is this world is a child
Brianna C
Brianna C
3 days ago

What the great pondering minds
don't understand,
is this world is a child
barely able to stand.
For without a loving mother,
which is you and I,
this loving mother shall plunder
this world of its wonder.

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I want to write poems about the world
Lydia Ait
Lydia Ait
1 day ago

I want to write poems about the world

print them on sheets,

wrap them around me,

so that I could immerse myself in its wonders

trace its iridescent imperfections

and marvel at the enormity of this reality.

#world   #nature   #wonder  
all the wonders of the world.
Barry Pietrantonio

I want to experience, with you,
all the wonders of the world.
I know you don't believe it's true,
but love comes and goes, unheard.

I want to take you far away,
to place we can be free.
We can go or we can stay,
there's no set place for you and me.

You and I, we are invincible,
no one can break the bond we've made.
I know it's against all rules and principles,
but we haven't come this far to fade away.

I know that we think love is forever,
but I know that you'll fade away.
I won't cry, I won't complain,
I completely understand,
I'll just leave at your command.

Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
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if love's the prize, that rain into my world?
Light of Day

Amongst the trees that standing still, I found you as the fruitful one
Amidst the flock above me here, I saw you as an angel, dear
Within the feelings I've to protect, the one for you is like a sun
Between us two, there's lot of pain that I have chosen to bear

But what is pain if love's the prize, that rain into my world?
The rain is sun, and sun is rain which I always want to hold...

A scribble...
#love   #world   #i   #you  
Apr 13

I stare at the bowl, that quiet peaceful bowl,
pouring in the cereal, and then the milk
just at the right moment to prevent sogginess.
Snap, crackle,
pop, pop, pop
go automatic weapons in the streets,
silence, and then boom
goes the sound of a shutting cupboard as I retrieve a spoon
while a car bomb evaporates lives in an instant.
Crying children, mourning mothers, and confused bystanders
conveying their thoughts to reporters
through a screen I will merely stare at.
They must move on with their lives,
swallowing their tragedies,
while I can’t swallow
the sogginess
of some goddamn cereal.

#world   #away   #cereal  
The world through her eyes
Apr 2      Apr 3

The world through her eyes
Was full of objects, events
Half of which she'd never care about
And the other half
Would never care about her.

The world through her eyes was
Monochrome, black and white.
Everyday the same painful,
Torturous routine called life.

The world through her eyes
Was colourful, too.
Filled with a rainbow of personalities and characters
She would never become.

The world through her emerald green eyes.

Everything was beautiful, fascinating,
Other than herself.

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And then the world turned
Mystery Man
Mystery Man
Nov 14, 2013

We sat there
we were a happy little pair
I could always make you smile
even though i had to try for awhile

Then she came along
we both knew it was wrong
i quickly lost what i hard worked to gain
I ignored the look of pain
in your eyes
I feel like i severed our ties

You are my best friend
From when we first met
And then the world turned
I started to ignore when you would fret

I paid less attention to your wants
I simply concentrated on my desires
I care bout you still
I will try harder if ,permit me, you will
I am riddled in the scars of my errors and my failures
Being your friend was my greatest success

But I let the world turn
and i watched yours burn

and if you will let me
I could help to set you free

Lil Red your my best friend sorry i ever risked our friendship
Hello World
Hello World
Dec 5, 2012

I like you.

I like the gold in your eyes,
The solidity behind your stare,
Soft, but knowing,
I like every strand of hair.

I like that you speak to me,
I like your sentences, phrases and words,
I like how you string them together so delicately,
Like a melody waiting to be heard.

I like our small talk,
Even if it’s cheap,
I like our conversations in class,
And how I think of you as I begin to sleep.

I love your voice,
How you say my name like a dream,
I love all of your truths,
And every smile in between.

So take all of my likes,
Put them in the palm of your hands,
Let’s spread them out-
Let us make a plan:

I can’t promise you much,
But I can promise you this,
I won’t try to steal away a heart,
But I might steal a kiss.

I just want to add that this isn't entirely mine, I changed what I wanted to fit my feelings. Thanks for reading :)
Your wings dormant in this world
Mar 12

Open up your little soul
Feel vulnerable to the bitter cold
A dark cave may keep you safe
But even the finest mines run out of gold
Let it go
For you were born to fly
Your wings dormant in this world
You must show you can survive
so your majestic wings may then unfurl

#world   #angel   #safe   #free   #fly   #survive  
in a world of scarlet

raven hair
moonlight fair
heart so pure
true to lure
easy to become a target
in a world of scarlet

#love   #heart   #world   #true   #blood   #hair   #pure   #scarlet   #moonlight   #fair   #lure   #raven   #pale   #target  
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