Jul 27, 2014

you used to make me feel like i was in flight;
above the clouds, with the breeze in my hair,
and no one around so i could actually be myself for once
nowadays, when i see you,
it make me feel like i’ve fallen down a flight of stairs;
all tangled up inside
and broken in all the wrong places

sometimes, i wish i could forget you
but then i remember i’ve avoided a lot of train wrecks
because of our atom bomb

we were the first of mine, you know,
the first to make me commit as big a mistake
as the fucking manhattan project

you screwed me up more than you can imagine
i lay waste for months, with no sign of human life,
or, life of my own, at least

i threw myself into the care of plants and cats
and writing love songs with terrible lyrics
telling tales of people who weren’t us;
of people who never fought.
of people would never leave the stove on
because something more exciting
was going on in life outside

i used to feel like i was always close to you,
to the world, to a bigger idea,
but now, when i think of you, i feel like
the bigger things are ominously closing in on me
closer, closer, too close, crushingly,
and you were always so physical

on for contraction nor the précis for a homonym.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

I can't abbreviate abbreviation nor know how to initialize an acronym,
I can find the contraction for contraction nor the précis for a homonym.

To their homonym.
Aug 15, 2011

These have little worth compared
To their homonym.

You know why there's not a homonym for love?
Jun 30, 2014








You know why there's not a homonym for love?

Because there's only that one special someone.

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Homonym shit

Smile on her face,
She just 69'ed
No not Sexual tho
Astrological kind
Homonym shit
It rots her mind
Body and spirit
Life's a decline.

Quite a homonym
Francie Lynch

Cynthia's gone
Across this universe.
And, if there is a heaven,
She'll never have
To deal with Lennon.
He called her Cyn,
A name with
Quite a homonym
For deeds that once
Defined him,
Before he was
A man.

Homonym creation by son dark terror
rusty shacks
rusty shacks
Jun 21, 2013

Homonym creation by son dark terror
Dark sun templar strides empty
He was born in the sewers
Preaching to orphans
Selling them drugs
Crash landing Foreign Exchange
Export/Extract Blood/Money
Lawyer no habla ingles
Wife beating wincest victim/winner
Always liked the devil better

Homonym hymn religious
Nov 28, 2014

I am ink faces and paper traces
vowels and consonants arranged
in molecules and red splotches
vascular and musculature
an anthem to all of us.
Homonym hymn religious
syllables silliness
nouns non- meaning
I am composed and disarrayed
like an alphabet scattered into a wind .
A Bic pen running out , skipping,
writing, for a lack of paper on the back of
poems written before,
I need a Quill and inkwell,
one thousand trees
to reach my destiny.

The heroine, but a homonym.
Marci Mareburger

If they wrote about me,
The narrator might explain
The dangers of exponential decay;
Of how I might give my soul
As tribute.
He may call me
A slave to substance,
In more eloquent terms,
And to the inevitable pitfall
Where one hits rock bottom
But resurrects three days later.
The second coming,
But not as pure:
The heroine, but a homonym.

I'm addicted to you, and to drugs, but mainly you.
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