Amelia Glass
Amelia Glass
Apr 1, 2015

I’ve learned that in the morning
light is liquid, flowing golden,
and I’ve learned that in the ocean
every motion turns to fluid,
and fish glide, learn how birds fly,
and their eyes are always open.

I’ve learned that if you stand
in the belfry when the bells ring
you can hear them in your heart
like when she calls you and the phone sings.
And I’ve learned that when you’re hoping,
light is lighter, clearer, brighter
and I’ve heard that you can see it
with eyes open

a space-time continuum
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Corey Sittinger
Corey Sittinger
Dec 10, 2014

Even with everyone around you
It felt like you were all alone
You were not the only one
And tried to feel included

But you didn’t fit in quite right
Your heart rate went up
As you pulled away from
Your friends around you

It felt like you were in the middle of it all
It felt good to be surrounded like that
But somehow you still felt alone
Not a part of the group

So you left that night to be alone
Because you’re better at that
But in yourself you found sadness
And so you decided to go back

#love   #friends   #sad   #depression   #alone   #space   #wallflower   #neptune  
Praying to Neptune
Evan Robbins
Aug 18, 2015

Sick Psalms in my Submarine
Praying to Neptune
At the center of the earth
Submerge and converge
My thoughts from my head
Isolation in a cabin bed
Weeks in solitude
The comfort of radars beep
Check the periscope
Eat Sleep Repeat

Amber Valencia
Amber Valencia
Aug 20, 2015

The songs of our head
A fast movie clip
Fast paced

Everyday, slow down, slow down.

All things real. Music makes things real.
And you were the one song I couldn't get out of my head.

Twisting, turning, swerving, dipping.
My car would turn around
Circles was the only direction my car knew.
Around, Around, Around.
Come full circle
Please leave, oh god leave

Then time passes: My head is dunked in ice water.
My pupils dilated and my heart beats to a tick.
Facing reality, then sip into another circle.

I realized:
You were my presence I presented in my mind
You were my presence slowly becoming my past, but my minds future
and Our presence was my undoing, I should've kept quiet

Neptune is the planet of illusion, escapism, fantasy, dreams, and imagination.
Love imagined.
#love   #up   #blue   #messed   #sick   #deep   #small   #illusion   #drown   #neptune  
Way past Neptune
Pauline Russell

Floating out in infinite space
Far above the sadistic human race
Drifting in the cosmic flow
No knowing which way I'll go
But I'll be free
As the galaxies

Way past Neptune
Out in space I'll be immune
From sadness and corruption
Way out there, there will be no interruption
From my happy thoughts
From all I forgot

I'll keep on sailing through all the galaxies
I'll do as I please
I'll dive into the stars
Resurface by Mars
Backstroke through the cosmos
I will swim to the utmost

Will I come back
To feeling like I lack
I doubt it
Not without a fit
A fight
Till this world fits right
Till then
You find me on a heavenly wind
I might never come back again
Unless it's on a whim

#stars   #space   #free   #swim   #lack   #galaxies   #mars   #neptune   #humanrace  
Old Neptune marks his boundaries today, leaves sarg
Roberta Compton Rainwater

Old Neptune marks his boundaries today, leaves sargasso
and thin, bamboo-like reeds on the shore of Dauphin Island. He blows briskly, to urge his white steeds to the seashore.
The water is dark with disturbance, veined with foam like tatted lace. The scent of Neptune swallows the fast-moving air crossing
the island from Gulf to Bay sides. Oil rigs
haunt the horizon like boredom, breaking
the vista, reminding all who see them of human limit. Old Neptune accepts no limit, no boundary. We, who want fixity
as security, we watch as Neptune abuses boundaries, expands us
whether we want him to or not. There is no fixity; yet there is security. There is consolation in flow, in flowing with Great Neptune, rolling in his
tidal urgencies.

Neptune has many moons
Sean Antonio Tyson
Sean Antonio Tyson
Dec 11, 2013

Neptune has many moons
In his cold desolate spot in space
Each one to be with forever
until death do them part
And be there... close to his side day n night...

Inspired by My tattoo artist Neptune.
Neptune has 14 moons Triton being the biggest.
Like Neptune
Kayla Manor
Kayla Manor
Dec 15, 2014

I am the cog that hits the cog in a great machine
I'm furthest from the source
Like Neptune

yes become so blueduring the eclipse of Neptune.Gold flecks in her eyesswirl like the r
Feb 26, 2010

.My hands take custody ofher full plump cheeks,almost as rosy as her lips.Her eyes become so blueduring the eclipse of Neptune.Gold flecks in her eyesswirl like the rings around Saturn.Her smile crashes into my heart likethe Jupiter comet bombabardment.And my heart shines like the sunwhen she calls me poppy.She wants me to read her a story...

stars and Neptune.
Virginia Nicholson
May 13, 2012

you and I, sitting on the dock
fell into the sky
while talking about death
and what comes after.

you and I fell into the sky,
our backs left the ground and
we flew head first towards the
stars and Neptune.

you and i talked about death
and our evolving relationship
with God,
or whatever you decided to call it.

you and I spoke of what comes after
the stars fade
and we are left floating
in a lightened sky.

you and i closed our eyes
so we could miss the sunrise.
we are finding footholds
on the rings of Neptune.

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