Take off your kimono, Sakura.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

Take off your kimono, Sakura.
Did you ever see
a Kosher sausage?

The sakura tree
Heidi Kalloo

The sakura tree
is dead you tailpipe fiend
you coal mine scoundrel.


Jun 9

I've always wondered,
why do I want this?
"It's not mine" is the answer

Why would I want to know what's beneath others' heads, minds?

May 28

Was it a tiny coloured line,
was it a black endless nothing.

A bunch of lights, twisted, flipped and drifting
A mass of them, and among this nothigness, a shadow

It had its own charisma,
its own shape
its own personality

It shined, though black
It crumbled, though strong,
and jumped, cheerful,
but it was far,
and the brief and narrow coloured line widened

Days went by, so did people
Did friends, did more than friends, did girlfriends

None of them, full or empty, fulfilled that shape

Nor did they dislike me
I even loved some,
but I didn't

And when I found her,
the woman in the shadow shape,
dreamed I in peace

Semerian Perez
Semerian Perez
Aug 7, 2012

Pink and white
Flutter to the ground
To form a gentle blanket
That gently rustle
In the cool spring breeze
I watch in awe
At your beauty
As I leave this world
My mind will fall to you
Oh magestic
And delicate one
Whose name is

May 24

Such was him
Behind those bars

He knew of a much further land
Sun red as blood, snow not that white

Not an inch of dust would filter through
Not a single memorie would find him,
there where he was,
deep down.

Though, he coud have, somehow,
might have asked,
"what shall be my sin, dear guard?
That, the one, to me unknown,
which my dreams far away from me hides?"

"Never mind" said the armoured man;
"why should know such a lowlife,
why should know such a piece of trash,
values him nothing more than living, the clues to
his crimes?"

Might he never be back to his country,
might never again see that red sun,
though for sure

Shall he never rest among dust.

Andrew T Hannah
Andrew T Hannah
Apr 24, 2013

Softly flowing
Soaring higher
Carried on the gentlest breeze

Pale pink shade
Smooth as silk
Slowly falling from the trees

Gently blowing
Round and round
Twirling, swirling to and fro

Just in spring
With sunlights touch
Will cherry blossoms grow

Apr 5, 2013

they bloom
pink popcorn
sprouting on trees
cotton candy flowers
soon to be devoured
by hundreds of hungry tourists
at the click of a button
one flash
and the moment
is over
beauty becomes litter
and litter turns to dust

in the feeble shadow

cast by the cherry tree

the depression of you

still sleeps in the grass

after all these years...

you fell asleep next to me

and i stole glances of your kind face

for the longest time...

i understood the secrets

you tried to withold

beautiful secrets

now they are a part of me


i am haunted by your breathing

your head against my shoulder

in the shadow

cast by the old cherry tree

blossoms caressing the sanctuary

where your body once slept

next to mine

Without you

i am but a shadow

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