While you're tangled up in their legs
Michael Pick
Michael Pick
May 21, 2014      May 22, 2014

One night can change a lot of things
And it's hard for me to explain
The connection you can make with someone
While you're tangled up in their legs

But seeing her eyes in the night
And just waking up to her breath
Was what made me let out a little sigh
While making me smile a bit too much

Last night we spent inside of her bed
Allowing us to forget the world outside
A connection stayed between our fingertips
While her legs were tangled up in mine

#love   #eyes   #bed   #happiness   #smile   #connection   #tangled  
... you are my **tangled contradiction.**
Sumaiya Zafar
Sumaiya Zafar
May 8, 2014

The thoughts in my head are so disarrayed that I can't think straight because they're so fogged up, like I'm watching from the other side of the glass
One thing I'm certain of in my misconstrued mind, however, is that they're all of you...

... you are my tangled contradiction.


got tangled. We ignored
Sep 24, 2014

The sweet ache
of togetherness. We had
The magic
of the moments. We lived
The beauty
The bliss. We achieved
How we choose
to ignore. You left
How we knew
to ignore. I left

You were ready to leave
And I had nothing to give

The feeling
got tangled. We ignored
Oh! I ignored.
This story of you and me
tangled and ignored.

#leave   #story   #tangled  
I become tangled
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez
Jul 24, 2014      Jul 25, 2014

I lull the salt
and the rain
with the company of
sour visitors
perpetual silence
stabbing me in
my palms
I strung it together
with thin white exhales
In the morning
I become tangled
apologetic veins
a rib cage and
a buoy, white endless
tangled at the root.

#lonely   #tree   #silence   #ocean   #salt   #roots   #string   #tangled  
You awoke tangled.
Benj Bonsway
Oct 16, 2014

I placed you in the box,
the padded box that seemed too small
torn from galloping heart,
fingers fumbling for stubborn clasp,
I focus for just one moment
Place you in that small padded box.

I watch as,
night tucks away all things
As bed bugs are wished away
But teem beneath the sheets
As closets checked for monsters
whisper into darkness:
            “things not always as they seem.”

You, the necklace, must agree,
For I laid with such ease,
            Your slinking arms
            Your solid charm
That was winning to anyone
            You met.

And I watched whenever I could,
To ensure the box was still,
but then again
who’s to say
That I wasn’t just moving,
In opposite directions
            With myslinking arms
            And lack of charm
That shied away with
            That very same ease.

But either way,
Living independently,
Our motions certainly did not cancel,
Whatever it was that we did-
And no matter
how carefully you were lain-
You awoke tangled.

A. This year I will no longer be tangled top sheets,
Keah Jones
Keah Jones
7 days ago

A. This year I will no longer be tangled top sheets,
soiled comforters, or stained mattresses.
My blood runs clear and the extra year made me a little harder to fuck. I started kissing boys on corners who had girlfriends, being someone we would never imagine of me and I bet you never expected vodka to run through these sober veins, couldn't handle me after four shots and you are inebriated by the alcohol seeping from my pores.
B. I started the year off kissing a bottle, not you
you ruined it, left me behind, a newborn still unsure how to walk unstable and unbalanced on tender feet.
you ruined it, left me to fend for myself among the wolves of the world,
C. It took me 907 days to learn how to love you in the way you needed it, this gestation was the slow decline of everything that defined me.
No one ever told me that each person needs love molded to them
so on the 909th day when you left, i had just perfected the sculpture, didn't have time to show you before you rushed in, knocked it on the floor and were gone
D. that is how we ended, shattered splinters of clay, scattering mosaic beautiful on the floor.
tied tongues and upset stomachs from too much alcohol and too little sleep
E. this is how we ended, strangers lips and foreign bed sheets
we went out like a poem if only I could find the right words

#love   #up   #strangers   #bodies   #fucked   #tangled  
tangled in the canopy
Chase Fire
Chase Fire
May 5, 2013

remembering her voice—
the shape of ancient winds
tangled in the canopy
of my mind

catherine simard
Apr 5, 2013

A spider web
A mesh, a lattice
entangles our unspoken words
as silence says it all

I wanna be all tangled in with you tonight.
Jeremy R Frenette
Jeremy R Frenette
Sep 6, 2014      Sep 6, 2014

I wanna be all tangled in with you tonight.
All legs and arms and lips, tangled.
Heart strings, mirth and eyes locked.
Days unfolding and replayed in pillow talk.
Fingers into one another's,
in the hair,- hair tangled too, yet

In all these tangled knots
We twist and pull- tangled.
Gets tighter, closer and impossible.
We will never be undone.

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