"Sorry, Austin...not for us...Best with it."

"Four Verses of Inexpressive Groaning,
and 15 Ughs to be Sung in Beethoven's 9th. "



Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
Shrug- eh?


Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

A real god-damn piece. A real fucking work of art. A fucking MASTERPIECE.

If looks was

The Criteria


Even you didn't

Qualify .

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I feel rejected.
Malteser Fairy
Malteser Fairy
Sep 17, 2013

How is it not obvious,
The way I feel?
It seems to be written
On my face,
Spoken by my movements.
How can you not tell,
The way I feel?
The other girl you hold
In your arms,
She is my resentment.
I feel as though you
Are ignoring me,
I feel as though my
Emotions are written
Clear on my face.
I feel rejected.
That glorious day
When we first met,
That glorious day
When I fell in love.
Have you forgotten?
I feel like you have.

Alone simmering rejected by the system

Alone simmering rejected by the system
made to live without supervision.
Changes made to save the money
suppoesed to be on medical guidance.
Though not taken for over a week
somebody's life will soon be bleak.

Roaming the streets bored and confused
lack of medication beginning to tell.
In his pocket a knife he liked so much
no medical staff had made a visit.
Agitation growing he walked in a daze
a girl talking turned him out of phase.

Nobody knew what was about to happen
this young man charged knife in hand.
Slashuing and thrusting people scattered
disbelief screams and cries of pain.
Seconds passed the man overpowered
on the pavement the policeman towered.

Amazing seriously hurt but alive the victims
rushed urgently to the local hospital.
The man hancuffed taken into custody
even now he was fighting so petrified
scared and lacking his medical control
the failing system had taken its toll.

How many more are there with no support
and another avoidable tragedy to report?

The Foureyed Poet.

Trying to save money on mental health issues has caused serious problems.

What it is to be desired
I will never know
No one's ever longed for me
I've spent my life unknown
I long to know a love
That cares for what I feel
That finds me attractive
And is actually real
Someone to fight for me
To never let them go
Someone to believe in me
Stand by me as I grow
But life has other plans for me
Than this impossible dream
To pull apart my inner soul
And rip it at the seams
In this sorrow I survive
To be ridiculed and teased
My heart infected by loneliness
I spread the hate disease
Outside I may seem cold
Robotic some would say
But inside I am crying
In misery where I stay
Waiting to be noticed
For someone to finally hear
My silent screams of agony
And my retired rivers of tears

Rare is a fate that is wanted. ~ RR
Apr 1

I hope that when
Judgement comes
(If you believe in such
a thing).
That the one who judges,
looks at me,
with a scowl and says

Infamous one
Infamous one
Mar 23, 2013

Over the thought of you
Everything was never true
So stubborn ignore the clues
Hoping you'd change not happening anytime soon
Life fuels ip with hate and rage no more you
Thinking clear set the record straight
No sense of time always late for others
Friends have families fallen brothers
Not sure how to love take the next best thing
Move towards real love don't be fake!
She use to love you but there's no more faith
In her heart why be around she brings you down
Smiles with other gives you dirty looks
You'll only find imaginary love in books

Blood tattoo of a pain unknown
why do you exist?
To us a story to be told
to them just scars on wrists

I know what I have is rejected love
Shah Ahmed Farouq
Shah Ahmed Farouq
Feb 16      Feb 16

I remember the promises we made
You need time till we can be together
Those promises was all I really had
You do not know how much I suffer
Because my heart is in your hands
I was just trying to take it all back
I just wanted to wash all of the pain
Please do it all just for my sake
I truly am deeply in love with you
There are no lies they are all true
I know what I have is rejected love
A feeling which leaves scars deep
Deep buried inside the aching heart
My mind and my life is pulling apart
I thought you would love me back
The unconditional love is all I ask
You took a huge leap and left me behind
I still can't get rid about the past
My love for you is still in my heart and mind
Like a song that keeps repeating
A video that keeps on repeating
I am going crazy and insane
I can't get you out of my brain
Oh rejected love please leave me be
For I can't take all of this as you can see
Rejected love I have thought things over
It is better off that we'd just be strangers

Rejected Love I'm sorry
I feel rejected.
Jan 6, 2013

I feel rejected.
unwanted by all.
no one wants me.

I feel rejected.
why would someone like me?
how could someone like me?

Don't be afraid to admit it.
admit you don't like me.
I feel rejected.

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