Dec 30, 2014

I know I'm a reject
But you're all the ones with the defect

A defect
An inability to understand
Us rejects

Reject- 5 Seconds Of Summer
Joanne Chan
Joanne Chan
Jun 8      Jun 9

A lone voice calls out
Never reaching the stars
Left floating in frigid space
On a blind, infinite journey

Nearby are others
Insults are constant gifts
Thrown like red meteorites
And suffocating nebulas

Even the cruel pain
Ripping mercilessly
A black hole sucking souls in
Ruthless strength conquers everything

Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
May 30, 2014

Love's rejection
can sometimes be
the highest form
of acceptance.

Alex Karmen
Alex Karmen
Apr 26, 2014      Apr 27, 2014

i realize now
in the dusk of another oncoming night
that the reason I was scared was because
I feared rejection & being unrequited
but isn't that an intrinsic fear
to all humans?
do you fear it too?

#love   #scared   #rejection  

A rotten leaf among the other fresh green leaves,
Another wolf abandoned by its pack,
Another twig jostled by the river current,
Just another reject of society...
That's my only label in life.

#life   #alone   #loser   #society   #reject  
Jun 6, 2014


I put myself out there


Can I go? Include me, please!


Hello, I am right here!

Not seen
Not wanted
Not loved

Giving up
Hurts to be left out
Tired of feeling defeated


There must be a next step --
all middle steps appear broken

Spit out like a used razor blade
sitting with ass cheeks
barely on stone steps
face burning beneath the acne
swelling across the cheek,
It must have been her pimples
why else would anyone reject her?

Apr 3, 2014      Apr 4, 2014

Seeking to belong
A beautiful
Sad girl’s song.

I get it
You need your space
But I need
Your love
To wipe these tears
From my sad
Beautiful face.

#love   #sad   #rejection   #insecure   #lonley  
I don't want to be rejected,
Mark Ipil
Mark Ipil
Aug 9      Aug 10

I don't want to fit in a certain society,
Just to prove them I'm superior and mighty,
I enjoy no limits, no boundaries,
Away from rejections and worries.

I don't want to be judged,
By a fool's judgement,
I don't want to be rejected,
Like others you've collected.

I'll continue to be myself,
With a promise I'll be no helf,
I will not be rejected by you,
Because I'm not trying to.

P.S. I am not a rejection.
Nov 6, 2014

Everyone’s greatest fear is rejection.
We knew its existence,
but no one understand it clear.

       The feel of rejection,
       Is like cutting the deepest of our soul
       by a razor that causes an affliction.

Carved our hearts to the extent.
Leaving with painful scar,
and making it permanent.

       Stark naked vulnerability, all aglow
       We can find no escape
       But to let the tear in our eyes flows

But a human like us,
Is  a material thing, easily torn
and not easily mended.

       When aggrieved, craving to be relieved.
       For you, neither have I lived nor relived.
       In rejection, I fear

Adonis Arpon
                                       All Right Reserved@2014
#fear   #sad   #rejection  
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