Let us sit
Kate MacDonald
Kate MacDonald
Sep 28, 2015

When the evening
Pulls the
Sun down,

Let us sit
Gazing Wondering Dreaming
Into the star saturated
Night sky.

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As I sit and wait and wish,
Rock n Roll Poet
Nov 7, 2014

As I sit and wait and wish,
For the girl I wish to sit,
And wait and wish and kiss with me,
I sit I wait and wish.

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And I sit right here.

And I sit right here.
Yes next to the boy that does not care.
Yes behind the girl with the painted hair.
I hate it here
But often you must live through fear
Because strength builds up the more times you exercise your restraint

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Rebecca Scull
Rebecca Scull
Aug 28, 2014

She was sitting on her windowsill,

looking at the tree's.

She was sitting on the windowsill,

with her hands between her knee's.

Her mind was at the edge of nowhere,

waiting to be seen.

But nobody came to look for her,

not the clouds, nor the tree's.

Her feet were braced right at the edge,

no longer anyplace to flee.

She was sitting on her windowsill,

thinking how soft the ground looked

way up with the tree's.

Downwards she tumbled,

now she was seen.

She is sitting at her windowsill,

floating with the birds and the bee's.

They noticed her.
#suicide   #death   #longing   #birds   #see   #sitting   #bees   #flee   #windowsill  
Today I sit and ponder
Roger Turner - Poet

Today I sit and ponder
Of all that is my life
Of work and friends and family
Of my dear and loving wife

I ponder of my future
I don't worry of the past
That's all done and dusted
And it all went by so fast

I used to have a vision
But, that has long since died
I came close to achieving
And god, you know I tried

I ponder where I'd be right now
If just one thing had changed
How would my life be different?
If my life was rearranged

I ponder, but it's useless
My life is great as is
I cannot do much better
I'm happy with all this

I've got all that I can wish for
And I wouldn't change a bit
For now, my life is perfect
So, I ponder ....while I sit

#love   #life   #hope   #happy   #dreams   #past   #family   #wishes   #ponder   #sit  
Kennedy Taylor
Kennedy Taylor
Dec 25, 2014

It’s cold and quiet here, sitting on the moon.
Watching as the world spins by, making its rounds.
Even with the stars shining, there’s still a sense of gloom.
The beat of my heart and inflection of my thoughts are the only sounds.

Where are you, sitting on the moon?
Alone, I feel as I rest here, I’m afraid it’s true.
As I lie on the moon, cold and alone, I've begun to feel attune.
Though I’m afraid feeling alone would not change if I were with you.

A strange place to be, sitting on the moon.
You can rest with me if you’d like, this isn't beguile.
Though I am afraid we would not be able to commune,
I would not mind if you came by the moon and stayed awhile.

It’s cold and quiet here, sitting on the moon.
I've never felt more content than I do on this grey mound.
I would not mind a silent visit, even if you just passed through.
And as I took my final breath, I couldn't help but smile,
Sitting on the moon.

#peace   #moon   #alone   #stars   #the   #night   #silence   #on   #sitting  
And sit
Feb 28

I have been sitting,
That you’d come back to me.
You’d see that what you left behind is someone who was special.
Is special.
But I continue to pray,
And sit
Until you come back home.
Where you belong.

#poetry   #hope   #poems   #waiting   #back   #hoping   #come   #sitting   #mine   #sit  
Jul 27, 2016

late one night
in the dead of winter
I stir in my comfy bed

                          y   i  
                        k       g
that is piled s            h
with white linen comforters
and enormous bone colored
satin covered pillows

my mind
is in an aggravated state
and in much need of
a good old fashioned dose
of mental stimulation

I slip my warmed toes
from underneath the covers
and gingerly place both feet
on the cold wooden floor

I could wear woolen socks
or even bedroom slippers
but I truly enjoy the coolness
and the tingling in my toes
as I stand to put on my robe

winter can be such a delight

As I open my bedroom door
it creaks loudly
sending an echo of itself


in the distance
the small amber hued night light
shining like a tiny beacon
calling to me, guiding me
towards my ultimate destination

the antique clock on the mantle
reluctantly rings the last of the twelve
as I quietly enter the tiny room

the deep echo of the ring
resonates through me

the glowing embers
of the well worn fire
still throwing off
an abundance of heat

a strong wind tapping
its icy fingers upon the window
begging for entry
leaving a trace of frost behind

one small candle sitting
in an ornately carved
golden holder on an
old dusty table
with just enough light
until my eyes can adjust

my favorite book
lying in my favorite
overstuffed chair
silently beckoning me

a small voice in my head
whispering“time for an adventure”
as I poor a cup of tea
and arm myself with some
earlier baked cookies for the trip

I settle fully into my chair
like a hibernating bear would his cave
and begin reading in the dim light
the words coming alive on the pages

I feel myself falling slowly
into the world of vampires
and beasts of the night
a real place of comfort for me

raven haired beauties
with pearly white fangs
seducing young men
into their unholy beds

male vampires
with steel gray eyes
their icy fingers upon
a young girls throat

horrific bloodied beasts
hunting the local woods
in search for their next
innocent human meal

and lastly

the risen dead existing
within the nights shadows
feeding off our inner fears
as we unwillingly become
their ritualistic sacrifice

the darkness of
the books poetic words
capture me like a prisoner
holding me rather firmly
within its frigid grasp

I tuck deeper into the chair
pulling a light blanket
across my shivering knees
and read on into the night
with no desire for morning to come

#poetry   #short   #stories   #fantasy   #horror   #room   #sitting   #vampires  
Amongst the brush the sage can sit,
Jan 13, 2015

I can feel my heart beat deeper now.
The release of lust has left me bright and living.
My veins course with vibrant pulsations that
bring about a serene confidence in the
silence that I form around my dwelling.

What it is the traveler wishes
to see within me, is a vast
emptiness that will vanish when perceived.
Nothing special is the key,
thus every moment I am hidden.

Amongst the brush the sage can sit,
where no wind can blow,
and Mara is caught cold in snow;
The moment is beautiful, kept and slow.
Thus the answer to everything is the act of letting go.

#meditation   #trance   #calm   #sitting   #serene   #sit  
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