Sep 14, 2014

I hate them, they’re  everywhere
    with their painted on smiles
             Behind your back,
they probably stab and despise
knowing how to stir up  hate and lies
Apparently they make good bosses
but if you know one,  avoid, cut your losses
They have no conscience or empathy,
their emotions are pantomimed not real
Remember, they don’t have to make
                    a bloodbath
         to be a psychopath

Jeremy Bean
Jeremy Bean
Mar 11, 2014

I know that you're out there
I'm still searching for you
lets escape this nightmare
of a constant pursuit
I just want a fair share
in something that is true
This roads going nowhere
I need you to pass through

Dont have the time
I will not try
I must deny

a mediocre love

I will not try
I must deny
Dont have the time

for an ordinary love

Megan Rose Hanley
Megan Rose Hanley
Jan 14, 2013

Delusional, paranoid state
Focus, stare, clear the mind
Was she really there?
Were her hands cold and dark?
Reality becomes irrelevant
You are alone
Your fears prevail
Overwhelming obsession
Gape into the darkness
Cleanse your cluttered mind
Are you okay?
Say yes

Usually abnormal people like me a lot
Feb 17

Usually abnormal people like me a lot
I don't know why
I have experienced it twice

Once I met a girl named 'Shraddha'
She was my classmate and was abnormal
She used to hate everyone but to love  being with me
I don't know why

Today I was at my cousin's house
And met a boy of 8-10 years who was a relative of my cousin
He came there with his parents
And when he entered
We said hello
He didn't respond and went on staring at me continuously
I don't know why

We were sitting
And he was walking here and there
Doing weird things
And used to look at me in between many times
He rushed to another room
When his mom called him there
I was busy in talking with my father
All of the sudden he came and offered me a bite of bread to eat by his hand
First I got scared
Then I smiled and was gonna eat
But suddenly his mom came and
Dropped him to the another room

Everything was going on as before
Suddenly he came closer to me over the bed
I was sitting on bed
I got scared that what if he would hit me
But what he did was
He bent down
Turned my face towards himself
And looked at me with love
I don't know what was happening
Then His parents asked him to go home
And they went back.

I just wonder that why abnormal people are always attracted towards me?
become lambent on the abnormal insight
mark john junor
mark john junor
May 19, 2013      May 20, 2013

the day races to extinction
and as the shadows dominate
the last few warm rays
become lambent on the abnormal insight
that has grown within me as
the day has grown long
she had no face
she had no presence in the air
no name or written word to leave behind
yet here she is
a mere ghost  image between the dark sheets
of the rainstorm
as she has for may years
just watching silently

the  scratching noises of the pen in my hand
replaces the wind-song of summer day with harsh tones
yet it brings my thoughts to distant woodland lake
that was my escape from the years that i spent in the
company of the lesser misbegotten

that lake and the my time there
was unchanged and seems remote in my vision
from the turmoil of my winterbound soul

plundering my forward motion for the energy to cope
with the passing thoughts like carnivals of flesh
obscene visions of naked truth
unrestrained by years of devoted hiding
i am unable to grasp any other path
than to become like her
a shadow obscured in the
in the rainstorm
a fleeting vision
in the passing hours

Classy J
Classy J
Sep 10, 2014

People have called us a lot of things Savages, Indians, Aboriginals, Prairie N*s, Reznecks, or Monsters. Are we truly savages, monsters or are you  the true Savages and monsters. We lived good, but then Christopher Columbus happened and we've never been the same. Got slaughtered, raped, caught your vile diseases. We did not do anything to you, if it weren't for us you wouldn't have survived in the ''new world''. Forced us into reservations, tried to make us ''civil'' what the hell does that mean? Look in the mirror to see the real monsters. Bombing Hiroshima, killing millions in Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason, making a group called the kkk, etc. Native's are not the problem, the problem is you. I'm not saying native people are perfect, we did a fair share to our own people. I'm just saying their is a problem with our society, that has tried to shove what they did to our culture under the carpet for way too long. It's time for the truth to come out, it's time for us to have true equality between our culture's, it's time for a true honest apology, and to give us back our land that you stole or let us govern the land that we have, without any interference from the government.

though you are what makes me abnormal.
Jul 3, 2012

you're the something i cant escape.
      you're the secret that doesn't relate.
but a few know of you and your strength.
and how you tear me apart day by day.

keeping you hidden gives you more power.
   because in darkness you can devour.
everything that i am and are
you are what is causing the scars.

some may say your quite normal.
   though you are what makes me abnormal.
i know now i need to take the next step
to save me from this depth.

you are my ANXIETY
  everything that surrounds me.
stop making me worry
about things that aren't worthy.

I'm just a ***(abnormal)*** Girl
Crushing Love

I can't help how I am
I can't help how I talk
I can't help that that's me
I mean really,
I'm just a (abnormal) Girl
I like to have my Fantasies
I know you do too
So why  am I so different?
I'm just a (abnormal) Girl.
I like to Dream of a world
A world where everything is great
A world where I can actually be Happy
A world with
I like to sit to myself and
Wonder what life would be like
If  I wasn't born....
Wonder what it would be like
To have a
Demon for a companion
Or just someone who
After all I am just a
(abnormal) Girl
I sometimes dream of things so...
Obscured that others would run
I dream so
Vividly I can smell
Every sent, Taste every
sensual taste
Feel every wonderful texture So would you be afraid if I
Told you of my
(abnormal) Dreams?
My dreams of me and you?
I just want you to except me like
You do in my head, my dreams,
My fantasies but then again
I'm just a
(abnormal) Girl.
I want to be able to wrap my arms around
Your neck and inhale your wonderful
Manly scent while you
Hold me close
I want to be able to kiss you and know you
Feel the same about me....But those are just
Dreams, Dreams from a
(abnormal) Girl
Who only wants to be
Bu­t I guess they are  just dreams
Because after all I'm just a
(abnormal) Girl.
And maybe one day will be
Normal* girl,
But for now can't I just be accepted?

Who are you to call me abnormal?
Katelyn Rogers
Katelyn Rogers
Oct 1, 2014

Who are you to call me abnormal?
Who are you to say ugly?
If you only knew how much it hurts me, it hurts me.
I could ask have you seen yourself in the mirror?
I'd rather keep my dignity
Cause it is my right to feel happy, happy.

To pick on the weak gives you strength.
Feeling self-confident with your friends
But just because you see me alone
It doesn't mean that I've got no one to call on the phone.
Everyday, every second of my life
Is a fight to survive
Outnumbered, put against the wall
It's about to get physical.

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