Jun 5, 2014

1) My poetry rhymes are bearing sweet limes.

2) My poetry rhymes are seeing good times.

3) Tis my poetry rhyme which has reached its prime.

This poetry rhyme is my holy trine.

4th June 2014

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1 day ago

I was told poems mustn't rhyme
Those that do show infantile minds
A child can rhyme two with glue
Or find a metaphor for the sky being blue

Rhymes are easy
Essence is hard
I use conventional flow
As my not-so-trump trump card

Stop. Branch out.
Find the words to reach deep down.
The soul wrencher's
The tear jerkers
The love felt on a whim
From first sight
Unable to project true depth
Just imagery
The easy kind

Stick to the rhymes for now
Best to do what you know how

Appreciate feedback <3
Mark Ball
Mark Ball
Nov 19, 2014

A rhyme or two
makes happy the man
who lives in a shoe.

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Ms Levinson
May 14, 2015

I love me
Let me be

Knit Personality
Knit Personality
Jul 7, 2015

100% of all the time
Require a reason for the rhyme.

Nameless Wonder
Nameless Wonder
Dec 5, 2015

My poems don't rhyme,
Because I think it's a crime.
I don't know why,
But I just never try.

Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
Nov 7, 2016

For you
my bells

My poetic
partners in

Contributors to HP. You ring my bells every day ;-)
#rhyme   #10w   #partner   #bells  
Mari Anjelyn
Mari Anjelyn
Dec 4, 2014

I couldn't find another rhyme
To lovingly write to you this time
I guess this happens every time
I don't think of you, oh how sublime!


I'm trying not to think about you.
I don't want to, but I have to.

Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie
Nov 21, 2014

If I wrote you a poem
there would be a rhyme

but where's the reason?

@Copyright Kaitlyn marie
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