amanda muller
amanda muller
1 day ago

i'm fairly certain
that when i sit perfectly still
on a rock
no one can see me.

i'm getting good at
becoming the rock,
staring daggers into the
trees and sky,
trying to figure out
what they are up to.

as far as i can tell,
trees don't feel bad
about stretching toward the sun;
they don't feel like assholes
reaching for what they need most.

they don't even move.
they make themselves home
and get stronger and stronger;
and even if they get knocked down
they are beautiful
little birds hopping,
critters scampering and
golden light stretching.

once i sat on a rock
and stared daggers into the creek.
huge pieces of ice would
suddenly break off
and join the rush of water,
always moving,
not letting the ice stop it;
that crazy sun
a ball of gas in the sky
making the ice in the creek
that i was watching

i really don't know what to do with myself
other than watch this
insane show;
sit still on rocks
and watch, and wait.

and i always leave in a
fit of fleeting glory;
where i temporarily,
for a tiny instant
see myself
as a thing of the earth
turning into something
magnificent and powerful...

and then it is gone.

and i think about
how silly my life is
how i try so hard
to give myself
an interesting story to write.

Aug 25, 2012

I am the third person,
The narrator of it all.
Watching all the people,
Live, laugh, and love.
Silently I stare,
Ease dropping.
Do they even care,
Or am I truly alone?
I hope that if I walk off,
Someone will come follow me.
I dream that someone cares,
For me as a being.
I want all that bullshit,
That everyone wants.
I want that sappy romance,
A girl in my arms.

Blaaaah blahhhhhhhhhhhh
kaitlyn audrey
Aug 16, 2010

Like I said, I don’t want any trouble here.
Remember when I promised you that I would
Watch out for you? I still hold to that,
My dear, consider me your Spirit Guide.
When you wake up you might not remember my vow
My dear, the oath that I keep for you.
I won’t take any away from your quiet ascension.
Latently you know that I was me who kept you safe.
Your success is mine and I ask for nothing in return except
To maybe keep you in my pocket, I’ll
Keep you for my amusement for I love
How you rarely tread quietly, softly, never softly.
For my benefit, just for me.
For as long as you remember, for my pleasure,
To bring rouge to my full and uplifted cheeks.
Just for me.

katyaudrey ©

An observer of life
You notice
The small native flowers
Sprouting by the roadside
The skink sun baking on the rock
At parties
You find a group in animated conversation
Hover at its edges
Nod, smile
Appearing to join in
No keeper of small talk
Taking it all in
Making a mental note
Of snippets worth bottling
A discoverer of ideas
For words to come together
In a dance
Within the privacy of your own pen
Silently you turn them into
A melody
Into poetry

For poets
From my Dark Watcher Series
Kathleen Levinski
Dec 19, 2013

From my Dark Watcher Series

Standing in the shadowy dusk,
watching sadly as another love dies.
Tears of blood being silently shed,
from a heart torn savagely apart.
So much pain and despair inside.
Arms reaching out as if to hold,
a loved one near enfolds only air.
Fearful sobs, there is no reprieve.
The sheen of a blade as it glistens,
in the dim streetlight’s afterglow,
arches above a heart laid bare.
Reaching out a hand to capture,
the soul as it flees the body.
One more of God’s beautiful angels
again to be felled by love…
Sealing his black bag of souls,
as another tear falls unchecked.

Kathleen Kohl/Levinski

You Tuber watcher
Christos Andreas Kourtis

You Tuber watcher
me a Tuber watcher
I watch it most nights
then some of the days
I watch it from June
till the end of May
Yes I am a You Tuber
been since 2004
and you know something
it opened many a door
from metaphysics
to Palaeontology
you really can see all
so tonight dear friend
go have yourself a ball

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

For The Watcher at the window points his finger at thee

Do not stay idle nor linger for fear

There is great peril for those who wait here

And do not be merry, nor chortle with glee

For The Watcher at the window points his finger at thee

His face it is gaunt, flesh numb to the bone

He acts with great malice to those who stay alone

Do not stop!  Dear Traveller, saddle up your horse

And be silent as you leave or be filled with remorse

Make haste and be solemn, don’t look back upon depart,

For there is blood on his hands and grief in his heart.

Sean OConnell
Nov 21, 2013      Nov 23, 2013

I preen
Like a thousand eyed poser
And strut imperiously
Before my conquests
When you say you want me

I shine
Like a technicolour light show
And blaze dramatically
In my paradise
When you say you need me

I climb
Like a majestic bird king
And hover regally
Over my domain
When you say you love me

I stand
Like an ice carved emperor
And search desperately
Over my wilderness
When you say goodbye

Apr 25, 2012

Quietly I watch you sleep
early morning light
rays beaming a soft whiteyellow aura of peace around us
really only dust and dawning of reality blooming
but isn't it nice to pretend?
I want to visit oblivion again
close myself off
make it all solve itself because I don't have the answers anymore
I turn
we spoon
close our eyes
reveling in that warm place of security – however false
     I pretend a hammock
the sound of the sea
you rubbing my calves with a coconut smelling oil
and the quiet warm light spills through the trees
I smile and remember

Katlyn Orthman
Katlyn Orthman
Dec 31, 2012

Wind rushing through the open windows
It's cold but I disregard the bite in the air
The moon is hardly peaking our from behind the snow frosted woods
I can hear the faint whistle as the wind swooshes my curtains
The stars are scattered across the sky
Pulling me into a mesmerizing view
I don't know the names of the stars
Or what they mean
I only see there beauty
And that's what holds me in this spell
Utterly flawless
Burning hot in the moonlit darkness
I was born to watch the night

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