Corey Sittinger
Corey Sittinger
Dec 10, 2014

Even with everyone around you
It felt like you were all alone
You were not the only one
And tried to feel included

But you didn’t fit in quite right
Your heart rate went up
As you pulled away from
Your friends around you

It felt like you were in the middle of it all
It felt good to be surrounded like that
But somehow you still felt alone
Not a part of the group

So you left that night to be alone
Because you’re better at that
But in yourself you found sadness
And so you decided to go back

#love   #friends   #sad   #depression   #alone   #space   #wallflower   #neptune  

The songs of our head
A fast movie clip
Fast paced

Everyday, slow down, slow down.

All things real. Music makes things real.
And you were the one song I couldn't get out of my head.

Twisting, turning, swerving, dipping.
My car would turn around
Circles was the only direction my car knew.
Around, Around, Around.
Come full circle
Please leave, oh god leave

Then time passes: My head is dunked in ice water.
My pupils dilated and my heart beats to a tick.
Facing reality, then sip into another circle.

I realized:
You were my presence I presented in my mind
You were my presence slowly becoming my past, but my minds future
and Our presence was my undoing, I should've kept quiet

Neptune is the planet of illusion, escapism, fantasy, dreams, and imagination.
Love imagined.
#love   #up   #blue   #messed   #sick   #deep   #small   #illusion   #drown   #neptune  

I’ve learned that in the morning
light is liquid, flowing golden,
and I’ve learned that in the ocean
every motion turns to fluid,
and fish glide, learn how birds fly,
and their eyes are always open.

I’ve learned that if you stand
in the belfry when the bells ring
you can hear them in your heart
like when she calls you and the phone sings.
And I’ve learned that when you’re hoping,
light is lighter, clearer, brighter
and I’ve heard that you can see it
with eyes open

a space-time continuum
#moon   #space   #earth   #venus   #uranus   #jupiter   #mars   #saturn   #neptune   #mercury  
Like Neptune
Kayla Manor
Kayla Manor
Dec 15, 2014

I am the cog that hits the cog in a great machine
I'm furthest from the source
Like Neptune


My apologies are like offering medication to a patient
Who's illness has already been deemed untreatable.

small hint of blue

a fragile hue

ominous glow

time is slow

absent terrain

avoid the flame

deepened methane

gripped to sane

great dark spot
Jul 21

I choose how I want you tonight,
Naked with a full blown appetite, Let me demonstrate how you turn me into a bad gal,
Your bad gal made of honey,
Sweet rain drops sprinkle the ground,
And I let you and my tongue play around,
Why do we love as If we need to prove a point,
When I'm taking every bit of you that I barely can handle,
Please never stop even when I beg,
Your body is the only thing I want to taste forever,
Incredibly weak when your lips pressures' my prize,
You can take me anyway you fantasize,
But there's no cushion for your pushin,
I'm trouble bustin your pelvic bubble,
Daddy please give me all of you I beg,
You dive deeper than we could swim,
Chocolate melting under chocolate,
You make me quiver with like a prey eyed to be eaten,
My body struck paralyzed to move,
I watch you with tears developing,
It's too heavy to bare,
I can't take this anymore,
But I'm still urging for more you forcefully give,
All night I die over and over,
Taking multiple trips to heaven,
Hawt kisses with long persuasion of endless love stayed content,
We finally take a break catching the sunrise delight us,
It's too hot for us to be cuddling,
But your burning love is worth the sizzle for me.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #sex   #fantasy   #making   #exotic   #darkskin   #caribbeanlovr  
Jul 16

I never felt sicker like I was cancer it's self,
Two empty souls angry towards each other,
Battling to survive at they're own hand,
I just stare scared to death hoping nobody comes my way,
Being in the middle I can't decide who to protect,
And who I must go against,
She's afraid of his movements,
He's afraid of her actions,
I'm afraid I don't have anyone to hide behind,
At night I pray to thy king of human kind,
To make me oblivious to the evilness,
And slay them with kind,
But lately my body is leaning off a cliff,
And everyone's back is focused on me,
Now it's just me out here grinding with me,
I can feel hell approach at my feet,
Waving in my direction,
I never would've thought it would catch me,
Go through hell as my time was starting develop,
But now I can live lavishly in hell,
I've arrived without introducing myself,
But it's like they already knew me,
As if they were expecting me...

#love   #poetry   #angry   #couples   #urban   #nolove   #divorcement  
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