraction
Compared to this guilt reaction
And now desire spreads
Like his seed here in this bed
Now a child grows instead
Of peace held in my head
Tangled to the tree
Powerless and “free”
Tangled to the tree
Powerless and “free”

Cazandra Aporbo
Cazandra Aporbo
Mar 21, 2012

At the edge of dissolution
she bites her lip to lock the key
she dances in her vulnerability
through the blizzard, through the heat
hoping he will come around
and bite his lip in sufferance
and confess
his sins;
all her broken wishes

Tangled in the bejewelled abyss is where we'll
Mar 14, 2012

Fragile but deadly.
The early morning dew glistens on the spiders web.

I understand that spider more each passing day,
as our own web slowly grows.

Uniquely beautiful she caught us willingly
with her true realities ignored.

Collecting the tiniest of details,
we decorated the silken strands with our memories and dreams,

Tangled in the bejewelled abyss is where we'll wait,
amongst our pleasure and the poison.*

kiki nicole
kiki nicole
Jul 7, 2013

there are a lot of knots in my hair;
i've bound myself to me.
i'm trapped inside of myself;
i'm afraid i'll leave.

Tangled and trying to escape,
Jul 12, 2013

Caught in the wire,
Tangled and trying to escape,
From lust and desire,
I need to get back into shape.
Entwined in the thorn bush,
Stabbed and bleeding out,
From malice and reluctance,
I need to patch up these wounds.

Tie me down,
A rope around my neck,
Hanging by a thread,
Holding my last breath to fall again and again and again.
Hang me out to dry,
In the middle of a hurricane,
Battered from the gusts of anger,
It's selfish to feel this pain.

Tangled together.
James Willis
James Willis
Apr 22, 2013

How empty I feel
When you are away.
Nobody to make laugh,
My smiles going unnoticed.
No reason to sing,
Legs unwilling to dance.
My thoughts drifting to us
Tangled together.
My teeth clenched
Around your neck,
Pulling you tight.
Waiting for you
To call my name...

Jillian May
May 17, 2013

If I'm being completely honest
I love to read the words you write
about me.
No one has loved me more than
and within that love I find
and memories.
I love thinking back
to when I would creep into your room
for a midday nap
on your lap.
And the first time you held my hand
when we were out exploring
that Monday night.
How unexpected.
But somewhere in the middle of
I got
And things gradually
the more tangled
I became.

Tangled in limbs and sheets
Jillian Mac
Jillian Mac
Feb 21, 2013      Feb 21, 2013

You bring out the worst in me.
I love you, really I don’t.
How did we get to where we were?
I forget the path we took..
Most time spent “together”
void. Too many moments..
Tangled in limbs and sheets
but not each others’ minds.
Failing to dissect each neuron
until we knew everything.

Surrounded and seduced
by hollow words, I am
consumed with vulnerability,
pushing forward prematurely,
only to recoil almost instantly..
Caught in whirlwind we were.
Turning the calm into a storm
when maybe it could have just drifted..
If only we had trusted.

If only you had not betrayed mine,
had given release to that which passed,
and embraced me in our present.
Finally ready to tread waters
only waded before,
and quickly deserted in fear.
who I was ready to swim miles for.
An unlit candle, finally
found the flame to its wick.

Cracked the white shell,
you took full advantage
beyond what you were allowed.
Keeping it for your own
upon your surges of desire.
Feeding me pathos
from the shallows of your..
soul, buried deep in the core
of the cave in your chest,
only to be unearthed by the brew’s shovel.

Something you knew not of.
Nor patience, consideration, selflessness.
And by your body
was torn my most sensitive skins.
Words followed that broke more.
Innocence willingly, thoughtlessly given.
Taken was more, offered to help create.
Hands chosen to lay a foundation,
that crumble it before it is built.

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