Pretty soon,
Ella Emily
Ella Emily
May 11, 2014

Pretty soon,
None of this will matter
I will be dust
And so will everything else.

and soon enough you'll see
Apr 6, 2015

and soon enough you'll see
all the things you could be

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Soon, soon, soon
Noelle Marie
Noelle Marie
Dec 7, 2014

Soon, soon, soon
My mantra
Feels like I'm trapped here,
I am for a time
But that time will be done soon
I anticipate it, I dread it,
My head is a jungle,
My thoughts predators, preying on one another,
Fighting to be the king of the jungle,
To no avail
I am mixed, swirled and sick to stomach
Soon soon soon
I'm outta here

Mar 30, 2015

We're all thinking about you
"Hoping you'll get better is only wishful thinking."
Dad says, but I know that he's dealing with it in his own way

Card my brother sent me while I was in the hospital
#soon   #hospital   #getwell  
Sep 13, 2014

Sick of this feeling
Caring of what you think
I should be like you
Never once giving a fuck
I wish could be as just as
Cold hearted as you

#bitch   #fuck   #cold   #hearted   #soon  
**Soon someone will love me
Sydney Ann
Sydney Ann
Jan 12, 2015

Soon someone will love me
Soon someone will care

Soon someone will kiss me
Soon someone will dare

Dare to love me
Dare to hear
All my secrets
Secret fears

Fears that hurt me
Steal the air
Soon he will love me
I know he will dare

#love   #dance   #hope   #dreams   #secrets   #care   #fears   #dare   #soon   #anticipation  
I'll be leaving soon
Beauty Without Eyes

I'll be leaving soon
Do don't worry
Ill be happy soon
So don't cry
I'll write a note.
Don't worry, it's not your fault
I don't belong here
But you do
So don't come looking for me
I'll be gone by the time you read this
I'll be singing and dancing
Watching over you
I promise I'll wait for you
I'll meet you at the gate when it's your time
But it's not your time yet
Now its my time
I must be going
I love you mom
I love you dad
I love you brothers and relatives
Please don't cry
Please don't worry
I'll be fine soon
I'll be home
I love you
I'll see you soon

So soon, so soon,
Parsavagely Kompenere

Not long now,
So close, so close,
We get ready,
So soon, so soon,
Just a few hours,
No time, no time,
And it's already gone,
So fast, so fast.

We wait such a long time,
For it to shine for so little,
The light comes and goes,
So quickly,
Before we know it,
It's time to wait again,
But was it really all worth so much?
All this build up,
Hype and anticipation?
Maybe, maybe not,
But we're so close, so close,
There's no time to think.
So soon, so soon,
Are we ready?
No time, no time,
It all happens in a flash,
So fast, so fast.

#time   #fast   #flash   #close   #soon   #hype  
So soon my king, I'll meet you.*
Earl Jane
Earl Jane
Sep 20, 2015

I want you near me,
But we are so faraway,
God has a purpose,
I trust in God's plan for us,
His plans are greater than ours.

I keep you dearly,
And safely here in my heart,
When I miss you bad,
Oh I close my eyes and pray,
So soon my king, I'll meet you.

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.

For Brandon <3

Tanka again for you..
Me moossstt !!!
#love   #king   #queen   #soon   #meet   #brandon   #watashi-no-ai  
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