Guarded by Sakura trees.
Ronald J Chapman
Ronald J Chapman
Dec 2, 2014

A pink kimono
Adorned with velvet flowers

Standing there in the Springtime mist of Japan,
Guarded by Sakura trees.
Skies are blue,
Singing a beautiful song,

Pink lips like adorable flowers on a spring day,
A most beautiful, kind and loving princess to ever
walk Japan.

Your beautiful face,
Your kindest soul,
Your adorable lips,
You smiled at me.

You have the prettiest voice,
that calms my soul.

You're the most beautiful and loving princess,
ever to walk Japan...

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Princess Sakura Poem Reading 1
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Of pink and white Sakura trees.
Ronald J Chapman
Ronald J Chapman
Dec 2, 2014

She is mysterious, as strange as a daytime dream,
So remarkable, I see a
Princess dressed in a kimono covered with cherry blossom leaves,
Floating down river, under a canopy
Of pink and white Sakura trees.

She is so extraordinary, as unique as a double rainbow at sunrise,
So dreamy, as dreamy as a seaside sunset,
Her unconditional love scatters,
Like cherry blossoms in a fresh breeze,
Seen in rippling waves of sunshine.

So fantastical, as fantastic as a pink rose blooming in the desert,
So magical, as magical as our dreams coming true,
Princess Sakura singing, like an Angel,
She spreads her wings and flies away,
Like vanishing Sakura, leaves at the end of spring.

Princess Sakura, you will live forever in my dreams...

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Cherry Blossom Girl - Air
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The sakura blooms and leaves in a week*
Mar 30, 2016

All good things come to an end
The sakura blooms and leaves in a week

That's why there's a rare chance to see it's beauty
Just like there was just one chance for you and me
So sometimes I take comfort that our love was too good then
But I wish not all good things should come to an end.

#love   #end   #good   #bloom   #sakura  
The sakura tree
Heidi Kalloo
Heidi Kalloo
Aug 12, 2014

The sakura tree
is dead you tailpipe fiend
you coal mine scoundrel.


Semerian Perez
Semerian Perez
Aug 7, 2012

Pink and white
Flutter to the ground
To form a gentle blanket
That gently rustle
In the cool spring breeze
I watch in awe
At your beauty
As I leave this world
My mind will fall to you
Oh magestic
And delicate one
Whose name is

Therese G
Therese G
Nov 24, 2014

Step into the train
as cherry blossoms kiss you
a fragrant goodbye.

Hina Suzuki
Hina Suzuki
Feb 14, 2016

Your beauty match a cherry blossom tree
No a garden!
The love that grow inside of me.
The start of spring!
Getting warmer, getting brighter.
Makes my head feel lighter.
It must be love.

#love   #spring   #cherry   #valentine   #blossom   #beuty   #sakura  
let's call it a sakura rendezvous:
Xuan Lim
Xuan Lim
Aug 14, 2015

i just really hate the term puppy love.
makes me sound like i'm way over my head
simply caught up with the clouds high above
and not gonna stop myself till i'm dead

rather, it's a cherry blossom romance
beautiful, brilliant and illuminating
sweet and pleasant, putting me into trances
a fire in me so strongly burning.

i hate the word crush with burning passion
makes this love feel fragile and soft-boiled
i know myself well, there's no confusion
at that point in time, my heart's fully-booked

let's call it a sakura rendezvous:
where raw, feral love comes into full bloom.
burning bright, though eventually withering:
'twas an embodiment of maturity.

for a friend...along with my thoughts. enjoy
#love   #romance   #thoughts   #night   #falling   #late   #breakup   #sakura  
The sakura petals, whose life spans are so short l
AnnaMarie Jenema
AnnaMarie Jenema
Feb 26, 2015

The sakura petals, whose life spans are so short lived, begin to wilt,
and with their falling blossoms, my old love dies out,
it's flame, never again to be rekindled,
They wilt away as the breeze air carries them far from my loving tears,
he had found a new destiny,
a new love, whose petals beam a brighter shade of pink,
that wind only made me shiver in loneliness,
it's bitterness held by jealousy,
but than it brought with it a sweet sensation,
'I'm glad to see his sunny smile return'
even if another had cast it, at least he could find his own happiness once again,
farewell  my dearest love,
and may the your smile never again forsake you

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