Legral onion
Legral onion
Aug 24, 2014

My soul honors your soul.
I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me.
In sharing these things we are united,
we are the same,
we are one.

Now is the moment in time to enjoy life
And this love.
May it last forever
And be great.
So here and now we lay next
To each other, if only
Everyday can be like this.

copyright; 2010
McNally, Inc.
Magdalynn OLeary
Magdalynn OLeary
Mar 21, 2012

The divine in me
recognizes the
in you

the part of me
that ashes her
handrolled cigarette
all down her top
on accident

who wears someone
else's black rimmed
plastic glasses

they're the wrong perscription
but there's no reason
the world shoudn't
appear a little blurry

hearts are farther away
than they may seem

behind the thin
layer of skin
and tissue

the fragile
birdcage frames
that protect them

If I were a zombie
I'd eat hearts instead
of brains

that way I'd know
what it was to taste love

I've had enough of people's
thoughts and opinions

I wanna taste the ache
for a change

and ingest the chambers
that held all your exs
and family
your friends

the divine in me
eats the divine in you

Geovanni Sanabria
Geovanni Sanabria
Dec 30, 2013      Dec 30, 2013

It's in the morning, at the rise of the sun, when memories float back to you and the remnants of your smile from last night reappears in the soreness of your cheeks and the tightening of your jaw where beauty manifests itself throughout nature.

From the distant tolling of church bells, tolling away in their perfect habitual melody, to the sounds of lovers silently waking one another and relishing at the sounds of their respected voices.

Its in this moment that the dream and reality mesh with one another. Never truly revealing which is which leaving you in a blissful ignorance peppered with false hopes and beautiful truths.

Its through the fog of your alcohol addled mind that a light appears and guides you to wonders untold, leading to a discovery of discoveries revealing a magic long lost to this universe.

Down the neck of a dark blue bottle lined with platinum flows my intuition and aspiration. Its now that i drink and discover a new reality.


Namaste to the setting and rising sun.
Laci Minuet
Laci Minuet
Feb 20, 2014      Feb 21, 2014

There's a world inside you and me.
We genuflect to all being one in truth.
Beauty is held together by a prayer.
There is peace in a vision of this greeting.
Yoga is the shape and meaning of love.
Our respect synchronizes us into grace.
Energy blossoms in everyone's life.
We bend like crescent moons to each other.
In every heart there is a divine spark.
We will forget what pulls us apart.
Our eyes shall be closed to pride.
We bow to the equality that inhabits us.
We honor this entire cosmos of light.
Namaste to the setting and rising sun.

I don't know if I believe this
but I am trying to understand it anyway!
Mar 5, 2013

Our palms press down
Muscles flow in eager rapture
Our shoulders broaden
Spines lengthen
Our hips press down
Fluid motion twisting
Around and through and above
We grow in balance
Feeling high above and far away
But here in total darkness
We see through feeling
And here in total darkness
The light in me reaches out
And tethers to the light in you.

Harriet Maguire
Harriet Maguire
Aug 23, 2014      Aug 24, 2014

A thistle, a burr.
Caught in my chest like some infection.
A deep welt,
Biting like open mouthed affection.
Some hell,

I’ll see you on the other side.

Come closer sweet love.
I'll breathe it into some confession.
Cup of tea?

Apology on tip of tongue.
Tied like some sex crime victim.
My hell,

There their.
Forget I said anything at all.

Brandon S Whitten

The embodiment of three spirits
Wisdom and understanding
Counsel and fortitude
Knowledge and godliness
Born into this world
Not of this world
From afar I come in peace
To love and light
The way in hearts darkened
By the illusions believed to be reality
I am what I am
Here in the now to guide
Upon the return of who is said
To save this dying planet
From it's demise
Fate sealed
Realize there is more to life
Than you think you know
Let go of ego and see
Reality is but a dream within a dream
And you are up there
Down here you are imagining
Manifesting, co-creating
In the meantime allow this to sink in
Or think what you will
Either way, I am relaying a universal message
Whether you heed the calling or ignore
Safe journeys to you all

#dream   #reality   #spirit   #illusion  
Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Feb 28, 2014

God visited our house last Sunday
a bright papaya orange butterfly
welcomed Him,
fluttering in loops like a kite
as He stepped out of His car

Embracing our dear friend Jon from
New Jersey
He entered our pagoda
indeed, not as a guest but
as an embodiment of God

The early afternoon was garlanded
in loving, intimate, animated conversation
and a delectable lunch was served to our
beloved  brother
This was topped off with nectar sweet
chocolate coconut prasadam

Everything from matters of the spirit
to soul stirring S.R.F. devotional songs
chanting sublimely
suffused our heavenly day

Even the backyard birds turned out
in large numbers
their cocky red, brown and
sky blue heads
peeking curiously through
the patio door
craned to catch a glimpse
of our divine companion

Jon, His mellow, prayerful eyes
blessing all His gaze fell upon
leaned back comfortably in
the recliner chair
like a long lost friend
returning home ~

Jan 22, 2014

I've followed fools and said farewells,
Been lead to where I've said too much
Seen silence drawn from words I've said-
I've said "Too much is not enough..."
I'll bathe in every light you send me,
Say you wont believe my lies
So long as sadness always rears its head like
Shadows dancing in our eyes

Make me a part of every
Say the word, I'll be right here
Give me a piece of every
Don't be selfish, learn to share
C'mon, let's do this,
I'm fucking there!

Learned to fly from daydreams always dragging
Me away from Earth
In terra firma found the roots that tangle
In the furnace of rebirth
And though I've only just become
A chapter in your story
I'll follow every line that leads to where
We share our morning glory

Make me a part of every
Say the word, I'll be right here
Give me a piece of every
Don't be selfish, learn to share
C'mon, let's do this,
I'm fucking there!

I wanna be there for all the
dark-and-light years
Let's make 'em all those
thoughtfully-high-at-night years
And when I say I love myself at last,
You know I mean I love you too
Because I honor the light inside of me
That burns twice as bright inside of you

Make me a part of every
Say the word, I'll be right here
Give me a piece of every
Don't be selfish, learn to share
C'mon, let's do this,
I'm fucking there!

Our maiden voyage, don't be scared,
Trust your spirit, I'm always there.

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