Pen Lux
Pen Lux
May 7, 2013

my rhyme schemes
are often best
to be replaced
because you
can't hear me croon
in the afternoon
as I type out my feelings
alone in my room.

I'm thinking of trying to get a few people together to share poetry through youtube videos.
Help all of each other critique
for any of us who wish to speak,
                                            be heard,
                                            help learn.
M Clement
M Clement
Sep 14, 2013

There was silence left in
And nothing left for
With little time for
No mind: Sean

I don't even know Sean Hannity; it all just rhymed.
Nov 14, 2013

Sometimes it makes me feel like Dr. Seuss
What’s that word…oh ya moose
It’s a good way to teach the little one
And it is a whole lot of …uh….fun

I think that it makes it easier to read
It adds rhythm and speed
I sing it like a song
Ya maybe that’s wrong

Who would have thought who knew?
I would rhyme poetry for YOU
I can’t think of topic so I’ll stop
Or else I’ll recite “Hop on Pop”

So I’ll leave with this treat
About flowers so sweet
Bright yellow and orange…
Huh, oh ya nothing rhymes with orange

I had fun writing this one :)
Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane
Apr 12, 2012

Could you write me a poem,
Or write me a letter?
Just something that will make me feel better.

a short rubbishy rhyming poem.
Harumi Ikeda
Harumi Ikeda
Jun 4, 2010

Where do we go?
What do we do?
Sometimes were pink
Others times are blue
Sorry if this poem gives you a bore
But of course my intentions were to make you snore

Sydney Fleck
Sydney Fleck
Sep 22, 2012

Father, I know you know what's best for me
and I'm sure you're sure of how things will be -
And maybe my theology's wrong
but my list of wants is not so long.
So, say, you went by “Santa Clause”
and granted wishes without pause -

I would ask for a life of travel around the globe
and a man with which I could elope
or maybe marry properly -
Both sound great if he's in love with me

(and in love with you -
I'm not up for evanga-dating round two)
Lots of adventure and things to do...
A couple of kids would be nice too.

A job that I would sometimes loathe,
But where, your love, I could easily show.
Perhaps a non-for-profit is in store
Or you could open a different door.

But because you are not Santa Clause
I only ask that You give me daily pause.
That I could come to you with an open heart,
And be at your feet with each day's start.

That even though these things would be nice,
You would remind me that your will, will suffice.
Even more, Your love will save
For, You, Savior, conquered the grave.

Father, I trust you know what's best for me,
And I'm grateful your will is what will be.
And although my theology is sometimes wrong,
I will praise you my whole life long.

#prayer   #god   #rhyming   #christian  
Sep 24, 2012      Sep 25, 2012

A circle spinning;
Forever round.
Down a hole-
to underground.

Spinning faster-
blurring faces.
till they're all twisted--
twisted up backwards.

Facing downwards--
through the roof,
that is underground.

Up is down,
and down is up.
loosing grip,
on plastic society.

Acid burning,
till it tickles.
a rotting apple--
tasted sweet.

but wait,
where am I going again?

Oh yes,
Spinning circles,
there below.
through the roof,
hidden underground.

Someone, I think *she* lost *her* mind.

© Pandarra
5 days ago      5 days ago

Love is lovely
To me.
Love is darling
You see.
Love me sweetly,
Love me kind.
Love me gently,
You will find.
Love me honey,
Let me know.
If you love me,
Don't let me go.
If you love me,
I'll never show.
If you love me.
You'll never know.
Love is darling,
Love is lost.
Love is startling,
Love does cost.
Love me sweetly,
I'll never tell.
Lovely darling,
I can't, oh well.
Love is nothing,
At least to me.
Love is empty,
Space I see,
In my chest
Love me sweetly,
I'll act so good.
Love me darling,
Just like I should.
Love is fleeting,
Love is kind.
Love is two hearts beating,
Love is blind.
Love is loss,
Love is gain.
Love, no double cross,
Love,  so much pain.
My lovely darling,
I'm so so sorry.
My only darling,
You feel that for me.
My precious sweetie,
My only dear.
Though I can't love you,
I'll stay near.
I wish I loved you,
Or you could see.
That though I adore you,
You only love me.
I love you,
As much as I can.
I need you,
This wasn't my plan.
My darling, me sweetheart,
Never forgive me.
Never, for my empty heart.
You can hate me.
That's okay.
Just be happy.
At least today.

May 26, 2010

"Hehehe, I'm a poet
And I didn't even know it!"
Haha, I'm a poet
And I'm gonna skullfuck you with a can of bugspray.

the goldfish sing all night with guitars,
and the whores go down with the stars,
the whores go down with the stars
I'm sorry, sir, we close at 4:30,
besides yr mother's neck is dirty,
and the whores go down with the etc.,
the whrs. go dn. with the etc.
I'm sorry jack you can't come back,
I've fallen in love with another sap,
3/4 Italian and 1/2 Jap,
and the whores go
the whores go
from "All's Normal Here" - 1985

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