Persevere Dreams
Persevere Dreams
Dec 20, 2014

From one thousand mountains the hawks flights are gone
Soaring freely & thinking clearly through the clouds in the sky
Not looking back persevering to fulfill the dreams
The dreams aren't solely an illusion in the mind
But a preview of future times
For the reality in the hawks mind is dreams of happiness
Clashing between difficulty & a paradox of what is seen & what is not seen
What is believed has 20/20 vision
A clear sight with no eyeballs
But a driven mind with great visual
Anticipating the future of success
Feeling blessed and alleviating stress
Persevering and passing all the tests
What lies is the wind which is the past
Securing things of desire at last
Achievement is a good friend
Resulting in a fulfilled end. . .

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Dreams of Sepia
Dreams of Sepia
Sep 6, 2015

A harbor town, just like this one, swept up in fog
the seagulls, ghosts emerging from the skies

the river glistens soft & wide,
the Cranes for now are sleeping giants

he kisses her, the anxious gun pressed tight
against his hand in his pocket

he is a dock worker
she is a seamstress

they're a black & white film
because technicolor here is impossible

he is you & she is me
we speak only in French

the kids on the block
will get you the next day.

I live in a harbor town & it means I always have fog & 1930's french movies on my mind...
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A dreamdreamt for a millennium
Apr 30, 2015

A dream dreamt for a millennium
Everyday oozing away as I badgered and prayed
For one splendiferous day
To feel limitless and ecstatic in my cranium.

Suddenly, my dream came to fruition
All this time was worth the anticipation
My brittle bones became strong through elation
My every cell frenetic with love's constitution.

The dream fulfilled
Vanished without warning
Soaking my heart in distrust and mourning
Creating in the center of my mind an emptiness so still.

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Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
May 29, 2016

"Dreams are my night time memories,
I will never forget."- May 2016 C Nolan

Quiet night....thinking.
#love   #truth   #memories   #dreams   #10w   #inspired  
My dream is not white
Nov 21, 2014

My dream is not white
as paper, my dream is not
black, as these ink spilled
thoughts, my dream is not
colorless, refracted as light
through my sunlit tears

#dream   #tears   #dreams   #black   #white  
Ariana Robinson
Ariana Robinson
Jun 14, 2015

Never stop dreaming...
Sometimes dreams are the only thing that a person has

en in my wildest dreams, you are a pipe dream.
Mar Somera
Mar Somera
Sep 2, 2016

Even in my wildest dreams, you are a pipe dream.

Apr 25, 2014

They make us crazy
We have them in our sleep
We think about them in the day
They make us different
What is your's?

Welcome to the dream catcher
Christopher Lowe
Christopher Lowe
Sep 4, 2014

Welcome to the dream catcher
But don't linger long
Lest you want to stay
To find your dreams

#depressing   #sad   #life   #living   #dreams   #dreaming   #gone  
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