I live in a world where everyone is the sun who rarely co

I live in a world where everyone is the sun who rarely comes out in our British weather, always sitting in their fluffy clouds of :)'s and silly abbreviations like lol.

I live in a world where the girls wear too much perfume and the tightest jeans, trying to fool the bloke who live down the street that they’re eighteen not 14.

I live in a world where the boys who beat and beat and beat are regarded as men and when they pick the flowers up and then trample on them, nobody says anything to them.

I live in a world where infatuation is classed as love and where beautiful people think they are just autumn leaves drifting to the dull grey concrete floor.

I live in a world where everybody would rather not go to school because who wants to go to a place where you judged on things that are out of your control?

I live in a world where smiling at strangers is frowned upon and when someone does a small act of pure kindness it is talked about like they had an ulterior motive.

I live in a world and this world is still beautiful, this world still has good despite the bad that is always talked about, I live in a world where people still have hope.

is this world is a child
Brianna C
Brianna C
Apr 21

What the great pondering minds
don't understand,
is this world is a child
barely able to stand.
For without a loving mother,
which is you and I,
this loving mother shall plunder
this world of its wonder.

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the world needs more birthdays
Apr 29

the world needs more birthdays
the world needs more "today is going to be a good day"
more going for a morning run, or whatever makes you happy
more 'come back, i wasn't done hugging you'
'you look beautiful'
more homemade chocolate chip cookies

the world needs more good

even if it seems bad;
i know it can seem like an awful place to be
but we can make it better
just be good, you and me

we can have more birthdays
and bake delicious cake
we can make life better
just stick around, and wait

kinda stupid but trying to write happier stuff
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I want to write poems about the world
Lydia Nessma

I want to write poems about the world

print them on sheets,

wrap them around me,

so that I could immerse myself in its wonders

trace its iridescent imperfections

and marvel at the enormity of this reality.

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Hello World
Hello World
Dec 5, 2012

I like you.

I like the gold in your eyes,
The solidity behind your stare,
Soft, but knowing,
I like every strand of hair.

I like that you speak to me,
I like your sentences, phrases and words,
I like how you string them together so delicately,
Like a melody waiting to be heard.

I like our small talk,
Even if it’s cheap,
I like our conversations in class,
And how I think of you as I begin to sleep.

I love your voice,
How you say my name like a dream,
I love all of your truths,
And every smile in between.

So take all of my likes,
Put them in the palm of your hands,
Let’s spread them out-
Let us make a plan:

I can’t promise you much,
But I can promise you this,
I won’t try to steal away a heart,
But I might steal a kiss.

I just want to add that this isn't entirely mine, I changed what I wanted to fit my feelings. Thanks for reading :)
Its all just crazy this world I mean,
Wolf Irwin

Its all just crazy this world I mean,
How do we know whats real? Is it all just a dream?,
Our minds can't fathom the nature of this platform,
Its something you just feel we are one with where we came from,
This tingling aliveness burning in our skin,
Clues left outside that coax us to look within,
To see not with our eyes but simply feel this connection,
The path may be laid out but our heart sets the direction,
Its all apart of what's needed for personal evolution,
Hard times, mistakes, let downs are designed to keep us moving,
I don't know any answers but I do know how to contemplate,
Bound body with limitless being so it's never too late.

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You became my world
Jun 30

They say everything is connected
And we leave a trail wherever we go
So when I miss you
I breathe in the air
To feel you in my lungs
I walk in the rain
Too feel your tears

And I look at the sky
Only to realize

You became my world

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*The world doesn't try to be cruel.
Nanna Harrow Haley Yahraus

The world doesn't try to be cruel.
It's just apathetic.

#love   #pain   #world   #evil   #cruel   #apathy  
*The world loves her*
Bleu Ruby
Bleu Ruby
Jun 15

She wanted to smoke cigarettes
So she asked her older sister's friend

She wanted to go to that concert
So she bought a fake id

She wanted to fuck
So she told the boy he was in luck
He obliged
Of course

She always gets what she wants
The world loves her

She turned 21
And things stopped being fun
So she threw out her fake
And didn't need her sister's friend

She bought a sex toy
So she didn't need the boy

But even still
She wanted to die
So she took some pills

And people cried when they realised
The world stopped loving her

#love   #death   #world  
all the wonders of the world.
Barry Pietrantonio

I want to experience, with you,
all the wonders of the world.
I know you don't believe it's true,
but love comes and goes, unheard.

I want to take you far away,
to place we can be free.
We can go or we can stay,
there's no set place for you and me.

You and I, we are invincible,
no one can break the bond we've made.
I know it's against all rules and principles,
but we haven't come this far to fade away.

I know that we think love is forever,
but I know that you'll fade away.
I won't cry, I won't complain,
I completely understand,
I'll just leave at your command.

Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
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