Feb 23

Heart's been broken
The story ended
On how a misspoken
Word cannot be translated.

I couldn't say that I loved you first
Nor could I say that I loved you last
And now I'm planning things I shouldn't do
Like saying, that I hated you too?

So, just ignore the bad words here
My mind is already fucked up
The cusses were once holy too
But the people kept messing things up.

So I never had the time to say:
"I'm fucking in love with your demon soul"
I was craving for pleasure
Begging for blood, more specifically.
I said I was in pain! No, no. I am the pain

So just die in a hole
Let the worms eat you
Let me touch you
I wanna be alone
I want you to be here with me
I want you to die
I want you to kiss me
I want you to fall, hardly.

I want you to stay.

I wasn't really rejected though, I chose to stay silent till the end of my goddamned life.
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Sep 26, 2014

all the blood and tears that I wasted all this years
come from the pain and hurt, that I continue to fear
I'm left alone, left behind from anything possible
I'm not disrespectful nor irresponsible
so why was I lonely most the time
I did nothing more then just a couple crimes
I'm different, I know that for a fact
doesn't mean I have to get attacked
I dream and cry just like all the rest
I don't want to keep getting treated like I'm a lab rat test
I don't blend in with the colors of the walls
why is it that I never get invited to go the mall?
why is it that I don't get asked if I'm alright?
why I'm the person they always want to fight?
I must be a figure that looks like it needs to get beat
might as well throw me in a lions den, since I'm just a piece of meat
it's hurtful and sad that I get told to die
that the only friends I have aren't humans but flies
I'm not the best looking guy in world, I get that
doesn't mean you have to bash my skull with a bat....

#suicide   #life   #pain   #time   #hurt   #rejection   #everyday   #crime   #disaster   #rejected  
Austin Heath
Austin Heath
Jun 2, 2014

"Sorry, Austin...not for us...Best with it."

"Four Verses of Inexpressive Groaning,
and 15 Ughs to be Sung in Beethoven's 9th. "



Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
Shrug- eh?


Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

A real god-damn piece. A real fucking work of art. A fucking MASTERPIECE.
Jun 28, 2014

If looks was

The Criteria


Even you didn't

Qualify .

#beauty   #colour   #looks   #features  

palms open,
today i give you my everything.
completely exposed,
all on the line.


feedback, and interpretation.
i try to understand,
and force myself to a conclusion.
judgement made,
but intentions left obscure:
fear keeping them unattainable.

i look at my past,
and i see guilt, regret, and pain.
i should be quiet.
if you let them in,
they will hurt you.

but i take another look,
and realize something.
if these words are never said,
they will never be heard.

is it worth a shot,
to peel another layer back?

jury's out.

w I don't know why but that's why I was rejected I was he wasn't he thought he had his l
Tiffany Gold

I was young and he was too and I don't understand why he said that no I don't understand some people even asked me do you understand why he left don't see why it never gets you is he was not here she never really fell in love with you that's what they will tell him and then he will ask me if it was true and I didn't know I don't know why but that's why I was rejected I was he wasn't he thought he had his life pathed out be done with me don't mention it when you talk to me I'm just I don't know I guess I'm just rejected R E J E C T E D...

I was rejected by a man who wasn't right he was a cheater and abusive wasn't right rejecting selfish liar he was a rejection like a drug refused to be taken he was a horrible stupid sycopath
#life   #horriable  
I feel rejected.
Malteser Fairy
Malteser Fairy
Sep 17, 2013

How is it not obvious,
The way I feel?
It seems to be written
On my face,
Spoken by my movements.
How can you not tell,
The way I feel?
The other girl you hold
In your arms,
She is my resentment.
I feel as though you
Are ignoring me,
I feel as though my
Emotions are written
Clear on my face.
I feel rejected.
That glorious day
When we first met,
That glorious day
When I fell in love.
Have you forgotten?
I feel like you have.

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