Who are we to decide what is normal or abnormal?
Jan 13, 2016

My normal is your weird.
Your normality is my abnormality.
Who are we to decide what is normal or abnormal?

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ike the issues I face are too much, too abnormal, especially for people I'm close to.
Sep 5, 2014

I think part of my problem is that I've been feeling like the issues I face are too much, too abnormal, especially for people I'm close to.

Then I feel like I'm too abnormal.
Too disgusting.
Too shamed.

I try to remind myself that of course I'm not normal
what I have been through is terribly abnormal.
But that doesn't mean that I myself am
terrible or horrible or dirty or unlovable or gross.

It just means I have to deal with things most people don't.

I am strong.
Even when I need help and support.

as *abnormal* as the status quo?
Matthew Harlovic
Matthew Harlovic
Nov 16, 2014

If independence is intended
for the masses is the Average Joe
as abnormal as the status quo?

© Matthew Harlovic

Taiga Rawr
Taiga Rawr
May 7, 2015

Not near-sighted; not far-sighted

Just blinded by stupidity
By rich inhumanity
Lack of love in society

Absence of insight; omission of outsight

Just censored curiosity
Loss of credibility
Condemned abnormality

Futures foresighted; actions unsighted

The past, no punctuality
Death by immortality
Buried from reality

There has been some contradiction and confusion on whether or not 'outsight' is actually a word. Through common knowledge and basic spellcheck, 'outsight' is not a word. But 'Dictionary.com' says that it is truly part of the English vocabulary. So believe what you want to believe.
Shyne AM
Feb 15, 2016

My visualization, so much inspiration
Living life like its a celebration
I am an artist, I crave originality
I am an artist, accustomed to abnormality

Thinking new thoughts, looking forward to collaboration
Surrounded by new artists who are filled with associative orientation
Filled with passion, filled with drive
Guided by emotions, striving to thrive

I will be abnormal any day.*
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
Jan 22, 2016

What am I without this
toxic insanity that twists
my every move? Nothing,
that's what I am, what
I would be without me.

Maybe feeling normal would
wash this burning passion
for difference, which I love so
dearly, away. If that is the case,
I will be abnormal any day.

~~ Sanity is a cosy lie. ~~
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Of the abnormal type,
Sep 9, 2015

Sitting in the local coffee shop,
Listening to coffee shop songs,
Doing work but simultaneously
Watching people.

Studying psychology,
Of the abnormal type,
Watching behaviors,
But not reflecting inward.

Sipping hot coffee,
Burning your mouth on it,
But trying not to react.
Someone across the cafe saw you; shit!

Studying people,
Drinking coffee nonchalantly,
Watching behavior,
Reflect inward, dammit.
Reflect inward.

Summer Lee
Summer Lee
Oct 7, 2014

From the loins of a saint ,
And the womb of a sinner
Comes a natural born winner .
Full of unrelenting hate
For these pawns that surround her
Drown her
Leaning her to ask is it
Abnormality or insanity ?
That plagues her mind
Cyanide dripped vanity
Trying to hide her hate for humanity
Ink screaming ,
Blood singing for like minded beings ,
Loneliness doesn't even have a meaning . ™

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