You know why there's not a homonym for love?
Jun 30, 2014








You know why there's not a homonym for love?

Because there's only that one special someone.

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on for contraction nor the précis for a homonym.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

I can't abbreviate abbreviation nor know how to initialize an acronym,
I can find the contraction for contraction nor the précis for a homonym.

I never had many words
But now I have plenty
Too bad it's
Too late
I had no time to find the brake,
I needed to write my words to you.
Always too busy things happen
Too fast
For me to process,
The words I wanted you to hear
But now I'm here

wrote this in poetry class today...
Annabel Lee
Apr 5, 2015

Write and right
Look how good the words are together

M Eastman
M Eastman
Apr 2, 2015

Maybe they'll publish me
one the corner of the
page 6
and sorry dirty black smears
bite they no longer
print any questions about what
or why
the daily exposition celebrity
all bright screens now
farms as far as you can squint

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Shae Sun James
Shae Sun James
Nov 11, 2010

i will love you always
and i'll love you in all ways
love you past what's allowed
despite what my past cries aloud
i believe i've lost control altogether
because you've captured my mind
my heart
and soul all together
you have the steering wheel
the pedal
the brake
and the power to break

©SSJ 2010
MaryJane Doe
MaryJane Doe
May 19, 2014

I'm the prophet in my life
Nothing in my wallet
The only paper that I make
Hold the words of a sonnet
Nothing left but sense
Just the change in my pocket
Safe near my heart
Without a way to lock it
Yeah My style is poor
So who's gonna rob it
When these words
Are all I own

When I can't buy what I want
I learn to live
With what I've got
Cuz happiness
Just can't be bought
It must be found
It must be sought
When I can't buy what I need
I learn I need the change
That's in my pocket
Yeah Change is all I need

I don't buy things on credit
I won't make that promise
My truth is my proof
I'm just trying to be honest
Flying high on life
Blazing tales like comets
You'll never be low
When life has you high on it
My style is poor
But I'm gonna rocket
Cuz the sky is where I fly

When I can't buy what I want
I learn to live
With what I've got
Cuz happiness
Just can't be bought
It must be found
It must be sought
When I can't buy what I need
I learn I need the change
That's in my pocket
Change is all I need

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Dawn of Lighten
Dawn of Lighten
Nov 2, 2015

I have two persona with very different duality,
I have too extreme of a personality,
And I have a hard time expressing myself to your factuality.

Only veiled my discreet personal past with thin layers of exclamation,
To diverge, veer, or in discrete my own expression.

To die within my own words to save my honor,
Or to stay translucent to dye my tongue in fake color.

For I have failed myself in becoming true to my belief,
For eye to eye I can't seem to meet any sort of relief,

Are these my real eyes point of view,
Or have I realized I been dreaming of you,
Or were they simply all real lies of my personal skew?

This desire to raise your understanding,
But your voice raze my defense to oblivion,
And heavenly rays depart like the moons with wolf howl with your gaze!

Was there nothing of me that sparkled to your kindred spirit,
Was I that loathing of your presence to lose your smile?

No matter as past are like the whim of a sail,
I Know that happiness has no sale.

Believe me when I say I want you to be happy,
But my hunger to eat this precious apple pie will hurt me more,
Much more than my desire to be fit like those men in commercials.

Sorry possibly good looking ads,
But I must cheat on you for good!

Those eight pies, I ate them with pride and prejudice!
For my temptation was hubris!

Trying to play with Homonyms, Homographs, and Homophones! Hopefully people had bit of chuckle as they read the final pay load,
If not was fun reading it at least!
Jul 27, 2014

you used to make me feel like i was in flight;
above the clouds, with the breeze in my hair,
and no one around so i could actually be myself for once
nowadays, when i see you,
it make me feel like i’ve fallen down a flight of stairs;
all tangled up inside
and broken in all the wrong places

sometimes, i wish i could forget you
but then i remember i’ve avoided a lot of train wrecks
because of our atom bomb

we were the first of mine, you know,
the first to make me commit as big a mistake
as the fucking manhattan project

you screwed me up more than you can imagine
i lay waste for months, with no sign of human life,
or, life of my own, at least

i threw myself into the care of plants and cats
and writing love songs with terrible lyrics
telling tales of people who weren’t us;
of people who never fought.
of people would never leave the stove on
because something more exciting
was going on in life outside

i used to feel like i was always close to you,
to the world, to a bigger idea,
but now, when i think of you, i feel like
the bigger things are ominously closing in on me
closer, closer, too close, crushingly,
and you were always so physical

To their homonym.
Aug 15, 2011

These have little worth compared
To their homonym.

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