While you're tangled up in their legs
Michael Pick
Michael Pick
May 21      May 22

One night can change a lot of things
And it's hard for me to explain
The connection you can make with someone
While you're tangled up in their legs

But seeing her eyes in the night
And just waking up to her breath
Was what made me let out a little sigh
While making me smile a bit too much

Last night we spent inside of her bed
Allowing us to forget the world outside
A connection stayed between our fingertips
While her legs were tangled up in mine

#love   #eyes   #bed   #happiness   #smile   #connection   #tangled  
... you are my **tangled contradiction.**
Sumaiya Zafar

The thoughts in my head are so disarrayed that I can't think straight because they're so fogged up, like I'm watching from the other side of the glass
One thing I'm certain of in my misconstrued mind, however, is that they're all of you...

... you are my tangled contradiction.


I become tangled
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez
Jul 24      Jul 25

I lull the salt
and the rain
with the company of
sour visitors
perpetual silence
stabbing me in
my palms
I strung it together
with thin white exhales
In the morning
I become tangled
apologetic veins
a rib cage and
a buoy, white endless
tangled at the root.

#lonely   #tree   #silence   #ocean   #salt   #roots   #string   #tangled  
I wanna be all tangled in with you tonight.
Jeremy R Frenette
Jeremy R Frenette
Sep 6      Sep 6

I wanna be all tangled in with you tonight.
All legs and arms and lips, tangled.
Heart strings, mirth and eyes locked.
Days unfolding and replayed in pillow talk.
Fingers into one another's,
in the hair,- hair tangled too, yet

In all these tangled knots
We twist and pull- tangled.
Gets tighter, closer and impossible.
We will never be undone.

tangled in the canopy
Chase Fire
Chase Fire
May 5, 2013

remembering her voice—
the shape of ancient winds
tangled in the canopy
of my mind

catherine simard
Apr 5, 2013

A spider web
A mesh, a lattice
entangles our unspoken words
as silence says it all

Tangled to the tree
Lucy Tonic
Lucy Tonic
Oct 28, 2012      Oct 29, 2012

Temporary satisfaction
Split my soul into factions
My love for him is a fraction
Compared to this guilt reaction
And now desire spreads
Like his seed here in this bed
Now a child grows instead
Of peace held in my head
Tangled to the tree
Powerless and “free”
Tangled to the tree
Powerless and “free”

Cazandra Aporbo
Cazandra Aporbo
Mar 21, 2012

At the edge of dissolution
she bites her lip to lock the key
she dances in her vulnerability
through the blizzard, through the heat
hoping he will come around
and bite his lip in sufferance
and confess
his sins;
all her broken wishes

Tangled together.
James Willis
James Willis
Apr 22, 2013

How empty I feel
When you are away.
Nobody to make laugh,
My smiles going unnoticed.
No reason to sing,
Legs unwilling to dance.
My thoughts drifting to us
Tangled together.
My teeth clenched
Around your neck,
Pulling you tight.
Waiting for you
To call my name...

Jillian May
May 17, 2013

If I'm being completely honest
I love to read the words you write
about me.
No one has loved me more than
and within that love I find
and memories.
I love thinking back
to when I would creep into your room
for a midday nap
on your lap.
And the first time you held my hand
when we were out exploring
that Monday night.
How unexpected.
But somewhere in the middle of
I got
And things gradually
the more tangled
I became.

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