A planet with a layer of blue, is it really blue?
A horrid gas in-immune and unbearable to our soft and fragile lungs.
How fragile we are, us humans.

A planet so toxic to us
May be a virgin paradise to them.
The Elite.

Are they really?
Are They Elite?

Or are they simply not as stupid as the human race. . . ?

We do not foresee what our intelligence can do tto those around us. What will the future be?
Will we destroy our paradise before the universe's time to do it on it's own? In it's own time?

Ha. We're a joke!

Jun 15

When I was borne
i was borne on the crest of a wave
and rocked by the cradle of the deep.

My mother is the tale
        of seahorses running
chariots to Atlantis!

My eyes!
My eyes are stars
      my teeth are Spars!
My hair is made
      out of seaweed.

And When;
When I spitz,
i spitz tar.  
I is tough,
I am,
I is,
I arggggg!

I Neptune
I Neptune
Dec 22, 2013

every thing will crumble
in my series of fumbles

I Neptune
I Neptune
Dec 22, 2013

between killing myself
killing everyone around me

I Neptune
I Neptune
Jan 12      Jan 13

My mellow sank
the world so wide I explore
mind body and soul
I fill my bowl.
got me

I Neptune
I Neptune
Jan 21

Are we in black and white printed in fine grim,
In colours fading to grey to dark imprint

I Neptune
I Neptune
Dec 22, 2013

filling up the empty air.
Tiny particles of people's bullshit are everywhere.
Who are we to trust?
If the only one person decides to thrust.
Shove away the dignity you once carried,
maybe now you'll be worried.

I Neptune
I Neptune
Dec 22, 2013

Live life in a slumber
baby thats my number
bet you can beat the flounder
now, thats such a banger

you're such a warrior
but that aint the answer
will you climb into my chamber?
you and me,

just don't falter.

I Neptune
I Neptune
Dec 23, 2013

We glow in daylight and lit in moonlight  
Passing the horizons in our silhouettes
Bright as day our senses collide
In our sleepy eyes we subside

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