I let myself into you.

In fact, I allowed you to devour me. I felt not one ounce of pain. I felt no suffering. I felt no guilt or shame or remorse for making you my every consumption. Not one breathe I took wasn't for you. Not one smile wasn't created for you.

I fear that what we once had wasn't only love, but madness. Pure and blissful madness. That's what love should really be. We were two crazy kids from a tiny corner of America that fell in love.

But I fell just a tiny bit harder. My mind still aches at my heart's constant screaming.

I now lie awake thinking of all the things I said, you said, I did, we did and part of me knows you are the devil for me. You create a monster that is hard to tame, but I'm wrapped, strung out, chained to you.

eaten alive
Christos Andreas Kourtis

A group of tourists are on the savanna
three jeeps full of families with cameras
they stop to take some pictures of lions
a few minutes later one fool dares to get out

He wants to take a closer look
wants to get that wow snap
but unbeknown to him
a lioness sneaks up from behind

Suddenly mayhem erupts
the lioness jumps on the photographer's back
claws around is shoulders
then biting if like gentle at his neck

Children are screaming in the jeeps
the adults are shouting in despair
as two other lions rush to bring him down
then they all do start to rip and tear

All in the jeeps watch helplessly
as this poor foolish man is devoured
eaten alive
eaten alive

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

Hayley Neininger
Hayley Neininger
Mar 18, 2013

How smart we were to eat pieces of one another
To keep small portions of each other
Hidden cleverly inside us
The little bits of you secretly tickling
The inside of my stomach
They don’t feel like butterflies
More like birds of prey
Dancing with angels
Their wings brushing up against me
When the joy of their movements
Allow them to forget themselves
And spread their wings full.

I need to stop writing about movies.

Has it come to this?

Tender skin unnaturally torn,
Ripped asunder.

Clinging to ignorance as if
Mae West in a storm.

Trust the salt,
Trust the current.

Shark tooth necklace,
Fishes gums or
Await the soft worm
Burrowing clay.

Seabed, sand shore
Carry you to safety.

John Q Citisen
John Q Citisen
Nov 6, 2014

When he sits for supper,
silver spoon in hand,
carving out craters from the space
between his thighs, and the concavity
of his hips, and the fragility
of his torso, and the plateau
of his tummy all satiate his
mind --but martyr his soul.

The black jelly is slurped down with gusto;
but, from the craters he has created,
others will now see his incompleteness.

They call him the cannibal.
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Oct 9, 2014

it's this weird sense of
toward myself
that's started to eat at my
sense of enthusiasm lately.
it's as if everything i do is for
there's not even an identifiable cause -
it's just there.
this overwhelming consumption
of every smile i've ever smiled and this
mind-boggling urge to just melt away
to melt away to disappear to be devoured in any sort of
flame or destructive force so i don't have to see
the light of day so i don't have to
wake up again so i can just
have been so i can be a
would have been so i can just
be gone.

i hate it.

part eaten it was laced with her saliva
Pradip Chattopadhyay
Pradip Chattopadhyay
Apr 3, 2014      Apr 3, 2014

At one corner of the subconscious
she waits to land on my dream

this morn too she came

offering my hungry mouth
a piece of guava
part eaten it was laced with her saliva

stoked my lust from the first bite
she never ages a bit
wished she came to me on each night
bringing youth endlessly sweet!

May 15

I didn’t really listen to what you said
I more so observed what you’d do

Actions speak louder than words
Most cases that is true


You always knew

Just how to shatter the boundaries
How to

Mix it all up

Leaving me

Stinging red
Eyes opened


Captured in your
Sticky web

As you would clamber

All the while leaving me there
Hanging helplessly
Upside down

Without a clue
Romantically craving the

Phantom that was you

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