See the people watcher
John K Trainer
John K Trainer
Oct 12, 2014

See the people watcher
Still as a mantis
Endless ambient sounds, unidentifiable
Does not prevent his gaze
He studies her eyes; her smile
And undresses her mind
The watcher finds himself
Her thoughts are not easily uncovered
A coffin, sealed; undefiled
The watcher will only find him,
Looking out as he looks in

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A Watcher in the distance

A Watcher in the distance
Emotionally charged stares
Thinking I'll speak to you
Keeping a close eye out
I feel your glares
You keep watching me
But you won't get me back
This time it's too late
So keep watching
That's all you'll ever be now
A stranger Watching me
Watching me be free
Watching me walking away
never looking back on yesterday
Watching life pass
Because of stubborn pride
Thinking of the days we were happy
The day a piece of me died
Keep watching you can see
I am happy now
So much better than I used to be
A wonderful life now
I was set free
Go on now, stop watching me

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Aug 25, 2012

I am the third person,
The narrator of it all.
Watching all the people,
Live, laugh, and love.
Silently I stare,
Ease dropping.
Do they even care,
Or am I truly alone?
I hope that if I walk off,
Someone will come follow me.
I dream that someone cares,
For me as a being.
I want all that bullshit,
That everyone wants.
I want that sappy romance,
A girl in my arms.

Blaaaah blahhhhhhhhhhhh
A watcher who cannot see.
Parasitic Melancholy

I watch you, but you cannot see me.
Invisible, untouchable and persistent.
A ghost in a machine; a man within a dream.
A watcher who cannot see.
I try to speak, but what you hear isn't my voice.
Voiceless, faceless; lack of true existence.
Though I can still watch you from a distance.
Your eyes as cold as mine, perhaps I cannot even see you.
But I feel you, and I think you sense me.
Are we both trapped within the same dream?

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I pretend not to see
What it is that is in front of me
I know a lot more than I let others realize
I observe
I do see
I listen
It is sad really
How much everyone trys to hide
Who they really are
And what is inside
But this is what I see
On the sidelines

I  sit and watch
day by day
You talk
I listen
you argue
I reason
You live your life blind
Yet I see the hell as it lay itslef out
You play the game with instruction
I can't help but to break the rules
You judge me because im different
I hate you because you're the same
All you know is ignorance because of its bitter sweet lustful taste
Try taking a sour dark yet refreshing shot of reality
You run
I walk
You think you know it all
Just wait until you get that wake up call

You sit
I stand
You reach for my hand
You beg
I neglect
Im ten steps forward
And you're ten steps back...

Dawn King
Dawn King
Mar 19      Mar 20

I walk into the prime RF wave
Where the space is thick with fraudulent motives
I see him there
Sorting out the wreckage that remains
He sits upon a white couch
Window dressed with precedent navy blue drapes
While his anguish takes egress
He greets me with open arms
And takes my hand to dance
He whispers to me as we sway
His message is quite clear
“The apocryphal is a high castle wall
The infallible fathers the fall”

amanda muller
amanda muller
Apr 18, 2014

i'm fairly certain
that when i sit perfectly still
on a rock
no one can see me.

i'm getting good at
becoming the rock,
staring daggers into the
trees and sky,
trying to figure out
what they are up to.

as far as i can tell,
trees don't feel bad
about stretching toward the sun;
they don't feel like assholes
reaching for what they need most.

they don't even move.
they make themselves home
and get stronger and stronger;
and even if they get knocked down
they are beautiful
little birds hopping,
critters scampering and
golden light stretching.

once i sat on a rock
and stared daggers into the creek.
huge pieces of ice would
suddenly break off
and join the rush of water,
always moving,
that crazy sun
a ball of gas in the sky
making the ice in the creek melt.

i really don't know what to do with myself
other than watch this
drama unfold;
sit still on rocks
and watch, and wait.

and i always leave in a
fit of fleeting glory;
where i temporarily,
for a tiny instant
see myself
as a thing of the earth
turning into something
magnificent and powerful...

and then it is gone.

and i think about
how silly my life is
how i try so hard
to give myself
an interesting story to write.

kaitlyn audrey
Aug 16, 2010

Like I said, I don’t want any trouble here.
Remember when I promised you that I would
Watch out for you? I still hold to that,
My dear, consider me your Spirit Guide.
When you wake up you might not remember my vow
My dear, the oath that I keep for you.
I won’t take any away from your quiet ascension.
Latently you know that I was me who kept you safe.
Your success is mine and I ask for nothing in return except
To maybe keep you in my pocket, I’ll
Keep you for my amusement for I love
How you rarely tread quietly, softly, never softly.
For my benefit, just for me.
For as long as you remember, for my pleasure,
To bring rouge to my full and uplifted cheeks.
Just for me.

katyaudrey ©
Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Jun 20, 2014

Sometimes I close my eyes
And watch our memories
I have my hands on your chest
Smiling with a heart
That was never more content
Than in that instance
And you laugh at me
And you just lean in to kiss me
I watch that girl, me
Know without a doubt
That your her forever
Her lover
Her mate
Her future husband
And as I watch them
I realize how willing
I am to fight for that back
And as long as you never give up
I promise I won't either
I watch them laughing
Crying, making love,
Napping and eating
And suddenly I see
His eyes
Looking at her
And all his love
And all of hers
All the shared energies
Flows freely and peacefully between
Oh how wonderful it is
To almost feel it again.

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